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Miche, the company that introduced the bag with endless possibilities to the market, has finally opened its doors to direct sales representatives. Earn up to 35% commission on retail sales and explore the unique and wonderful features of every Miche bag.

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Miche Bags - Our Thoughts

Miche Bags was established as a company in 2005 but the idea behind their flagship product, the Miche Bag, began in 2004. Michelle Romero was on her way home one day when she spilled a drink all over her bag. Frustrated, she wished that she could just change her bag’s exterior instead of having to purchase a new one. The idea behind the Miche bag is to provide functionality, versatility, and style all in one bag, which is really what most women look for in a bag. Michelle Romero then went home inspired and stripped her ruined bag, created a new exterior with some fabric and came up with the first Miche Purse. She then pitched in her idea to her friend Annette Cavaness who was instantly inspired by the idea and went on ahead to create a business plan for a company. Miche was officially launched as a company in 2005 and Michelle’s dream was realized. Now, Miche Bag is a successful direct sales company based in South Jordan Utah and is ran by CEO Corbin Church. The Miche Bag Company provides business opportunities to women in the country who want to realize their dreams of starting their own business.

Miche Bags, Purses & Accessories

Miche offers five different base shells of varying sizes and styles: Petite, Classic, Demi, and Prima. There are dozens of different shells available for each base bag, giving consumers a wide-range of options when it comes to style. With a Miche Bag, you never have to switch from one bag to another just to suit your outfits or your mood, as you simply have to change its shell and you instantly get a completely different look for your bag. Whether it’s for work, for a casual day out, running errands or for a night out with friends, there is a Miche base bag and shell that is perfect for every woman’s needs.

Miche shells are fun and stylish. Consumers can find a wide selection of designs, prints, and materials from each collection. Whether you feel like toning it down with a solid neutral or you’re feeling more adventurous and want to play with prints and colors, there is a shell out there for every mood, outfit, and preference. From plain canvass shells, animal prints, and paisleys to crocodile skin and snakeskin, consumers will certainly not be disappointed with the options that Miche Bags offer.

The Miche Business Opportunity

While Miche Bag did not originally start as a direct sales company, they decided to make a transition to direct sales and party-plan marketing to give others the opportunity to start a business selling a truly stylish and functional product. Now, the company is very much open to interested sales representatives. Joining Miche Bag will not only allow you to explore the many stylish products that the company has to offer but you also get to start your own direct sales business with a company that has achieved success long before it entered the direct sales industry. Over the years, women have come to know the Miche bag as the bag that has it all, as you get convenience, style, and functionality all in one. Miche Bag offers a truly attractive ground floor opportunity that can be every woman’s key to success. Since it is a direct sales company, you get to decide how much you want to sell and how much you want to earn. Help spread the joy of owning a Miche bag by becoming an independent sales representative for this wonderful company.

Miche Starter Kits

Miche Bag offers two starter kit options to interested sales representatives. The basic kit is sold for $199.95 and is inclusive of one base bag, two shells, two handles, and some business supplies to help you launch and market your Miche business. Those who want more supplies to come with the starter kit can choose to purchase the Miche Deluxe Starter Kit, which is available for $499.95. The deluxe kit offers great value for your money, as it comes inclusive of 4 classic Miche bag bases, 5 premium shells, 9 classic shells, 1 mini base bag, 2 mini shells, 1 chain handle, a clip-on strap, closet organizer, purse organizer, and of course, all the essential business tools you need. The deluxe kit is certainly perfect for those who want to begin earning some serious profit right away.

Miche Compensation Plan

Miche Bag independent representatives earn 20% to 35% personal sales commissions, which can be acquired through party sales, online sales, and person-to-person selling. Aside from commission on retail sales, sales representatives can also receive up to 6% sponsorship commissions when they recruit new representatives to their teams. Individual and group bonuses are also given out to sales representatives and teams for meeting certain sales goals per month.

New independent representatives for Miche Bags also get a chance to earn over $600 worth of free Miche products within their first 90 days if they meet the minimum requirements under the Miche 90-day independent representative quick start rewards program. Miche Bag certainly offers a competitive compensation plan, which can significantly grow by aiming for certain sales volumes.

Miche Parties and Hostess Rewards

When Miche employed a direct sales format for distribution, they also decided to employ the party-plan system for marketing. Anyone can host a party for Miche Bag. By becoming a hostess, you can earn free Miche products and shop in a stress-free and fun environment with your friends and family. You can host a Miche party at home or even at work or in other community events if you want access to a bigger audience. The more your party makes in sales, the more rewards you are entitled to as a hostess. You can easily book a party with existing Miche sales representatives and she will be ready to help you out every step of the way. Miche party hostesses can earn 10% of their party sales in hostess credits, which can be used to avail of Miche products. For minimum party sales of $200, you can be eligible for Miche’s lucrative hostess rewards program. Aside from hostess credits, you also get a chance to purchase up to 4 Miche shells for half the price off, depending on your party sales.

In addition to their regular hostess rewards, Miche also offers special hostess exclusives. Hostesses who make $800 minimum in party sales can avail of special hostess-exclusive shells at large discounts. These shells are not available in retail and are only offered to Miche hostesses. If you get your guests to book their own party with your sales representative, you can earn more rewards and purchase products at 50% off.

Miche Bag has certainly proven itself worthy of every independent representative’s time and effort. Aside from direct sales, the company is also open to other distributors or retailers but they prefer to focus more on direct selling, as it gives them the chance to provide a great opportunity to other women who want to achieve success while being given enough freedom to manage their own schedules. Miche Bag does not only offer innovative products that successfully combines the elements of style, versatility, and functionality but they also offer a truly competitive business opportunity to interested representatives. Since Miche bags are available through various distribution systems, sales representatives should have no trouble leading a successful venture and meeting their monthly financial goals.

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Miche is a good company to work for. They continue to grow and as they do they continue to provide support for their representatives. They have had some growing pains as most due but they continue to work withe the representatives to make Miche a better company to work for. The requirements, pay scale and benefits are very generous.

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Miche Bags FAQ

Miche is a direct sales, party plan company that specializes in distributing bags with changeable exteriors. They offer four styles of base bags with dozens of shell options for each. Miche products are exclusively distributed through a team of independent sales representatives all over the US and Canada.
Part of the reason why Miche has become so successful is because they offer affordable bags that are practical, stylish, and durable. The prices of Miche base bags are proportional to their size. Base bag prices range from USD 22 for the smallest size to USD 45 for the largest size. Bag shell prices range from USD 18 to USD 50, depending on size, style, and design.
There are several venues for consumers to purchase Miche bags. You can call a Miche independent representative and place your orders over the phone for convenience, you can attend a Miche home party nearby if you want to see the items first, or you can also shop online by visiting a Miche representative's website.