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Chloe + Isabel is a new direct sales Jewelry company launched on May 2011. Offering high-end jewelry pieces in a modern-day business distribution strategy, Chloe + Isabel effectively integrates traditional direct selling with e-commerce solutions. Earn 30% commissions on personal sales and up to 12% sponsorship commissions when you become a merchandiser for one of most fashionable companies to have joined the direct sales industry.

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Chloe and Isabel - Our Thoughts

Chloe + Isabel successfully launched a new direct sales business opportunity and an attractive line of high-end Jewelry last May 2011. Backed up by some of the biggest investors in the industry including investors from First Round Capital and SV Angels, Chloe + Isabel certainly has the potential to be one of the most successful direct sales companies in the 21st century. Its founder, Chantel Waterbury, had been in merchandising for over a decade and has worked with big brands including Tiffany & Co, and Cartier among others. She saw the need to integrate modern methods of marketing to direct selling and since a large part of the direct sales population is comprised of women, she decided to launch her new company with Jewelry as its main product base. Having raised $3.25 million in investments before the company’s beta launching in May, Chloe and Isabel is anything but small-scale and consumers can expect high-end Jewelry pieces that would, no doubt, make its mark in the fashion and direct sales industries sooner rather than later.

Chloe + Isabel Jewelry

Having produced jewelry for some of the major retailers in the fashion industry, Chantel Waterbury is no stranger to jewelry design and corporate merchandising and Chloe + Isabel highly reflects her vast experience in the industry. Chloe and Isabel feature a complete range of jewelry pieces including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and brooches.

Featuring designs inspired by modern-day trends, Chloe + Isabel certainly has the contemporary fashionable woman in mind. A great source for every woman’s accessorizing needs, the company has already found a niche in the fashion industry despite having only been launched a few months back. This goes to show that great things are to be expected from the company in the coming months, especially as the company embraces the New Year not only with a collection of great Jewelry but also with a roster of innovative and dynamic merchandisers.

Chloe + Isabel Business Framework

Every woman desires success but unfortunately, success oftentimes come at the expense of one’s freedom to live life as they truly wish. Part of the reason why Chloe + Isabel was released in a direct selling setup is to show every woman that earning an income does not have to eat up one’s schedule and completely take over one’s life. What Chloe + Isabel offers is a chance for you to start your own Jewelry business, setup your own virtual boutique, and choose your own hours so you can truly enjoy your life be it by spending more time with family and friends or by doing the things that you love doing.

Chloe + Isabel offers a unique business opportunity that can suit every woman’s lifestyle. By being part of “Generation Net”, you get to embark in your journey to financial success and self-discovery in true 21st-century fashion. The company’s business plan fully utilizes the many features and conveniences of the Internet by providing their merchandisers with a venue to feature their products in a website made especially for them. Online shopping has gained massive popularity all over the world, as more and more people begin to discover the convenience of e-commerce websites. Not only is it convenient but there is also a wider range of options online than in any physical retail location. Chloe + Isabel aims to target the every growing online community of shoppers by offering a business opportunity that specializes in e-commerce, as the company sees the need to keep up with present-day marketing trends and rapid technological advancements. However, despite their online-centered business strategy, Chloe + Isabel also employs conventional methods of direct selling such as person-to-person selling and party-plan marketing. After all, these two modes of direct selling are the very reasons why the direct sales industry has become one of the biggest industries in the world today.

Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Starter Kit and Compensation Plan

Chloe + Isabel Merchandisers can expect to receive a host of supplies for joining the company. There is, of course, the essential Jewelry starter kit that will help you launch your business, some business tools to help you get started, leadership training and support from when you start until you reach the top of the leadership hierarchy, 50% discount on Chloe + Isabel merchandise for your inventory, and a special Chloe + Isabel necklace exclusive to merchandisers only. That’s not all; you also get a chance to earn free Jewelry within your first ninety days as a merchandiser if you manage to meet the minimum required sales for redemption of free merchandise.

When it comes to the compensation plan, Chloe + Isabel does not disappoint. Merchandisers get 30% commissions on personal sales, which means a large potential for monthly profits. Take this figure as an example:

Supposing you make $700 in sales a week, this means that you can earn $210 in profits for that week and if you make it a point to keep your sales within that number it totals to $840 in a month. That’s not bad considering you set your own work hours and if you want to earn more, you can always work harder on building your network of customers for more income. Plus, if you sell through home parties, you can make $700 within 2 to 3 hours. If you find this a bit difficult to believe, then just consider how much you and your girlfriends spend on Jewelry in one shopping spree. The great thing about Chloe + Isabel is that their products are highly competitive, which explains why the company attracted so many investors. Since it is a new company with Class-A investors and its founder has an impressive background, it shouldn’t be so difficult to get a steady network of clients. By becoming a merchandiser now, you get the added advantage of being one of the first to introduce Chloe + Isabel in your town.

Interested in honing your leadership skills? Then why not build a team? When you recruit new merchandisers and sponsor them into your team, you get to earn group commissions aside from your own commissions on retail sales. Earn 4% to 12% of your group’s commissionable sales and watch your income reach incredible heights.

Friends with Benefits

Chloe + Isabel love friends and they show their appreciation in style. By hosting a Chloe + Isabel trunk show, you can become one of the company’s “friends with benefits”. Whether you want to host a trunk show at home or on-the-go with co-workers and friends, you get all the benefits of becoming a hostess for the company. Get a chance to show your friends the newest top-of-the-line accessories in the market and earn great rewards just for sharing the love. By hosting a trunk show and making a minimum of $350 in sales, you get a special hostess-exclusive Jewelry piece for free courtesy of your friends from Chloe + Isabel. You also get a chance to purchase one piece of Jewelry at half the price off and earn 20% commissions in jewelry based on your total sales for getting six individual orders from your trunk show. Take advantage of your friends’ weekend shopping spree and host a Chloe + Isabel trunk show, you will not only introduce a great collection of Jewelry to your friends but you’ll also help them by turning their hectic mall shopping spree into a fun-filled day of great company and equally great jewelry.

Chloe + Isabel may be new to the direct sales industry but with an impressive line of products backed by an impressive roster of investors, the Chloe and Isabel business opportunity may very well be the holy grail of ground floor opportunities.

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