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Est. Advisors
22% - 30%
Downline Commission
1% - 8%
Startup Cost
Products Sold
Cosmetics, Makeup, Skin Care, Acne Treatments
Cosmetics & Skin Care

If you’re looking for an incredible skincare regimen from a proven, trustworthy brand, look no further than Willing Beauty! Founded by the customer satisfaction gurus behind teen skincare brand Willa and Origami Owl lockets, this dynamic skincare range will keep your skin healthy, moisturized and clear in only minutes a day. Check it out now!

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Willing Beauty - Our Thoughts

Willing Beauty Founders GroupWilling Beauty is destined to become one of the biggest new names in the direct sales skincare market.

There’s a word for being in the right place at the right time; for pieces falling into place in just the right way: kismet. It was definitely kismet when Bella & Chrissy Weems of Origami Owl fame and Willa Doss & Christy Prunier of Willa skincare decided to team up. This pair of Mother-Daughter duos pooled their business savvy and love of customer satisfaction to found Willing Beauty, an incredible mix of great skincare products and fantastic opportunity that empowers its advisors and customers every step of the way.

Described as a “dynamic partnership” between these direct sales rockstars and their ever-growing team of Willing Beauty Advisors, the company aims to deliver incredible results with a simple, profitable sales plan that will appeal to brand new and seasoned direct sales representatives alike. Willing Beauty officially launched on Valentines’ Day 2017, a fitting tribute to their golden heart-shaped logo and pledge that “Beauty Begins with The Heart.”

While the company is poised for explosive growth - the past success of their joint teen founders speaks for itself - it’s still considered a ground-floor opportunity, and a very smart investment for curious would-be advisors. Backed by known names and a history of proven products from Willa’s side of the business, Willing Beauty is poised for success.

Willing Beauty Compensation Plan

Commissions will be paid to Willing Beauty advisors according to their “Career Plan” placement; the more you sell, the greater your opportunities to earn even more!

Willing Beauty Compensation Plan

Willing Beauty Join Opportunity

Willing Beauty is unique as a direct sales company in that, as of launch, Beauty Advisors do not need to purchase a starter kit! In fact, the only thing a driven entrepreneur needs to do in order to become a Beauty Advisor is to purchase (or encourage others to purchase through referral links) 3,500 Brand Advocate points’ worth of Willing Beauty products.

Willing Beauty Starter Kit

Willing Beauty Ingredients List

New company backed by the creator of Origami Owl. Could be huge.

High-competition market space.

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wrote 7 years ago

Willing Beauty is amazing. The way they are set up, sharing not selling, is ideal for me. And I love that they don't test on animals and are cruelty free. They are even Leaping Bunny certified.

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wrote 7 years ago

I have tried many skin care lines over the year. As a 66 yo woman with mature skin I was really impressed the first time I tried these products. As the Willing Beauty line had not been released I tried some of the Willa line (designed for pre-teens and teens. I found the cleansers to be gentle and non drying. My absolute was the product now called Born to Glow! It really hydrates my skin and makes it feel more supple. A definite improvement. I was so in love I have become a Beauty Advisor and have the pleasure of sharing these products with others.

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Willing Beauty FAQ

Willing Beauty is a direct sales company specializing in skincare. This exciting new company was created by the mother-daughter teams behind Origami Owl jewelry and Willa teen skin care products.
Specific pricing information will become available after the brand’s Official customer launch in April 2017 - stay tuned!
illing Beauty products are available exclusively through Beauty Advisors. These representatives can make recommendations, take orders and tell you all about exciting new additions to the brand!