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Apriori Beauty is one of the newest skincare direct sales companies in the industry. Try out their complete line of anti aging products and sign up as a consultant to receive rebates on your personal purchases and earn up to 30% weekly commissions on your personal retail sales.

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Apriori Beauty - Our Thoughts

Apriori Beauty is a direct sales company specializing in skincare products, particularly anti aging products. Company founder Candace Keefe has been in the network marketing industry since 1989 when she started her first direct sales business. 20 years later Candace founded Apriori Beauty with the help of two other network marketers, Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck. With their vast experience in direct selling along with their dedication in producing high-quality products, it did not take long for Apriori Beauty to expand its team of independent consultants and establish a name for itself in both the skincare and direct sales industries. Now, Apriori Beauty’s anti aging line has become one of the leading brands in the direct sales industry.

Apriori Beauty’s Anti Aging Product Line

Apriori Beauty’s unique approach to skincare and anti aging is one of the primary reasons why the company did not have a hard time rising to the top despite being a relative newcomer in the industry. Apriori Beauty employs the “Cellular Age Advantage” system; a proactive approach to anti aging that nourishes and protects the cells both internally and externally. Their line of anti aging products targets four different areas: oxidative stress, hormonal function, genetics, and mitochondrial cell function, giving users a complete anti aging experience that targets different problem areas, effectively preventing the signs of aging. Apriori Beauty currently has two anti aging specialty lines: the Celloxylin line and Lifeoxylin line. Celloxylin comes with six different products to use with a five-step skincare regimen. Celloxylin takes full advantage of the cellular age advantage approach to provide consumers with a complete set of age-defying products for both the face and body. 

The Lifeoxylin line, on the other hand, uses the NutrientReservoir approach, which works by wrapping cells with effective all-natural ingredients, thoroughly nourishing them from the inside out. Each product from this line helps by preventing the early signs of aging and as well as by protecting the cells against further damage caused by both external and internal factors. With their complete line of anti-aging products, Apriori Beauty has certainly made it possible for women to love their skin no matter how old they are.

Apriori Beauty’s Business Opportunity

Apriori Beauty’s business opportunity is unique because they encourage all their consultants to become clients first. As a skincare direct sales company, it is important for their consultants to try out their products first so that they can properly share them with others. The company operates by the words “Use, Love, Share”. By trying out the products for yourself, you can properly see how they work and how effective they are in combating the signs of aging. This will make it easier for you to market your products later on when you start operating your own Apriori Beauty business. Like most direct sales companies using a multi-level marketing approach, Apriori Beauty requires interested consultants to join through an existing consultant. By becoming part of a team, you will have an easier time learning about the ins and outs of direct selling and as well as your product base. If you don’t know a consultant, you can simply visit the company’s website and search for a consultant near your area.

Apriori Beauty Starter Kit

Unlike other direct sales companies, Apriori Beauty does not require a minimum initial product order to get you started as a consultant. To start your own Apriori Beauty business, you simply have to purchase a consultant starter kit for $79. The kit comes equipped with training materials to help you get started, business supplies, and as well as sufficient product samples to help you better market Apriori Beauty’s product line. Aside from the starter kit, you also get your own consultant website for free. You don’t have to renew your consultant website by paying monthly fees, as you can use it for free for as long as you remain a consultant for the company. You also get your own consultant online back office to make it easier for you to place orders and track your weekly progress charts.

Apriori Beauty Consultant Compensation Plan

As an Apriori Beauty consultant, you can earn 30% commissions on your retail sales, which you will receive every Friday. You can also earn sponsorship bonuses and commissions when you start sponsoring consultants to build a team. You can receive 15% to 20% bonus on your first level downlines and 5% to 10% on your second and third levels. In addition, you can earn a bonus of 8% when your team reaches or surpasses the minimum required for group sales per month.

Once you start building a team, you can get promoted to higher leadership levels. When you get promoted to manager or director, you will receive a 5% group personal bonus, which will be paid on a monthly basis.

Apriori Beauty offers unlimited income potential. You can set realistic financial goals for yourself and increase your income goals later on once you build a large enough clientele and once you start sponsoring more consultants into your team.

Apriori Beauty compensates consultants not only for their personal sales but as well as for sponsoring other consultants and helping them build a business of their own. As an Apriori Beauty consultant, you also get the chance to get as much as 30% rebates on your personal purchases. With such a lucrative compensation plan and a promising line of anti aging products, it comes as no surprise that Apriori Beauty is quickly rising to the top as one of the leading skincare providers in the industry.

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wrote 6 years ago

Hands down...best kept secret in skincare . Apriori is a close nit family with amazing support direct from its founders. This company is supportive and rewarding. Everyone supports one another. It is not cut-throat. Fantastic sales to help boost your business. Not to mention...the quality. Products are anti-aging (R&D is not). Products are safe and affordable (R&D is not). What you see is what you get with Apriori. No hidden ingredients. Vegan, gentile and effective! Do yourself a favor and try this line - I guarantee you will be ready to USE.LOVE.SHARE. Apriori once you do.

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