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Usborne Books & More offers everyone sustainable career growth, high compensation in personal sales, a host of attractive bonuses, and more importantly, a chance to make a difference in the world by fostering every child's love for reading and learning.

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Usborne Books - Our Thoughts

Every year thousands of people quit their full-time jobs and turn to direct selling to earn a decent income to support themselves and their families and a lot of these people have achieved considerable success by becoming independent consultants. Direct selling is a multi-billion dollar industry with hundreds of companies, both big and small. Usborne Books is but one of the many successful direct sales companies in the US. If you want to know more about Usborne Books and the profitable business opportunity that they have in store for you, then feel free to read on.

How Usborne Books Started

Usborne Books is the sister company of the popular publishing house, Usborne Publishing. Established in 1989, Usborne Books & More received a lot of praise from the Direct Selling Association for taking reading and learning to another level. As a direct sales company, Usborne Books made it convenient for schools, families, and communities to gain access to books that foster learning, imagination and creativity, as they brought these books straight to their doorsteps.

In 2004, Usborne Books was awarded with the “Direct Sales Association Award for Innovation”. Being one of the largest direct sales distributors of books for all ages, Usborne Books has certainly achieved much success in the past three decades that it has been in the industry. Now known as Usborne Books & More, the company has expanded its product base and now includes a wide range of other books including some of the most popular titles from Kane-Miller. Usborne books has tens of thousands of consultants operating in almost all US states and has provided a source of inspiration and learning for kids and adults alike.

Usborne Books For Children

Usborne Books offers a wide selection of books for kids and as well as for adults. They have quite a large selection of children’s books that target different age groups; from short stories for children as young as 0 months old to fiction books that kids aged 6 to 12 years old can enjoy, everyone can find something to read from Usborne Books.

Usborne Books also offers educational books for children that cover a variety of topics including but not limited to: anatomy, mathematics, science, and grammar, among others. These books have proven to be a great tool for parents and educators in teaching complex subject matters to children. They also offer picture books, look and say books, touch and feel books, and puzzle books for preschoolers to enjoy. Best sellers include Kane-Miller’s Conspiracy 365 series, classic stories retold, and reading sets for children. Usborne Books’ reading program includes over 130 titles to choose from and two levels of age-appropriate books.

Usborne Books Business Opportunity

Usborne Books & More offers an attractive business opportunity for anyone looking for a part-time or even full-time position. You can choose your own hours and choose how many shows you would like to attend in a week. Whether you just want a supplemental income and work for a few hours a week or you want a more profitable venture by working 20 or more hours a week, it is completely up to you to decide. As an Usborne Books consultant, it is possible to match your corporate salary, provided that you are dedicated and passionate about what you are doing. The best thing about being an Usborne Books consultant is that you get to earn money without the pressure of a corporate setting and you can have fun while doing so. By hosting and attending Usborne books shows, you do not only get a venue to sell books and earn money but you will also meet a lot of interesting people along the way. Usborne Books consultants love their job not only because of the profit they earn but also because of the friends they have made while working as an independent consultant.

Consultants can sell Usborne books through private book shows, book fairs, and through school and library sales.

Usborne Books Starter Kit

You can be part of the Usborne books direct sales program for less than $200. Usborne Books offers two types of starter kits: a basic kit and special kit. The basic kit contains a large selection of books and as well as business tools to help you get started whereas the special kit contains varying book titles that change on a monthly basis. Both kits come inclusive of the Usborne Books system for ordering online, which is free for three months and is renewable on a monthly basis for a very low fee of $1.30 per month. You also get a free personal website and an optional feature to include an Usborne Books e-commerce website, which you can renew for $50 for a year’s subscription. The site will be maintained by the company itself so you don’t need much experience with website design and management. Usborne Books consultants who want to be able to supply books to libraries can sign up for training and will be required to purchase an additional kit for $22. Usborne consultants are free to order more supplies when their initial supplies run out.

Usborne Books Compensation Plan

As an Usborne Books consultant, you can earn as much as $125 in one show and this is just at the beginning. As you stay longer with the company and build your own team, you can earn so much more in personal sales and sponsorship commissions. Below is an outline of the Usborne Books Compensation Plan:

Commission on Personal Sales: Usborne Books consultants can earn personal sales commissions of 15% to 30%, depending on their level and the amount of products they sell in one show. Within the first 12 weeks of becoming an Usborne Books consultant, you will be required to sell a minimum of $120 worth of products and once this is achieved, you can become a full-time consultant and choose how much you want to sell and how many hours you want to work in a week.

Sponsorship and Leadership Commission: You can earn as much as 2% profit on your recruit’s commissionable sales when you sponsor at least two consultants. This number goes higher as you sponsor more consultants and you will also be eligible for leadership positions and bonuses. Supervisors get as much as 7% commissions on their teams commissionable sales.

Monthly Bonuses: Usborne Books offers their consultants a host of attractive bonuses. Consultants who manage to sell $350 worth of Usborne books and above are eligible for monetary bonuses. Cars and various gadgets also await those who do well both in personal sales and recruiting new members.

Every Usborne book you sell, you can be assured that you will be fairly rewarded.

What to Expect from Hosting Usborne Books Shows

Usborne Book shows are open to everyone who is interested. Whether you want to avail of great discounts on books for you and your family or you are interested in joining but want to learn more about the company first, you only need to contact an Usborne Book consultant to book a party.

Hostesses can avail of as much as 25% worth of free Usborne Books for minimum party sales of $85. This is a great opportunity to share your passion for reading with family and friends.

Aside from private book shows, schools and communities can also host book fairs. For a minimum of $200 worth of sales, the school or organization will be eligible to 25% worth of free Usborne books and for sales of $500 and above they will be eligible for 50% worth of free Usborne books.

Usborne Books & More has been around for almost 3 decades and the company’s team size is still continuously growing. What makes Usborne Books special is the fact that the company does not only help people launch their own successful ventures but they also help in the country’s literacy program by distributing books that are educational and easy to understand.

By becoming an Usborne books consultant, you will not only earn big but you will also be taking part in a very important mission, which is to instill a love for reading in every child.

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wrote 8 years ago

This has been an amazing company to work for. I know everyone probably says this, but I really LOVE the books, my children LOVE the books and they absolutely sell themselves! When I set up a booth, or bring my books to someone's home, all customers have to do is look at the books and they buy! I had tried other direct sales companies in the past, but I was never passionate about them as I am with Usborne. I love it so much, I recently got certified as an Educational Consultant so I could sell to schools and libraries, as well. It's opened up a wonderful world for me.

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wrote 6 years ago

I love Usborne Books and their complete collections and series. My favorite are the Internet Linked Non- Fiction series also known as part of the "Homework Helpers", which have indeed been helpful for my kids in their research projects. Usborne Books have been part of our family library going on 8 years now and we plan on adding more!

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