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25% - 39%
Downline Commission
5% - 10%
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Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Accessories
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Is there anything more soul-soothing than a warm cup of tea with friends? The aroma, the relaxing vibe, the comfort of each divine sip – ahh. When you join Steeped Tea as an independent consultant, you’ll be able to enjoy that feeling, again and again, as you earn profits and build a career you can be proud of. With a full collection quality loose leaf teas, exotic offerings like Matcha tea powder, premium tea brewing accessories and other unique tea-centric gifts, you’ll never have to worry about the “hard sale” taking over a fun night with friends. As you book your schedule with lots of ParTEA earning opportunities and build your consultant team, you’ll love the freedom of more time with loved ones and family. Flexibility and fun are brewed right into this direct sales tea company, so lift your glass in a tea-filled toast to your success today!

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Company Overview

Owners of Steeped Tea

2006 was a great year for tea; it was the year that Tonia and Hatem Jahshan founded Steeped Tea, the most well-known and loved tea business in the direct sales industry. Not only are customers wild for the wide variety of premium loose leaf teas and accessories offered by the company, in 2012, two of the “Dragons” from Canada’s “The Dragon’s Den” investor show (similar to the USA’s “Shark Tank”) were as well. With their help, professional guidance and support capital, Steeped Tea quickly became a household name. Today, representatives in Canada, the US and beyond bring the unique taste and culture of Steeped Teas to new fans every day, through entertaining, low-stress “ParTEAS.”

It All Began With One

When Tonia fell in love with Cream Earl Grey tea during a stay in Nova Scotia, she brought it home to share it with family and friends. The response was enthusiastic and unexpected, and soon she found herself hosting 15 parties a month to keep up with the demand. If a single flavor could inspire so much interest, she thought, surely a larger selection could only increase that interest. Naturally, she was right and that line of thought paid off when Steeped Tea began to bloom and grow.

Beyond The Cup

Steeped Tea Products

Steeped embraces the diversity of tea, offering green, white, aged Pu-erh, black, herbals and more for their customers to enjoy. Their expertise doesn’t end at the edge of the teacup, however – unique products such as tea presses, glass tea pots, specialized cups and even tea-centric pantry staples help fill out their compelling catalog. This approach allows even apprehensive tea beginners to find interesting gifts for themselves and loved ones, contributing to the laid-back atmosphere that the brand encourages at their ParTEAS. Gift sets and starter kits make it even easier to explore the world of Steeped Teas – they make great gifts, as well!

Steep In Success

Steeped Tea uses a friendly, familiar base product to ensure that their representatives don’t have to bend over backwards to make the sale. For some customers, all it takes is a taste test to realize how much they’ve been missing out on by drinking mass-produced bagged tea. Sipped hot or iced, the whole leaf teas sold through Steeped representatives are a natural companion to their tea ware, which allows the leaf to fully expand and infuse its nuances into the water. The end result is a better cup of tea, easy sales and a competitive profit margin as the customers “pour” in.

A Natural Group Activity

Steeped Tea Hostess Rewards

Tea time, all around the world, is associated with spending time with friends and loved ones, relaxing and enjoying life in the moment. The culture of tea lends itself to parties, ensuring that ParTEA guests are in a happy and comfortable state of mind from the moment they walk in. Rather than bracing for a “sales pitch,” attendees of ParTEAs can look forward to enjoying a cup of excellent tea with friends – and for independent consultants, that’s a prospect as sweet as southern iced tea.

Home Business Opportunity

While the delightful flavors of Steeped Tea do a lot towards coaxing in customers, the company’s starter kit helps a motivated independent consultant prepare for their busy ParTEA schedule. For only $99, you’ll get a kit packed with everything you need to start your Steeped Tea business, from a Perfect Pot, measuring spoon and steep sacks (fill-your-own teabags specially made for loose tea), to ten of their most popular teas. You’ll receive plenty of business materials as well, enabling you to start selling in person, online or through catalogs – just pick the ParTEA setting or mix that works for your lifestyle!

With the starter kit, you’ll also have the ability to add profit-growing “boosters” for a small fee. Each booster highlights a small selection of products from a line in the company, such as a themed party night kit or a specialized piece of equipment like the Trendy Tea Press and its accoutrements. Make the most of your three free months of a personal website, shopping cart and subscription to the customer newsletter to get your career off to a great start. The tea you need, the training you want and the tempting success you’ve been dreaming of are all yours to stir up as an independent consultant with Steeped Tea.

Compensation Plan

From the beginning of your Steeped Tea consultant journey, you’ll earn an impressive 25% on sales and extra money and product in your first 120 days, but your profit doesn’t end there. You have the potential to earn even more based on your monthly sales and the size of your Steeped Tea team of consultants – you’ll earn a percentage of their sales as well!

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wrote 8 years ago

Love chamomile tea. Great prices and great packaging and service.

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Steeped Tea FAQ

Steeped Tea is a Canadian-born direct sales company operating in the United States, centered on a wide variety of loose leaf teas and tea accessories. Steeped Teas partners with a network of independent consultants to sell its products through private events, called ParTEAs, typically held in the home of a host or hostess.
Steeped teas themselves range from $7.50 for a 50g bag to between $15 and $17 for larger 100g bags. The company’s signature “Mod Pot” is $59, while the Trendy Tea Press is slightly less, at $44. Bundle collections are available between $19 and $85 as well, and each features several teas and accessories.
Steeped Tea is only available through an independent consultant; the company does not sell directly to the public. Interested customers can search for their local or favorite consultant by last name or zip code on the Steeped Tea website, which will in turn direct them to their consultant’s private sales page.