Moji Life

Ready to revolutionize your life and start your own business? Consider MojiLife your sweetly-scented ticket to success. Their innovative smartphone-controlled home fragrance base may not use flames or wax, but it’s ready to set the direct sales market on fire! Get in on the ground floor and ride this on-trend brand to the top.

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Company Overview

In 2016, a new home fragrance concept hit the direct sales market, and fans went wild for it. MojiLife is a brand new company that’s growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to an interesting yet easy-to-browse catalog of fragrance products, cleaning products and scent choices. The charming base unit of their fragrance dispenser comes in black or white to blend with any decor, and a variety of decorative enclosures opens up even more possibilities.

The Sweet Smell of Success

MojiLife knows that home fragrance is not only a huge trend in direct sales, it’s an enduring one. It’s a product that everyone enjoys, it’s easy to make in nearly endless variations, it lends itself to accessories and it keeps customers coming back for more. MojiLife takes this enthusiasm and makes popular scents even easier to enjoy - no flame, no melted wax, no liquid - and you can even program their fragrance devices with your smartphone!

Safe and Enjoyable Products

Their core product - the “Airmoji” fragrance dispenser - eliminates a lot of the pain points of other home fragrance solutions: there’s no cord to trip over, no batteries to replace, no mess to clean up and no liquids to worry about around children or pets. All of their scent refills come in an individual sealed container with a solid ring inside - just peel the label and pop into the unit to enjoy!

A simple compensation plan, a fantastic and appealing product base and a relatively new entrance into the direct sales market make this company a great choice for enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Get in on the ground floor: become a MojiLife representative today!

The Moji Life Compensation Plan

MojiLife respresentatives earn a 20% sales commission to begin with, and have the opportunity to increase it through increasing personal sales volume and recruiting other representatives, up to 4 levels downline.

Work from Home with Moji Life Products

MojiLife doesn’t just keep your air fresh - it keeps your prospects fresh too, thanks to 3 different starter kit levels that match your ambitions. Each kit comes with everything you need to start your new business, inspire interest in the company’s high-quality product lines and take orders at your sales event. No matter which size starter kit works for you, you’ll have the entire scent catalog at your fingertips - 25 samples let your customers find the perfect MojiLife fragrance for their home, ensuring they’ll happily come back for more. MojiLife empowers its representatives by letting them start off on the right foot and providing the tools - catalogs, guides and samples - that they’ll need to grow.

Moji Life Home Office

1287 West 300 South Lindon, UT 84042 US

Company Specs

Est. Distributors
20% - 35%
Downline Commission
2% - 10%
Startup Cost
$89 - $385
Products Sold
Essential Oils, Diffusers

Moji Life FAQ

MojiLife is a collection of wickless, flameless, liquid-free home fragrance products that use an innovative base that is both rechargeable and smartphone-controlled via bluetooth technology. A line of home cleaning products round out this unique direct sales catalog.
The rechargeable smartphone-controlled AirMoji base starts at $44.95, and scent refills are priced at $6.50 each. Base accessories range from $7.95 to $25.25, and home fragrance products fall between $9.95 and $14.25.
MojiLife products are available through independent MojiLife representatives, who offer the product line through sales events such as parties and kiosk displays.Contact a local representative about buying directly or hosting an event.
Users Say
11 months ago

It's innovative, well-designed, and unique. The fragrance solution is top notch and the scent strength is amazing.

9 months ago

This company is going to be a legacy company. It is the perfect combination of product evolution and dynamic compensation and culture.

7 months ago

MojiLife has an amazing product and an even better opportunity.

7 months ago

MojiLife is the best choice I ever made! Not only was I welcomed with open arms, I was given all the tools and backed with a unique product I was excited to sell!

6 months ago

Poor at best. The scents do not last long and the software to run scheduled on times is poor and rarely works correctly. Frankly a good Glade oil plug in lasts longer and is more effective.

4 months ago

I purchased two of these from the same distributor... one was broken when I got it... six weeks later .. I still have a broken moji... I contacted the distributor at least ten times and even said my son wanted his money back...I drive thirty minutes to get one.. she would not answer the phone or text messages ... I have called the company... they r worse than she is ... so I have a broken Moji... good luck to anyone that buys one