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Est. Designers
25% - 35%
Downline Commission
1% - 9%
Startup Cost
$149 - $349
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Design and wear beautiful and high quality jewelry deeply personal to you and your loved ones with the help of the components from KEEP Collective. Review hundreds of charms, bars, initials and affirmations and find just the talismans to tell your unique story on a bracelet or necklace. Create innovative and intriguing works of art you will wear or give as meaningful gifts, sharing passions, honoring special people and memorializing accomplishments and events that center your life.

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Launched in August of 2014, KEEP Collective invites independently minded individuals to reveal their enthusiasms through the creative design combinations of Keepers and Keys. The results are beautiful, personalized jewelry pieces with a depth of meaning and fulfillment you will treasure and eagerly share. Tell a story, remember a loved one, represent yourself or a cause with love, creativity and happiness when crafting a Keeper, and then show the world what is meaningful to you.

Flexible Entrepreneurship for Women

The founders of Stella and Dot took their love for beautiful jewelry to another and intensely personal level with KEEP Collective. Using an interchangeable and highly creative system that lets each woman design completely individualized pieces of wearable art, KEEP Collective provides the tools to celebrate and memorialize an endless list of people, events, places and accomplishments you want to keep close yet share easily and brilliantly.

In the words of founder Jessica Herrin, KEEP Collective is the next chapter of social selling, poised to keep every woman in touch with the people, milestones and things supporting who she is and to demonstrate from whom and with what she finds the real meaning and satisfaction in her life. Designers are the connection between individuals and KEEP Collective, emboldened with comprehensive Starter Kits and top notch support to spread the inspiration to create these one-of-a-kind works of art.

One-of-a-kind Interchangeable Jewelry

Keepers are the canvas and Keys are the multimedia accents that spin your stories, honor your beliefs and proclaim your excitement. Bangles are available as brushed precious metal in gold, silver and rose gold, elegant and classic backgrounds for your Keys, mixing memories, challenges and desires. Double and single leather bands in a rainbow of colors and prints and a jungle of textures give you a two-sided opportunity to dream, create and share, casual or all dressed up.

KEEP Collection mesh bracelets are a little edgy, silver, gold and rose gold with polished fittings and size-adjusting eyelets just waiting to be finished with a collection of keys. Steampunk or industrial chic, these mesh keepers offer yet another stylistic opportunity for intrepid artists. Silicone single bands are fun and flirty, solid or printed with reversible patterns. Experiment with a younger look featuring these comfortable bracelets in bold colors, gleaming and contrasting keys leading the way.

Necklace Keepers position meaningful Keys near the heart, chains of gold, silver and rose gold in two lengths showcasing horizontal or vertical pendants in the same or contrasting metals adorned with meaningful keys -- glowing with colors, glittering with pavé stones, celebrating dates and initials, and sharing compassionate and loving sentiments.

Crafted from ionic plated, polished or brushed metals for lasting beauty, KEEP Collective keys and necklaces are graceful and personal, perfect for coordinating with bracelet Keepers, the charms interchangeable and suited to create, love, share and keep the ”keys” to happiness in so many intriguing, consequential and purposeful ways.

Become a KEEP Collective Designer and love every moment spent inspiring women.Show them the way to keep their hearts connected with what matters, displaying significant talismans that could only come from their deepest adorations and purest passions.

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wrote 8 years ago

Best company to work with & truly living happy doing it . Also we have the best Delight Guaranteed policy on all jewelry.

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wrote 8 years ago

Great quality, unlimited possibilities! Design what you like and keep what's important close to your heart.

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KEEP Collective FAQ

KEEP Collective invites you to “key” into your inner creativity with its charm based system of individualized jewelry. Necklaces and bracelets, crafted of high-quality ionic plated gold, silver and rose gold, and silicone wristbands offer a range of Keepers for a personalized selection of Keys that tell all your stories, honor commitments or proclaim passions.
Collectable silicone wristband Keepers start at $19, with single and double leather bands available for $29 to $39. Silver mesh and bangle bracelets are $49 with gold and rose gold priced at $59. Horizontal ID pendant necklaces are $36 with ID Tag Pendants and chains only $19 for the pendant and $16 for an 18 inch and $19 for a 30 inch chain. Keys range in price from $7and $9 for simple charms, to $59 and $69 for TimeKeeper watches, with a variety of price points, depending on size and bejeweling, for other charms, plates, bars and affirmations, in between.
Enjoy creating the jewelry that will define your loves and life at a KEEP Collective Social, experimenting with your Designer’s portfolio to find your artistic voice. Host a Social to share passions with your friends and earn eligibility for discounts on products. Every KEEP Collective Designer also has a personal website from which Keepers and Keys easily and directly can be ordered.