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As one of the most popular direct sales companies in the country, Lia Sophia takes pride in producing high-quality jewelry to bring out the shine in every woman that wears their pieces. You too, can be part of this multi-million dollar venture and earn as much as 30% commissions on monthly personal sales.

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The Lia Sophia Story

The Kiams have long been active as entrepreneurs before they even purchased the company known as Lia Sophia today. They initially started with a small jewelry business called the Friendship collection, which grew rapidly in the 1970s. Victor Kiam was offered the opportunity to purchase another jewelry company called Act II in 1986. With the help of his son, Tory, who was in the Business Graduate Program of Stanford University at the time, they researched the different approaches they could take with Act II to turn it into a successful venture. Tory Liam then concluded that a direct sales approach would be the most lucrative option, as it would not only earn them large amounts of potential profit but it can also provide a great business opportunity for other people.  It was because of this that Act II was reintroduced to the market in a direct sales format. The company was actually first renamed to Lady Remington, to easily identify the brand with one of Victor’s existing businesses, the Remington Shaver Company. When Victor Kiam passed away in the year 2001, his son Tory Kiam took over the management of the company and changed its name to Lia Sophia, after his two daughters.

Today, a decade after its founder’s passing, Lia Sophia still stands strong and embodies the same principles that Victor Liam instilled in the company and its consultants. Lia Sophia now has thousands of independent consultants all over the country and is still continuously building its team.

Lia Sophia Jewelry

Lia Sophia products have become a benchmark in quality and design for other companies in the industry. From classic jewelry pieces to more contemporary designs, Lia Sophia keeps itself up-to-date with the latest trends in accessories to be able to provide their customers with interesting pieces inspired by present-day trends.

Lia Sophia Jewelry offers a variety of products for women of any age, taste, and preference. They have bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, unique pendants, and brooches to feed your need to accessorize. You can also choose a setting of your choice; whether gold, silver, or a combination of different metals, Lia Sophia does not disappoint when it comes to options and variety.

They have a special Kiam Collection that features jewelry pieces inspired and designed by the Kiam family. Those who want to dress like their favorite stars would certainly enjoy the Lia Sophia red carpet collection, as it contains pieces that some of the hottest stars today have been spotted wearing on several occasions. Another collection worth watching out for is the seasonal limited-edition collection that features unique pieces made available for a limited time only.  Consultants and consumers can turn to the Lia Sophia catalog for the latest in Lia Sophia products and jewelry trends.

Lia Sophia Business Opportunity

Lia Sophia is open to anyone who is interested in starting an independent direct sales venture. By becoming a Lia Sophia advisor, you get a chance to become part of one of the most successful jewelry companies in the country and learn from the best mentors in the industry.

Whether you are interested in a part-time venture or a full-time business opportunity, Lia Sophia offers one of the most attractive direct sales opportunities today. You can start off small or if you already have a large network of clients, you can choose to start with a grand home party. If you are great at socializing and you love meeting and talking to people, then direct sales is the perfect venture for you. By selling Lia Sophia jewelry, you get to attend weekly parties and show everyone the lineup of great products that the company has to offer.

The great thing about selling Lia Sophia Jewelry is that you can be your own walking sales advertisement. By wearing Lia Sophia jewelry to special occasions or even for just a regular day out with your family or friends, you are sure to capture the attention of many women and instantly build your network without necessarily having to spend money on advertising your products.

While Lia Sophia has been known by many names over the years, loyal customers still know the brand and its products as one of the best in the market. Being part of an established brand like Lia Sophia is certainly a unique opportunity.

Lia Sophia Starter Kit

You can start your own Lia Sophia business for just $149. The Lia Sophia starter kit, which is available for this very affordable price comes equipped with a wide selection of Lia Sophia Jewelry pieces enough for a total of five shows. The starter kit also comes equipped with the latest Lia Sophia catalog, party invitations and envelopes, 50 selection tickets for customers, a display cloth, and a special Lia Sophia kit bag, just to name a few.

You can easily order more supplies once you have finished all the products included in the starter kit.

It is worth noting that the product contents of Lia Sophia starter kits change per season so the products that you will be receiving upon purchase of the kit will depend on the month that you sign up for the company.

Lia Sophia Compensation Plan

You have a lot to gain for being an advisor for Lia Sophia. Advisors are given large discounts when purchasing products for their inventories, giving them a chance to earn as much as 30% profits on personal sales alone. Aside from personal sales commissions, Lia Sophia advisors are also entitled to cash and vacation bonuses. If you do well as an advisor, you will be entitled to an all-expense paid vacation to Puerto Rico.

By recruiting new members to your team, you can earn as much as 10% on your downline’s personal sales. The bigger the team you build, the bigger your chance of becoming eligible for a managerial position at Lia Sophia. As a Lia Sophia manager, you will not only be in charge of your own team but you will also be given attractive commissions from your team’s commissionable sales.

With dedication, hard work, and a knack for marketing Lia Sophia jewelry, you are looking at long-term business opportunity that is rewarding both in income and performance bonuses.

Lia Sophia Parties and Hostess Rewards

Lia Sophia party hostesses are given a lot of attractive rewards just by hosting a party for their family and friends. This is why a lot of women enjoy hosting such parties. It is very easy to book a party, as all you have to do is contact a Lia Sophia advisor and set the date of your party. If you do not have an advisor in mind, simply go to the company website and an advisor will be assigned to you.

Your Lia Sophia advisor will help you out with the necessary arrangements for your Lia Sophia party. All Lia Sophia products for your show will be brought straight to your home for your advisor to setup. Invite your family and friends and enjoy your party by trying on different Lia Sophia pieces. If your party makes enough in retail sales, you will be entitled to 20% worth of Lia Sophia Jewelry based on party sales. You can also purchase up to four pieces of Lia Sophia jewelry for only $15 each and additional 2 pieces for half the price off. These hostess rewards are enough to encourage many women to host their own Lia Sophia party and have their network of friends purchase as much as they want.

You can increase your hostess rewards to 40% of your show’s retail sales if you manage to book two new parties and get at least ten orders from your guests. There is unlimited potential in becoming a Lia Sophia party hostess so book now and enjoy the benefits of hosting a party!

Lia Sophia has been in the industry for almost three decades and the company has proven itself a worthy match for its competitors. If you are looking for a legitimate direct sales venture, then Lia Sophia is certainly a great option. By joining the company, you can expect to be trained by only the best and your training will reap great rewards once you finally go out there to launch an independent venture of your own.

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I have my own Jewelry company. I do all the things you all do. I am Swapped with sales. Need help I do fashion shows, films make-up artist and commercials. Please send a book onyour products. 4214 Paul St Bossier City LA 71112 Jewelry Made EZ

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