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Est. Consultants
20% - 30%
Downline Commission
7% - 15%
Startup Cost
Products Sold
Jewelry, Charms
Home Office
3325 Skyway Drive Opelika, AL 36801 US

The best direct sales opportunities give customers what they want: products that truly mean something to them or their gift recipients. Initial Outfitters provides customized monograms, personalized touches and more to a robust catalog of products ranging from jewelry to clothing to home goods. Find your personalized perfection with just a click!

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Company Overview

For more than a decade, Beth Reeves, Alicia Storbeck and her husband Jim Storbeck have been growing the powerhouse of direct sales personalization that is Initial Outfitters. Rather than trying to design a product line of static items that may or may not spark interest, the trio’s successful accessories company sells the one thing that appeals to everyone: customized products. From jewelry to home goods to luxury bags and luggage, each Initial Outfitters item has something very important in common: you! Traditional monogram crests, special dates, names, and favorite symbols all turn fabulous products into must-have pieces that are literally made to order.

Financially and Spiritually Rewarding

In addition to earning 20-30% of your sales and up to 14% of your team member’s sales as commission to pay bills and support your family, you’ll also be giving back to needy children around the world. Initial Outfitters partners with Charlie’s Lunch, a faith-based childhood hunger-fighting charity, to change lives and make a difference across the world. Sales of special children’s monogrammed items support both representative and charity alike, making it easy to build a business of your own that you can be proud of.

Lucrative Opportunities

From trips to free products to cash, there’s always a lot of ways to earn rewards beyond your generous sales commissions. Initial Outfitters was built to help women everywhere achieve personal satisfaction and independence, which is why the company recognizes driven entrepreneurs with prizes, goals and glowing recognition in newsletters and brand conferences. For product fans, there’s also a quick start plan that allows new reps to earn free jewelry, as well as monthly opportunities to enjoy up to half off catalog pieces.

Get started with a personalized business that’s as unique as your own name: sign up to be an Initial Outfitters independent representative today!

The Initial Outfitters Compensation Plan

Initial Outfitters representatives earn 20-30% commissions on their personal sales, and an additional 7-14% on their personal team’s sales, depending on the sales tier achieved.

Work from Home with Initial Outfitters

Just like their catalog of monogram products, Initial Outfitters knows that a personalized approach to sales helps you start off on the right foot. New representatives have their choice of three fantastic starter kits - the $79 “You Know You Love It” kit with business materials and supplies to start your new business, the $129 “More to Love” kit which features nearly $200 worth of free products, and the “Love it All” kit, with contains a whopping $730 worth of products to showcase and demonstrate during your sales parties and events. Want even more? “Bonus Buy” kits are also available as add-ons, with contents that change season-to-season - simply ask your sponsor or team leader what’s currently available.

Each kit level also includes access to a personal online workstation and a personalized sales site for digital shopping and social media-driven sales parties.

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wrote 5 years ago

As a veteran direct seller, I must say that I am very impressed in working with Initial Outfitters as a new consultant. The home office and consultants are so warm and welcoming; embracing the Christian spirit of hospitality. I'm so happy that I made the switch to a company that supports their consultants as individuals and keeps customer happiness as their highest focus.

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Initial Outfitters FAQ

Initial Outfitters is a direct sales jewelry and accessory company with a personalization theme. Their wide range of products feature custom touches, such as monograms, names, favorite symbols and more.
Jewelry from Initial Outfitters is priced between $16 and $99, while home goods and clothing fall between $14 and $42. Bags, including both handbags and suitcase styles, carry price tags ranging from $24 to $69.
Initial Outfitters products are available both online or in person through a network of independent representatives, who can assist you with custom features such as fonts, styles and colors for your personalized touches.