LuLaRoe Overview

Est. Consultants
30% - 60%
Downline Commission
3% - 5%
Startup Cost
$4000 - $7000
Products Sold
Dresses, Skirts, Leggings, Kidswear
Clothing & Fashion
Home Office
830 East Parkridge Avenue Corona, CA 92879 US

Shopping for cute clothes is practically therapy for women busy juggling life, family and job responsibilities, and LuLaRoe makes it even more exciting! This direct sales clothing company offers pop up boutiques through friendly representatives, allowing browsers to buy the dress, skirt, top or leggings of their dreams directly at the party – no waiting for shipping or complicated order-taking necessary. When women attend a LuLaRoe party, they can “hang up” fears of aggressive sales pitches or catalogs – everything they want is right in front of them to check out and try on, just like a traditional store. The flattering designs, colors and patterns help express the true you, all while supporting another woman’s business venture. Whether you simply shop for LuLaRoe clothing or take the journey to becoming a representative yourself, you’re sure to fall in love with these smart, fun styles from the moment you first try them on.

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LuLaRoe - Our Thoughts

  • Company Overview

    DeAnne Stidham with Granddaughters

    Support and empowerment define LuLaRoe, a company initially founded by a single mother to 7 children. Before blossoming into a wildly popular direct sales business for chic, affordable dresses, founder DeAnne Stidham bought up end-of-season dresses directly from designers to sell to friends and family. This allowed her the freedom to spend more time with her loving family, which is one of the cornerstones of LuLaRoe benefits. Beautiful, straightforward products and a low price point in the industry make selling the LuLaRoe collection simple and fun, promoting profitability and independence in the company’s network of eager representatives.

    LuLaRoe's Beautiful Patterns

    Dress Patterns from LuLaRoe

    LuLaRoe may be named for DeAnne’s first 3 granddaughters, but it was her daughter Nicole that inspired this fun direct sales concept. After DeAnne made a skirt at Nicole’s request, her daughter proudly shared it on social media, and before she knew it, DeAnne had 44 orders in hand! From there, she developed a 2-party-a-day system to sell her much-loved skirts, selling a whopping 300 maxi skirts in 3 days. Hot on the heels of this success, she eventually moved into dresses and other women’s clothing to help round out the line.

    Simplicity Reigns Supreme

    LuLaRoe Sizing Chart

    DeAnne was passionate about creating a company that didn’t require bending over backwards to understand; an opportunity that naturally fit into the busy lifestyles of the wives, mothers and friends that wanted to embrace owning their own business through LuLaRoe. Through the company’s “Pop Up Boutiques” concept, women are able to easily display, sell and promote products they believe in, and products they would happily put in their own closets. Authenticity is a big component of the LuLaRoe concept, and the founder is passionate about improving the lives of her representatives and uplifting them in times of economic uncertainty.

  • Starter Kit

    Ready to Sell

    With LuLaRoe, you carry the inventory up front – you’ll get to choose the patterns, styles and lines that best fit your customer base, ensuring that you’re ready to succeed right out of the gate. Your customers attend a pop-up boutique and walk away with their favorite picks – putting the profit right in your pocket. There’s no “wait for it to ship” hurdles to clear, allowing you to close sales with a lot less back-and-forth than other direct sales setups. An investment in a LuLaRoe business pays off – an average party result is 27 items sold and over $300 of profit for the representative. Multiply that by a busy party schedule and you’ll have a career founded on fun, fashionable items and spending more time with the people that matter most – your loved ones.

    The ready-to-sell concept of LuLaRoe, as well as their bright patterns and fresh designs, make it a cinch to catch the eye of even a “home partied-out” demographic. The brand’s beautiful clothes are unique to LuLaRoe and ideal for both casual wear and office wear, helping your customers to get tons of use out of their gorgeous new pieces. An excellent direct sales opportunity to “try on for size,” you can start selling faster than you thought possible when you pair up with the fashion sales powerhouse of LuLaRoe.

    Work from Home with LuLaRoe

    Join the Movement - LuLaRoe

    When you sell with LuLaRoe, you’ll never need to worry about convincing boutique attendees to buy a product they can’t physically hold. Your inventory is purchased up front, starting your own business immediately with no wait time – you can start hosting dress parties right away! The starter kit is packed with special business-boosting items like rack dividers and opportunity brochures to help you book additional pop-up boutiques. Shipping is also free!

    While this direct sales clothing company does require a significant investment to start – estimates place it at about $3,000 - $4,000 for inventory, depending on your line selections – that step comes with the reassurance that you have profit potential from day one. At your pop-up boutiques, customers can browse and buy items in their size, just like shopping at a traditional store!

    You won’t need to pay rent or set up a physical business, because LuLaRoe parties happen whenever and wherever you want them to, saving you money over operating a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront. Beautiful, eye-catching dresses, skirts, leggings and even kidswear keep your customers engaged and interested, and coming back each time they need a bright new piece of clothing for their own closet.

  • Compensation Plan

    With LuLaRoe, your new career is easy – buy wholesale and sell retail, just like the big name stores! The money you make will depend on your party size and customers, just like any direct sales business. The company mentions, however, that consultants make an average of over $300 in profit at each party!

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wrote 7 years ago

Wonderful ladies running the business. The product availability, choices and prices are awesome. They value their customers and show it in everything they do. <3

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wrote 4 years ago

Absolutely adore the clothing. So comfortable while allowing me to stay on trend!

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LuLaRoe is a direct sales clothing company selling women’s dresses, skirts, leggings and a children’s wear line. Products are available in a variety of sizes and brightly colored fabrics, and are unique to the brand, ensuring customers get exclusive fashion looks when they attend a pop up boutique dress party.
LuLaRoe products are both beautiful and affordable. Prices range from $25 for leggings on the low end, $32-$35 for tops and skirts, and $40 for full dresses. Shipping is free to the representative, and since customers buy their items physically at a pop up boutique, there are no hidden costs or fees.
LuLaRoe can be purchased directly from a representative, both from a pop up boutique / dress party hosted elsewhere or by inviting the representative to hold one in your home. Curious about LuLaRoe? If you host a pop up boutique, you’ll have the opportunity to earn free clothing items as a thank you!