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3% - 8%
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Raise a glass to success with the sip-worthy world of direct wine sales through Scout & Cellar. This consultant opportunity allows wine lovers to share their passion with others, offering tastings of reds, whites, and rosés that rotate through hand-selected varieties each month. These clean-crafted wines are low in sulfites and free of chemicals and added sugars, making them a fan favorite.

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Scout & Cellar Wines - Our Thoughts

  • Overview

    What makes a wine worth toasting with? For Scout & Cellar’s founder Sarah Shadonix, the answer was simple: no more headaches. Rather than dealing with the uncertainty and disappointment for trying wine after wine off the store shelves and ending up with the - very literal - wine headache the next day, Sarah decided that wine lovers deserved something better. Something cleaner, more delicious, and yes - less headache-inducing - than the average commercial vintage. She created a revolutionary wine company that refused to use the more than 250 added chemicals, sugars, and unsustainable vineyard farming practices that mass producers relied on and opted for branding and bottling a superior selection instead.

    Cheers to Clean-Crafted Wine

    In a market where “organic” and “natural” are tossed around so freely, Sarah knew that Scout & Cellar had to raise the bar. That’s why the company’s famous clean-crafted wine selections have to pass a substantial filter of tests, including the use of sustainable vineyard operations with no synthetic pesticides, zero grams of added sugar, and vine-tending completed by human hands, not outsourced to robots and machines. The result - delightful vintages free of the 250+ additives and chemicals used to stretch and clone ho-hum commercial wines - are low in sulfites, the culprit to those unpleasant wine headaches.

    Red, White, and Green

    Sarah recognized that in order to build a wine-lover’s community with staying power, she’d need to put an emphasis on the “Scout” portion of her brand. That’s why each month Scout & Cellar debuts a new exciting collection of wines for consultants and members alike! Not only can bottles be purchased individually, exciting collections are available as well - each with the fun of a “mystery” waiting to be discovered and poured. These wines all adhere to Scout & Cellar’s strict clean-crafted standards, so wine fans can sip with the full peace of mind they’re enjoying a glass of flavorful, consciously-bottled wine, free of the additives and sulfites that make mainstream wine such a….well, headache!

    Consultants with Scout & Cellar have the opportunity not only to take advantage of some discounts on their own purchases, they earn through selling to others, too. It’s a win-win worthy of a toast: they earn some green while their friends, family, and associates indulge in some of the best reds, whites, and rosés that mother nature’s vineyards have to offer. The brand’s well-priced wine memberships, much like a good vintage, are in high demand and make for an exciting event that feels more like a celebration than a sales party.
  • Starter Kit

    The Scout & Cellar starter kit contains everything you’ll need to start your successful career as a consultant with the company, including bottles of their best clean-crafted wines, tools for opening, measuring, and pouring tasting samples, materials to help organize your business, and a full year of access to your own personal sales portal site to facilitate online sales. Priced at only $199, you’ll get to jump right into your own wine business and enjoy the literal fruit of your labors as your share, sample, and sell Scout & Cellar’s famous clean-crafted wines.

    Like the company’s wines, your starter kit will ship via FedEx so you can start building your business - and your own personal twist on clean-crafted wines - right away. You’ll also receive training materials with your kit so you’ll be able to book and present at your first party without breaking a sweat. If you’re eager to hit the proverbial ground running, ask friends and family if they’d be interested in hosting a Scout & Cellar party once your kit arrives - that way, you’ll be able to take advantage of several quick-start cash bonuses offered by the company as well. All you’ll need are some wine glasses and some attendees and you’ll be ready to go!

  • Compensation Plan

    Scout & Cellar consultants enjoy the perks of discounted wine and wine memberships, but they also earn money on every sale of wine or memberships to party attendees. Compensation starts at 12% of retail profit for sales up to $499, moving up to 15% between $500 - $1,499, 20% on sales from $1,500 to $2,999, and a full 25% on sales volume over $3,000. Additional earning potential comes in the form of quick-start bonuses, which can vary depending on promotion at the time of sign up, but typically offer cash bonuses for tiers of personal sales achieved within the first three months of consultancy. Sample credits, which can be used towards purchasing additional bottles of Scout & Cellar wine, are also available as business-building compensation when certain sales requirements are met.

    Team-building is also available to Scout & Cellar consultants, allowing them to form a downline for passive income on their recruits’ sales of wines and wine memberships. These bonuses range from 3-10% check matching up to four levels deep, allowing representatives to build a robust network of wine-loving sales professionals for added cash. Encouraging new recruits to complete quick-start bonuses creates a win-win situation that benefits both the mentor and their new Scout & Cellar representative recruits.

  • Pros / Cons


    • Clean-crafted wines offer a unique angle
    • Geared to and for wine aficionados for a “warm pitch” vs cold sell
    • Wine of the month club offers a mystery element that circumvents boredom
    • Straightforward product without complicated “systems”
    • Product lends itself very naturally to sales parties and gatherings


    • No consultant needed for customer purchases. "Corporate Offices" are automatically selected when no consultant is specified.
    • Very specific potential audience, must be 21 and either actively drink or be willing to drink
    • Mystery element may not appeal to wine drinkers with very specific tastes
    • Relatively high price point on products in comparison to other direct sales products
    • Not available in all states - Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Iowa, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah are not able to receive shipments.
    • Wine isn’t sold directly at tasting events, it must be ordered and shipped from Scout & Cellar.

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wrote 5 years ago

The selection of wines is wonderfully diverse and are hand picked by a level 3 sommelier. They are also independently lab tested to ensure they adhere to the Scout & Cellar strict standards of: ZERO added chemicals, ZERO synthetic pesticides used in growing of the grapes, ZERO GRAMS OF ADDED SUGAR (you would be surprised how much sugar is added in commercial wines) and low sulfites. You'll want to try these wines and become hooked on drinking clean crafted! It makes a world of difference in how you feel.

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Scout & Cellar Wines FAQ

Scout & Cellar is a direct sales wine business focused on “clean-crafted” wines sourced from around the world, both individually and through innovative wine-of-the-month style memberships. These wines are low in sulfites and free of the more than 250 additives, chemicals, and sugars added to mass-produced wine to make it shelf-stable or homogenous in taste. That means that the company’s hand-selected reds, whites, and rosés are consciously bottled to be delicious and free of the most common headache-causing wine preservatives.
Products from Scout & Cellar, all of which are bottled wines, are sold as singles and in larger monthly collections, called memberships. The individual bottles, which typically range in price from $19 to $32, can be purchased by themselves and ship for free in orders totaling $99 or more. The brand’s wine memberships, which consist of 4, 6 or 12 wines, can be ordered in mixed, all red, or all white varieties, with different bottles each time. Memberships can be set to monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, as preferred.
Scout & Cellar products are only available for purchase through consultants, who typically work in conjunction with a host to hold a tasting party with wine sampling. Orders are placed through the consultant at these events, and will be later delivered to customers via FedEx from Scout & Cellar directly, in order to comply with state and local liquor laws. These consultants can also make recommendations to suit your personal wine tastes, ensuring a truly customized experience.

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