Q Sciences Overview

Est. Ambassadors
15% - 42%
Downline Commission
1% - 9%
Startup Cost
$79 - $500
Products Sold
Nutrition, weight loss, skincare
Health & Eco Friendly
Home Office
365 Garden Grove Lane Pleasant Grove, UT 84062 US

The wellness industry is booming with projections for infinite growth. Q Sciences is capitalizing on the market with it’s cutting edge, highly researched formulas and ingredients. Auto-shipping makes it easy so customers don’t have to think about ordering, it’s automatic. This is just one way the Q Sciences make it easy for their brand ambassadors. Join the company and with easy $100 minimums to remain active. Q Sciences has products for a variety of needs - more energy, more sleep, detoxing, recovery, and digestive health.

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  • Company Overview

    Q Sciences’ mission is to improve health and happiness and to help its clients and brand ambassadors. Through science, innovation, and quality control, Q Sciences sell products ranging from wellness to weight loss. They have different levels that you can engage in the company, a Q Sciences Ambassador, Preferred Q Sciences, and Retail Customer. Q Sciences motto is, “Science of Happiness,” through their range of products. You can try their Q B12 Spray or their Q Omegas, or their multi-pack supplements to address a list of health concerns. As a Brand Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to sell products as an independent entrepreneur, working when you can, or fitting it in between your, “J.O.B.”

    Q Sciences is a company that was created with health and wellness in mind. They promote happiness through healthy living, creating products that boost mental and cognitive thinking to vitamins and minerals that assist in work-outs and recovery. They have different ways that you can participate in the Q Sciences company; as a regular retail client to a Q Ambassador that just sells products or sells Q Sciences products and grows their organization by team building. Enjoy the wellness industry craze building your business as you see fit with healthy living. The company is based out of Utah has shipping internationally as well as will-call at their warehouse.

  • Starter Kit

    Growing your downline opens doors to enjoying free products, travel perks, and lifestyle bonuses. To join Q Sciences, you can enroll as a Brand Ambassador, a Preferred Q Sciences client or a Retail Customer. Q Sciences Ambassador enables you to sell products with a small starter kit fee or you can at that time, add different starter packages allow you to sample a more robust variety of their products. The health and wellness industry is growing in a rapid fashion and Q Sciences wants to invite as many people to join their company as an independent Brand Ambassador or at least enjoy discounts as a preferred client.

  • Commissions

    When you start to grow your Q Sciences team, you can earn promotional rank bonuses, team volume, incentive trips, and other lifestyle bonuses. Commissions for Q Sciences start at fifteen percent (15%) and go up from there depending on the volume of sales. When you start advancing within the company, you go from Pro Ambassador all the way up to Crown Diamond Ambassador. The commission is capped at fifty (50%) and Q Sciences promotes auto-shipping and minimums of $100 PV (personal volume). When ranked higher than Silver level, PV is a minimum of $200 and OV (organizational volume) of $25,000 and two active ambassadors. They have other lifestyle bonuses such as long-term savings plans or qualified debt payoffs.

  • Products

    Ranging from wellness to weight loss, Q Sciences boasts that their products boost mental awareness, energy, weight loss, metabolism, and helps with joints, recovery and body detox. Q Sciences also has products that focus on men’s health and women’s health for improved common health concerns. Q Sciences also have created innovative boost sprays that deliver vitamins and minerals in customized and forward-thinking formulas.

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Prices for products from Q Sciences range from $20 to $150 with new products and formulas being created. As a preferred customer, you get other product options with products that top about $180.
You can purchase Q Sciences products easily online through the Q Sciences website. You can also decide to purchase products as a preferred client if you want consistent products shipped with a discount. You don’t have to purchase through an Ambassador to obtain a variety of their products. They ship internationally as well.