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Est. Consultants
20% - 35%
Downline Commission
4% - 12%
Startup Cost
$99 - $499
Products Sold
Cosmetics, Skin Care, Face Care, Anti-Aging
Cosmetics & Skin Care
Home Office
3960 Howard Hughes Parkway Las Vegas, NV 89169 US

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  • Overview

    Cosmetics help women discover, highlight, and invite their inner beauty out to play, but what if they could do even more? This is the question Karine Joncas set out to research and answered with her sensational line of medi-spa-inspired skin care and beauty products. Enriched, high-quality creams and serums are offered through this fresh direct sales beauty company. Born in Canada, each of the line’s well-received products are designed and formulated to keep up with – and even erase – the effects of a busy modern lifestyle on delicate skin, face and body.

    The Three “KJ” Values

    Much like the brand’s products themselves, their philosophy is a well-balanced one, focusing on three important core concepts in both their product line and approach to direct sales:

    · Efficacy – Karine Joncas beauty products are made with premium, high-quality ingredients for clinically-proven treatment and results.

    · Beauty – Beyond improving the look and softness of the skin in day-to-day routines, products actually improve the condition and health of the skin as they work.

    · Well-Being – Self-care is more important than ever before, and the Karine Joncas brand acknowledges this need by offering an at-home, truly professional Medi-Spa experience.

    The Karine Joncas Method

    Joining the trio of driving philosophies is a thoughtful trio of customer care steps. These ensure that each and every KJ customer feels pampered and enjoys the full experience that brand representatives have to offer.

    KJ Medi-Cosmetic Complexes ensure that the products offer real results – the kind that can be easily seen and felt. This builds trust in both the brand and representative.

    A KJ Personalized Beauty Prescription goes beyond the “one size fits all” approach, avoiding the familiar frustrations of those in need of real skincare and beauty solutions. A customer’s individual skin complications and needs are always factored in for a customized plan of treatment – just like at a Medi-Spa!

    KJ Dermo-Routines help build great habits with easy, all-inclusive systems that can be used on a regular basis to produce and support a healthy feel and glow from head to toe.

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wrote 5 years ago

Amazing quality French Canadian skincare line with effective active ingredients! As a Licensed Esthetician I understand ingredients and efficacy and this product line is a winner!

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wrote 5 years ago

Where have these products been all my life? Amazing results in a very short period of time. The prices are much lower than expected for this quality with generous sized products. Pepti-collagen lash serum gave me longer lashes in just 7 days for $35?! No more breakouts and tightened up my sun damaged skin. My skin has never been more hydrated and without clogging my pores! Definitely a gem in the skincare world! Excited they have chosen the DS industry in the US!

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