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Looking for a new business opportunity from a company that offers a competitive line of products? Verefina, one of the newest companies in the direct sales industry, invites interested consultants to represent the company and its products. Earn up to 30% personal sales commissions and up to 6% downline commissions by becoming a Verefina independent consultant.

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Verefina - Our Thoughts

Verefina is a direct sales company that specializes in personal care products made of 100% natural ingredients. Frustrated with the lack of safe and natural skincare products in the market, company founder, Jennifer Lugo started to develop her own range of products made out of all-natural and organic ingredients. She wanted products that she can use on her kids without having to worry about chemicals and additives that pose risks on their health. She then started experimenting with various ingredients and successfully developed her own line of personal care products. It didn’t take long before her family and friends started using the products she had developed. Before even realizing it, word of her products had spread to other families and became a big hit. Jennifer then decided to launch Verefina as a direct sales company so that her products can be distributed to a much wider demographic. Now, several teams of independent sales consultants are licensed to distribute this exclusive range of products to the direct sales market.

Verefina Products

Verefina offers a complete line of skincare and bath products. Their head to toe line features facial creams, lip butters, hand and body lotions, hand and body soaps, and as well as bath scrubs all made of 100% natural ingredients. They also carry a line of products especially formulated for the sensitive skin of babies. Their baby line features bath products, lotions, and even first aid ointments. In addition, Verefina also offers immunity oils, which can be applied to the feet to keep germs and bacteria away even when your kids play outdoors. Their immunity multi-purpose spray can be used on floors, toilet bowls, and kitchen sinks to protect your kids from harmful elements.

All Verefina products are guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals, parabens, and artificial chemicals that are potentially toxic if ingested.

The Verefina Business Opportunity

Verefina’s new direct sales business opportunity is perfect for those who are looking for ways to earn some supplemental income. By becoming a Verefina independent consultant, you can take control of your own schedule and be your own boss. You also have complete control over how much you earn, allowing you to easily plan out your monthly sales goals to suit your family’s monthly expenses. As a consultant, you can also receive awards and recognition for your exceeding your level’s monthly sales goals.

Whether you’ve always wanted to start your own business or you are looking for a rewarding opportunity that would allow you to spend more time at home with your family while still earning enough to support your monthly needs, Verefina’s business opportunity is certainly worth exploring. To join, you simply have to sign up with an existing consultant or visit their website to locate a consultant near you.

Consultant Starter Kits

Verefina offers two types of starter kit options for new consultants. You can avail of the basic business kit for only $99. It comes with 25 catalogs, 50 invitations, a consultant manual and other business supplies to help you launch your new business. It also comes with 11 different products that you can sell on your first party.

The premium business kit, on the other hand, is available to new consultants for $179. It comes with over $400 worth of business supplies and products including: 25 catalogs, 50 invitations, a hazard scale poster, 50 wooden spatulas and 3 silver spoons that can be used for free product sampling. This kit comes with over 20 different products, good for up to 3 home parties.

Independent Consultant Compensation Plan

Verefina offers personal sales commissions ranging from 20% to 30%, depending on your monthly personal sales volume and your leadership level. You can also sponsor new consultants and build a team if you want to earn sponsorship commissions from your downline representatives. You can earn 2% to 6% on your downline’s commissionable sales. With Verefina’s new direct sales business opportunity, you get unlimited income potential plus the chance to earn leadership bonuses and promotions. Since there are no monthly sales minimums for the initial level, you don’t have to worry about having to keep up with monthly sales quotas.

Verefina Home Parties and Host Rewards

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Verefina and its range of products can host a home party. Simply contact an independent consultant to book a date. By hosting a Verefina party, you can earn a portion of your party sales in free products. Start earning free products for minimum party sales of $200. You can earn up to 25% of your party sales in free products and purchase up to 4 items at half the price off, depending on your party sales. Shop in a stress-free environment in the company of your friends and explore Verefina’s new business opportunity by inviting a consultant over for a home party.

It is normal to want the best for you and your family and Verefina makes this possible by providing 100% all-natural products that are free of harmful chemicals and additives. With Verefina’s complete line of personal care products, you never have to worry about your kid’s safety whenever you use commercial products. You can also take advantage of their business opportunity and earn some extra income for your family.

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