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Est. Consultants
25% - 40%
Downline Commission
2% - 8%
Startup Cost
Products Sold
Bath & Body Products, Skin Care
Cosmetics & Skin Care
Home Office
490 Virginia Road Concord, MA 01742 US

From your complexion, to your health, to your home, there are solutions for a better, healthier lifestyle everywhere you look in the NYR Organic product range. This UK-based eco-friendly producer has started a wildly popular direct sales branch of their company in the US, and they’re currently looking for consultants. If you love nourishing, earth-friendly skincare and body care, you’ll want to see what they have to offer! It’s rare to have an opportunity to earn great commissions with a company that’s as ethical as they are effective, so don’t miss your chance – apply to be an NYR Organic consultant today!

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NYR Organic - Our Thoughts

NYR Organic stands for Neal’s Yard Remedies, a UK-based company that’s passionate about using the power of nature to deliver potent, eco-friendly skincare, haircare, body care and more to their dedicated fans. Famous for their cobalt blue bottles, also made in England, the company is also the first retailer in the UK to earn CarbonNeutral® certification, a further testament to their commitment to truly “green” business practices. Today, they are one of the most popular organic body care and skincare products in several countries, and have expanded their business to a direct sales model in both the US and UK.

Specialty Skincare Delights

Everyone’s skin is different, and NYR Organic has worked hard to make sure each skin type has a luxurious organic ingredient-enriched treatment within their line. Age-damaged skin, normal to dry skin, oily and combination skin, sensitive skin and even men’s skin are all acknowledged with products like scrubs, oils and gentle cleansers. Beyond the bathroom counter, there are also soaps, massage mitts, bubble baths and shower gels available to make your bathing routine a cleansing experience for the body and soul.

A Breath of Nature

The best ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer smell divine, which is why NYR Organic has a full line of aromatherapy products in addition to their skincare regimens. Whether you use a natural reed diffuser, an electric diffuser or a candle-powered burner, you can quickly and easily fill your home with scents like lavender or eucalyptus, promoting a feeling of peace and well-being. For those that prefer their aromatherapy on-the-go, the brands’ “Remedies to Roll” pair up potent essential oil blends for skin application, offering boosts to focus, calming, study sessions and more. Once the base diffuser is purchased, customers can try one of dozens of high-quality oils and blends when it comes time for a “refill.” For a more in-the-moment home fragrance experience, room sprays and fragrance-enriched candles provide beautiful scent on demand.

No Gimmicks, Just Great Products

As an eco-friendly direct sales company, NYR Organic offers consultants an attractive opportunity: great commissions, a large product line with specialized “niche” products like their NYR Men collection, and a generous host program that guarantees not only a free travel sized product, but another free full-size product with only $150 in sales and free product credits that are based on a party’s sales volume after the $200 tier. These perks make it easy for consultants to find and book parties! Additional NYR items like gift sets, books and supplements are also excellent for enticing buyers that might not be interested in skincare.

From their products to their packaging, NYR Organic lives and breathes their eco-friendly mission, and it shows in the impressive results of their creams, cleansers, cosmetics and other nature-infused offerings. If you’ve been searching for a direct sales skincare company that embraces the concepts of green living and effective beauty products, look no further than this UK-based powerhouse: not only do they grow their own herbs whenever possible, even their research facility is solar-powered!

Compensation Plan

NYR Organics pays consultants 25% commission from their very first sale, and continues to do so matter which method – in-person sales parties or virtual web-based parties through their personal website – is used. A variety of additional compensation is offered for meeting certain sales goals, such as $400+ in sales, or recruiting a team of consultants who also reach those goals.

Business Opportunity

Get started off on the right foot with NYR Organic’s $149 starter kit. A comprehensive collection of their best-selling products, sampling materials, business supplies like pamphlets and catalogs and more are included, allowing you to get started on your new business venture the moment it arrives. Use the items in the kit to book your very first in-person party, or test them out so you can recommend your favorites online. Digital parties are run through your free NYR Organic website, and promoted through social media and other online connections, or to individuals that live too far away to make it to a physical party.

If you prefer an event-based direct sales approach, NYR Organic products are a big draw at fairs, festivals and conventions, so pass out pamphlets and book future parties from an event booth – you’re setting yourself up for success no matter which route you take. Customers love the high-quality, organic-ingredient-infused products offered by the brand, and potential hosts love the freebies and shopping credits they earn by hosting a party.Once you’ve experienced how easy and fun it is to sell NYR Organic products, you’ll also be able to recruit other consultants to join your team, earning a percentage of their sales as a bonus for your hard work.

NYR Organic User Reviews Add a Review

wrote 7 years ago

I love that NYR Organic uses the precautionary principle. No harmful chemicals and only safe, beneficial ingredients. As a consumer I don't have to worry if they have my best interests at heart. Ethical skincare that works.

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wrote 7 years ago

I first became familiar with this wonderful brand in my search for clean products for my family. I did so much research with companies that offered natural and organic products. But when I looked at the ingredient list, I noticed there was minimal or none of what the product advertised on the label. NYR Organic was different, the products are labeled accurately. I was Thrilled an confident I'd found something amazing. These products are top notch and smell wonderful.

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NYR Organic FAQ

NYR Organics is a direct sales skincare, body care, cosmetics and gifts company that emphasizes organically-sourced and fair trade ingredients and practices in their products. Based in the UK, the brand has branched into direct sales in the United States, and is sold wolrdwide in countries like the UAE and Japan.
Product prices for the brand’s skincare formulas range from $23 to $62, body care collections are priced from $48 to $225, and home fragrance items, such as their candles and essential oils, are priced between $10.50 and $55. The price of these items may be reduced through host rewards such as free product credits from certain sales party volumes.
In the United States, NYR Organic products can be found through the brand’s direct sales consultants. Orders may be placed with your local representative directly, or online through their specialized sales site. Products can also be ordered through in-person NYR Organic parties and other events where consultants have a presence, such as fairs or festivals. Check with your local consultant for their event schedule!