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As a direct sales company, Pampered Chef does not only take care of all your kitchen needs but also gives you a venue to earn an attractive monthly income through their direct selling program. Pamper your customers with high-end products and earn as much as 25% commissions on your personal sales!

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Pampered Chef - Our Thoughts

The Pampered Chef has long been known as a leader in the direct sales business. Since its inception in 1980, The Pampered Chef has given women a profitable choice in the home business arena. Currently, the kitchen giant serves customers in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Germany. If you are looking for a fun and exciting business to join and run in your home, Take a look at what Pampered Chef offers you.

Learn About The Pampered Chef Products

The Pampered Chef started from a love of kitchen ware and gadgets to make cooking easier for those that struggle to prepare simple yet beautiful dishes for their family and friends.  You taste food with your eyes first, so you can find over 300 gourmet kitchen gadgets,  as well as cookware, bake ware, cookbooks, and gourmet specialty food items like spices and mixes in the catalog from Pampered Chef.

Many of the items offered are exclusive creations of the company.  For beautiful baked goods, the stoneware is created with ease of use and longevity in mind. Stoneware is a product that will last a long time and season with use, if properly cared for.  Many of their gadgets are also exclusive to the company and become a welcome addition in the kitchen.

To produce your fabulous food, our cookware is an investment in perfection, created to last a lifetime and cook beautifully.  Your food will taste great and look amazing using the seasoning, rubs and sauces and our awesome gadgets to prepare a feast fit for a queen. Then set a beautiful table with our fabulous dinner ware.  There are versatile items that you can mix and match for everyday use of entertaining at the drop of a hat.  Your table will look inviting and beautiful each time you use it.

Starting a Business with The Pampered Chef

For men and women who love to cook and produce amazing food quickly and beautifully, we have several options for joining our company and opening your own direct sales business.  Our kitchen consultants enjoy the large array of products that are included in the sales kit.

Pampered Chef has 2 consultant kits for consultants to choose from:

  1. Mini Consultant Kit $80
  2. New Consultant Kit $155 (prices subject to change)

Our large kit is perfect for someone that wants to go into business fulltime and make money quickly!  Over $580 worth of products is included and you are going to love it all!  When you join our business as a kitchen consultant, you will get to share cooking and baking tips, demonstrate kitchen products and tools, and share tasty budget friendly recipes with customers.  You can do this by using any of the traditional methods of home shows, catalog shows, online show and via fundraiser's to groups & organizations.

Your hosts and guests learn how to prepare tasty recipes quick & easily, how to spend less time in the kitchen which means more time with their family and wonderful preparation and presentation tips.  You will be a welcome asset to the direct sales community.

Other Benefits:

Beside a wonderful product line, you will find training both online and offline; all of the professional business supplies you need from catalogs to invites and more.  There is also a monthly magazine and a weekly e-newsletter for all consultants to keep you in the loop and teach new recipes, etc.

Pampered Chef Commissions:

As a kitchen consultant, you will earn the following commission depending on your personal monthly sales volume:

  • $1 ~ $749 = 20%
  • $750 ~ $1,249 = 22%
  • $1,250 ~ $2,499 = 23%
  • $2,500 ~ $3,999 = 24%
  • $4,000 and up = 25% commission

So if you hold 2 cooking shows a week on average, your earnings will be approximately $850 a month (based on average of $450 in sales per cooking show).

We also have the ability to start our own team and earn additional income through recruiting and developing other kitchen consultants.  The Pampered Chef pays on that additional income with the very first new team member you bring in.  That is very different from other direct sales companies that require a team of 5 or so before paying on team sales volume.

Pampered Chef Hostess Rewards

With the Host Rewards Program, the higher your show party sales, the more free, half-price and discounted products you will earn. Minimum show value is $150 to start earning rewards.  This is also very manageable and lower than many other direct sales businesses.  So for example, if sales at your Cooking Show are $500, you can receive $90 in Free Product Value to use toward any items in the catalog you choose.  You will also get two products at half-price and an additional 25% off on anything else you choose to buy over and above this.

If you are in the market for a new direct sales home based business, please consider Pampered Chef.  You can contact me or shop through my website directly.

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wrote 4 years ago

This is my frist time i think it would be interesting. For something to dk and fun to.. I see lots of people doing this

Helpful (5)
wrote 1 year ago

I don't love it because I sell it........I sell PC BECAUSE I love it. Great products and the spice blends are fantastic.................

Helpful (3)