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You want your little one to be fashionable, but you don’t always have time to navigate the racks upon racks of kids’ clothes at a department or brand store, each one covered in character designs that are louder than the last. Want some beautiful, classic style your kids will love to wear – not wear out? DakoModa has durable and stylish clothing options for infants and children, with features like super-soft Peruvian Pima Cotton and hand-finished embroidery to add fashionable details. Dress your kids in the best with DakoModa layettes, shirts, pants, dresses and more! They’ll want it for softness and great fit, you’ll want it for how amazing it looks.

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DakoModa takes a must-have for busy mothers – beautiful, durable childrens’ clothing – and transforms it into a pleasurable person-to-person shopping experience through direct sales. With classic yet trendy styling, their products wrap children from infancy through childhood in soft, luxurious Peruvian Pima Cotton in crisp whites and bright colors. Excellent for both first-time parents and those looking for layettes, shirts, pants and dresses that will look just as fantastic as future hand-me-downs, this is a children’s clothing line that deserves the enthusiastic support it receives from its direct sales fans across the country.

Exclusive Designs

The clothes available through DakoModa aren’t merely high-end childrenswear that has been rebranded; each design is created for and exclusive to the DakoModa brand. That means your child will look his or her best, whether it’s out playing with friends or heading to school for the day. If you’ve ever wished they could look as sweet and tidy as they do on picture day every day, these clothing options are the secret you’ve been searching for! From adorable plaid button-up shirts to crisp, elegant polo dresses, these are runway-ready outfits - just in a smaller size.

Options to Grow On

Finding a great children’s clothing brand is great – but what happens when they outgrow it? Many age categories leave busy parents without branded options when their young child experiences the inevitable growth spurt. That’s why DakoModa carries many non-layette clothing types in 0-7T. This range gives moms and dads a chance to relax and enjoy a “go to” brand with comfortable, attractive kids clothes options as their child grows older. Sizing charts and hints are also built into the company’s media, ensuring that clients aren’t just buying affordable high-end luxury clothing for children; they’re buying clothing that fits well, too!

Organic Offerings

Organic goods for children are getting easier to find at the supermarket, but in the clothing section – not so much. DakoModa puts new parents’ minds at ease with their Organic Line, filled with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic pima cotton layettes to provide newborns with the softest, most luxurious materials to comfort their sensitive skin. This line also makes an excellent gift for new parents or parents-to-be, keeping DakoModa a versatile, easy-to-sell company choice for direct sales entrepreneurs or – as the company refers to them – brand partners.

As a Brand Partner, you will assemble parties and show off the beautiful clothing options the company creates for the children of your clients. There’s no competition with brick-and-mortar stores because DakoModa is only available online, a move that keeps all interested eyes on the products you’re offering, rather than seeking out competitors. The aesthetic also follows much pricier brands, giving your clients a chance to easily dress their children in sharp, smart-looking outfits without needing a huge budget to make it happen.

If you’d like to sell products that are in high demand , with a great price points on pieces that will be deeply appreciated, look no further than this brand. These fashionable and durable clothing options for kids are exactly what your clients – be they parents, soon-to-be-parents, friends, grandparents and more – have wished they could find without paying a premium. Join DakoModa as a Brand Partner and start selling today!

Compensation Plan

From the moment you decide to become a DakoModa Brand Partner, you’ll earn 25% of your retail sales as commission, and enjoy a 25% discount on products for yourself. You can earn up to 10% more by increasing your personal sales volume, recruiting team members and completing additional sales actions, such as signing customers up for the free Preferred Customer program.

Join Opportunity

When you’re ready to begin your journey to success with DakoModa, simply select the starter kit that best fits your ambitions and goals: the $99 Showcase Kit contains 7 pieces of DakoModa’s bestselling children’s clothing:

  • Polka Dots Blue Stripe Ruffle Blouse
  • Pima Cotton Peach Pique Polo Dress
  • Long-Sleeve Navy Pima Cotton Pique Polo
  • Western Roll Up Blue Plaid Pima Shirt
  • Baby Girls Organic Pima Cotton Romper
  • Baby Boys 2-Piece Pima Pant

…collectively a $200 value! The kit also features a signature fabric swatchbook, a full product catalog, brochers for hostess rewards, kids styles, baby styles, partner-building and business strategy guide books, training materials, an opportunity folder and 25 customer order forms. The included digital toolkit offers a personalized website, partner virtual office and a replicated e-store with no monthly fees or inventory to store!

The $199 Advanced Partner Marketing Kit swaps out the pre-selected clothing items and offers a $400 store credit instead, allowing new partners to decide which items they’d like to showcase in their parties, events or online sales. This option gives ambitious new Brand Partners a chance to tailor their approach to the tastes of their local clients and ensure their new business starts out on the right foot.

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DakoModa FAQ

DakoModa is the creation of husband-and-wife team David and Elena Kohina, and offers high-end, luxury childrens’ clothing at affordable prices through a direct sales model. Clothing is available in size 0 through 7T, and the collection encompass both boys’ and girls’ fashions with classic, elegant detailing and durable, beautiful fabrics for an excellent fit.
BProducts from DakoModa range from $24.95 for cotton bodysuits and other infant clothing through $49.95 for more intricate pieces like dresses. Most product for older children are available by the piece and by gender – boys’ or girls’. Sizes from 0 to 7T can be selected in virtually all non-infant clothing piece options.
DakoModa products are only available through their Brand Partners, who in turn may sell online, through special events like fairs and festivals, or through private parties at their own home or that of a hostess. Orders are placed through Brand Partners and fulfilled via direct shipping from the company headquarters.