About Direct Sales Aid

For broker and business development inquiries, contact info[at]directsalesaid[dot]com

Direct Sales Aid bridges the gap between consultants and companies

For consultants, Direct Sales Aid offers a platform to advertise their independent business to consumers and new potential team members. Consultants can start out small and can advertise state-wide for only $5 per month. We also offer Premium listings, nationwide for $150 per month. At just $5 per day for the most effective listing, Direct Sales Aid is MORE effective than Google, Bing, Facebook/IG, combined. DSA is the best bang for a consultant’s buck, hands down.

For certain select and qualified new companies, Direct Sales Aid offers a vehicle to launch a new direct sales company to a community of seasoned direct sales veterans looking to join a new company. Nearly all Direct Sales Aid visitors want to be a Founding Consultants and get in early with a new company with good products and good back office.

The Types Of Companies We Don't Feature

We do not accept juice companies, travel subscription companies, companies with products with white-labeled-generic product(s), companies with non-tangible goods, companies with sub-par branding. We also do not accept vitamin companies, companies with sub-par direct sales backend software, or any company where the flagship product is generic.

If you have a cute company with good product(s), good backend, and good consultant resources, we're looking for you.

Companies that offer a true direct sales model with no ability to buy or sign-up under a "company account" will be given first priority and preferencial promotion. Other models such as Brand Affiliate are also acceptable.

Whether you’re starting a new direct sales company or are a consultant for a direct sales company, you’ll find Direct Sales Aid useful in growing your base of consultants.

What Is Direct Sales Aid?
Direct Sales Aid (DSA) is a directory of direct sales companies and their consultants. Direct Sales Aid shows company and consultant profiles across all parts of the Direct Sales Aid website. Visitors click on the consultant profile, then continue to the independent consultant website.
How much exposure will I get from my listing?
It depends on your spend. Each $5 spend gets you 1 point and it’s the number of points that your ad generates which determines the frequency of the ad. Your ad will be rotated with other consultants with each page view.
You only show one consultant at a time. How do you determine which consultant's ad gets shown?
Each $5 spent gives you 1 point. A Featured ad gets 6 points ($30) and a Premium ad gets 30 points ($150). If you want your ad to show more, increase your ad spend and acquire more points. More points means more exposure and more rotation. Our system is designed to be fair and equitable for all advertisers while allowing people who spend more to be shown more.
What are your website traffic statistics?
Direct Sales Aid receives more than 3 million visitors per year. We are the leader in the industry.
Are there any contracts to use DSA?

No. You can delete your listing anytime and you won’t be billed again. It’s important to keep your options open with your direct sales business and be wary of any company that tries to lock you into annual agreements. Direct Sales Aid doesn’t do that. You can start out small, grow, then stop anytime. Simple and easy for everyone.