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Whether you are looking for financial or physical security, Damsel in Defense has something for you. Offering a complete line of self-defense weapons for women, the company's mission is to empower women everywhere not only by helping them protect themselves against attackers but also by allowing them to start their own direct sales business.

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Damsel In Defense - Our Thoughts

Damsel in Defense is a direct sales company specializing in self-defense weapons for women. The company was founded by Bethany Hughes and Mindy Lin and was launched in November 2011. Both stay-at-home moms, Bethany and Mindy knew how vulnerable women could be during dangerous situations like robbery and sexual assault attempts. They established Damsel in Defense to provide women with accessible self-defense products that they can carry around with them. They wanted to provide a line of self-defense products that were non-lethal, especially since guns were not an option, as they both have kids to worry about. Damsel in Defense aims to empower women by providing them with the necessary weapons for self-defense so that they can defend themselves against potential attackers should they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation. Aside from empowering women with weapons, Damsel in Defense also aims to empower women by giving them financial freedom through their own home based direct sales business. Having had previous experience with running a security and self-defense business, Bethany Hughes was able to come up with an effective product line for self-defense purposes. Now, Damsel in Defense is quickly making a name for itself all across the country and is in the process of increasing its team of independent sales consultants.

Damsel in Defense Product Line

Damsel in Defense offers a complete line of non-lethal self-defense weapons. From stun guns and pepper sprays to portable alarm systems, portable child monitors, and car emergency tools, you can find just about any self-defense weapon for any need and emergency. Their stun guns and pepper sprays come in a variety of colors and designs. Whether you want to be more discreet in plain black or you want something a little more feminine, you can find stun guns and pepper sprays in pink, black, blue, and silver. They even feature a 4.5-million volt stun gun cleverly disguised as a pink cell phone so no one ever has to know you have a self-defense weapon in your purse. If you want a pepper spray that is a little more discreet, they offer a pepper spray bottle disguised as a perfume bottle.

Damsel in Defense’s “Security on the Go” line features six different products that you can take with you wherever you go; from Kubotans to portable alarm systems with built-in flashlights, you can always feel safe with these handy self-defense tools. If you want to purchase more than 1 self-defense product, you can purchase their “Safe N Sassy” Bundle, which comes inclusive of 1 stun gun, pepper spray, and kubotan.

With these self-defense products, you never have to worry about how to defend yourself against attackers. Since they come in fun and fashionable designs, you also don’t have to compromise your personal style.

The Damsel in Defense Business Opportunity

Damsel in Defense offers the perfect business opportunity for people who are looking for venues to earn some supplemental income. Not only will you be arming women across the country to help protect them from being victims of common crimes, but you can also help yourself and your family by bringing in some extra monthly income. Be it to pay the bills, a loan, or to buy something you’ve always wanted, Damsel in Defense can help turn your aspirations into reality. Damsel in Defense’s business opportunity is open to all interested consultants across the country. Whether male or female, you are welcome to join the Damsel in Defense family. The great thing about this company is that they offer a convenient venue for women to avail of self-defense products. As a representative for Damsel in Defense, you can bring these useful weapons right at your customers’ doorstep. You also get a decent additional income every month. If you want to become a Damsel pro today, simply sign up with an existing consultant or find one near you by visiting their website.

Damsel in Defense Business Starter Kit

Interested consultants must purchase Damsel in Defense’s “Knight in Shining Armor” starter kit for $199. The kit comes with a complete range of product samples that you can use for demonstrations or sell to get back what you invested for your starter kit. The kit also comes with business supplies such as catalogs, a consultant manual, and business cards.

Damsel Pro Compensation Plan

As a Damsel in Defense Pro, you can earn 30% commissions on all your personal sales. You can also earn sponsorship commissions from up to three levels of downline representatives. Under this system of compensation, you can easily determine how much you will earn monthly and you can simply adjust the amount of products you sell to suit your financial needs.

Home Parties and Host Rewards

Damsel in Defense employs a party-plan system of marketing, allowing interested hostesses to host a party anytime. Just simply contact a Damsel Pro to book a date for your party. By hosting a Damsel in Defense home party, you can earn free products for party sales as low as $250. Earn a security-on-the-go product of your choice for party sales of $250 to $400 or a free stun gun for sales of $500 to $799. Party sales of $800 and above will give you the choice between two self-defense kits.

Damsel in Defense is certainly a company to watch out for. Whether you just want to earn some supplemental income or you want to empower other women by giving them access to affordable self-defense weapons, Damsel in Defense is a great company to join.

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wrote 8 years ago

I discovered Damsel In Defense while driving - I saw a sticker on a vehicle and thought, "WoW, that's cute". I got home, looked up the company online and called the nearest rep... I was SO amazed by the company and all it stands for, the quality of the products and the amazing Mission behind the products that I signed up that day! I haven't looked back since! Damsel offers great training both online and weekly training calls. The Virtual Office available to all Independent Damsel Pro's is user friendly and chock full of great graphics and tools for us to use! I am so grateful I joined!

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wrote 8 years ago

Damsel in Defense is about equipping women with the tools to not only keep them safe but also to give them the confidence to know that they have a way out if they ever feel threatened. We are very excited about our affordable and adorable line of products. Whether you are at home or traveling, running or celebrating downtown with the girls, Damsel in Defense has the products and fact-based education that can and does save lives. Learn about our products and safety techniques on how to protect yourself.

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