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Most people who venture into direct selling opt for companies that have decades of experience in the industry because they want to ensure stability and growth. While security is certainly guaranteed when joining large direct sales companies, it is also important to weigh one's options and take the time to consider newer direct sales companies, as a lot of them offer as lucrative an opportunity as those who have long been established in the direct selling industry. There are a lot of advantages to joining a new direct sales company and while exhibiting a certain level of precaution in every business venture is recommended, exploring new grounds can also open up so many attractive opportunities especially for those who don't have much experience.

There are a lot of direct sales opportunities available today from new direct sales companies that have just been recently launched or are just a few years old. Since most direct sales companies keep their startup fees at a minimum, there is not much that one can lose by taking a chance than by completely shunning what could have been a great opportunity.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of ground floor direct sales opportunities is the fact that there is very little competition in the market. Keep in mind that even in a direct sales format there is much competition involved, even amongst consultants. By joining a new company, you get a chance to introduce a new brand of products in your area and maybe even be the first to take it there.

When looking for home based business opportunities especially in the case of those who are just new to this line of work, it is best to take your time to learn the rules of the industry. Joining a new direct sales company will help you fully take advantage of the support system that the founders of the company offer. If you are lucky enough to be one of the first few consultants for the company, then you are likely to get training and support from those who established the company. This will help you learn the ins and outs of direct selling straight from the experts.

By becoming part of a company that is at its startup stages, you get the advantage over those who join later because you would likely be promoted to a higher leadership level sooner, especially since direct sales companies always look for highly-trained consultants so that they can train their downlines properly as well. Just keep an open mind when looking for opportunities, as there are a lot of great ones out there.


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