India Hicks Overview

Est. Ambassadors
25% - 30%
Downline Commission
2% - 4%
Startup Cost
$149 - $749
Products Sold
Jewelry, Hand Bags, Purses, Scarves
Clothing & Fashion, Jewelry
Home Office
12301 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90025 US

The sea-worn hues of island life meet fresh London design in India Hicks, a beauty, accessory and bag direct sales company for the modern woman. Whether you’re taking the kids to school or looking to make a sharp first impression at a professional mixer, India Hicks’ products let your “inner you” truly shine through. Find your fabulous by attending an India Hicks Get Together now!

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India Hicks Company Overview

Drawn from the spirit of its namesake, the dreamy collection of bags, accessories and beauty products behind India Hicks captures the essence of its London-born founder. With hints of island life, tropical colors and alluring patterns peeking through elegant, upscale designs, these fresh products are everything a chic modern woman is looking for. Uncomplicated enough to enjoy but complex enough to coax in the senses, each thoughtful facet of an India Hicks product coaxes in curious consumers, making “Ambassadorship” an ideal endeavor for the driven entrepreneur.

Beyond the Catalogue

The individuals that support and grow India Hicks are affectionately called “The Tribe” - a group of driven women from all walks, ages and motivations of life that have found connection in this unique direct sales company. As one enthusiastic director puts it, she was “tired of the bull” from other direct sales opportunity, and has found that India Hicks is both genuine in its roots and an easy sell at “Get Togethers” - special sales parties organized by Ambassadors to introduce attendees to the various products showcased by the brand.

More than Beautiful

Much like the laid-back authenticity of Bahamian life, India Hicks’ products are all designed by the lady herself - no mass-produced or private-labeled products, just charming accessories, jewelry and beauty products infused with Hicks’ unique London-and-Island “madcap” style. Antique beetle patterns, simple yet stylish bags and timeless geometry-inspired gems ensure that you’ll always look ready - whether it’s for a stroll down the runway or a leisurely walk down the seashore.

Sound like your kind of effortless elegance? Find out more and become an India Hicks Ambassador today!

Compensation Plan

Your generous commission plan starts at 20% from your very first sale, and can grow two ways - through 7 levels of Personal Retail Volume as well as 8 levels of enrolling, leader and generation bonuses.

Join Opportunity

You’ll have your pick of 3 great starter kits as a new India Hicks Ambassador - the $149 “Baby” kit, the $449.00 “Booty” kit or the huge $749 “Big Kahuna” kit. Each features an increasingly large assortment of beauty products, accessories and even the opportunity to customize additional items at half off retail pricing - 3 products, 5 products or 10 products, respectively. Depending on the growth and pace you have planned for your new business venture, these kits empower and support you on your journey, through your first “Get Together” and beyond. Important business materials like catalogs, DVD guides, swatch books and more are included with every kit level as well.

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India Hicks FAQ

India Hicks is a island-inspired direct sales company specializing in beauty products, elegant accessories and beautifully-designed jewelry unique to the brand. The company is named after the founder; the catalogue reflects her unique and timeless style in every product.
Beauty products for India Hicks start at $24 for hand cream, up to $95 for brand-exclusive Eau de Parfum. Bags are priced between $148 and $480, while accessories and jewelry range from $20 for charms through $235 for necklaces.
India Hicks’ designs are available exclusively through brand Ambassadors at “Get Together” sales parties and other sales events. Interested in hosting a Get Together? You’ll be able to either choose thank-you gifts or designate 10% of your party’s sales be donated to a charity of your choice.