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Avon has been delighting customers for over 100 years, and continues the tradition today with a comprehensive catalog of hundreds of items. With an easy ordering system, one-on-one attention and a brand name with decades of success supporting it, Avon is the go-to brand for cosmetics, skin care and fragrances for millions of women in 140 countries worldwide. Frequently updated sales brochures, order-enticing discounts and ongoing training for each representative ensures a consistent level of quality for buyers and opportunity for sellers. These traits play a large part in making the company a profitable force to be reckoned with in the direct sales industry.

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Avon is a name with superstar status in the world of direct sales. Famous for an extensive line of bath and body care, numerous additions to the line through the years - fragrance, fashion, home goods and more - have made this company a truly enormous opportunity for driven entrepreneurs. With over 125 years of successful history behind the brand, Avon is a heavy hitter that delivers proven profits to its representatives. Avon sells its bath, body, home and beauty products through in-person representation, professional catalogs and sales brochures.

From Carriages to the Web

Mrs. Persis Foster Eames Albee has the distinction of being the very first “Avon lady,” having sold and delivered perfumes door-to-door in 1886 for the company that would later take the name Avon in 1928. She used a horse and buggy to display her product around town, a method that has thankfully been replaced by high-tech sales techniques like online advertising and emails today. While there’s a lot to be said for Mrs. Albee’s initial dedication, modern technology has allowed the newest generation of Avon representatives to sell more product to wider audiences than ever before. New Avon representatives have access to unprecedented support and guidance, both from their team leader and the company itself, and experience the strength of a brand that has dominated the direct sales makeup and skincare industry for over a century.

Lotions, Potions and Teamwork

The support system around the brand now features a robust network of representatives that recruit their own teams to sell Avon, in turn gaining a profit from multiple levels of sales. The flexible nature of the business and surprisingly low start-up cost mean that joining is a very enticing opportunity for newcomers to direct sales. In 2010 alone, Avon reported having 5.8 million representatives around the world, with nearly half a million in the United States alone. Generally, an Avon representative will elect to stay within a certain area, or territory, and sell to a handful of repeat customers to help build their business. This approach helps the sales model flourish and deliver success to newcomers and seasoned Avon professionals alike.

More Than Makeup

Never a company to lag behind the times, Avon is constantly adding to and improving its product line, building on the success of iconic brands like SkinSoSoft with new concepts like fashionable clothing and a jewelry collection. This progressive approach to catalog offerings allows the company’s reps to keep even longtime customers interested and engaged, leading to higher sales and more frequent orders. Avon carefully balances the need for new, exciting products with the loyal following of older brands, keeping names like Imari perfume in rotation to satisfy longtime clients. While the focus of the company continues to be skincare, body care and cosmetics, the fresh infusions of new niches give their reps plenty to talk up in sales efforts.

The oldest company still operating under the direct sales model for cosmetics, it’s little wonder this pretty product powerhouse is enthusiastically sold in over 140 countries around the world.

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wrote 6 years ago

AVON!!!! Speaks for itself, just lookl how old the company is and the success they have. No one can grow to this size having poor quality. As far as Busy Beane I'm honest as the day is long, hard working, and always putting others first.

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wrote 8 years ago

I'm loving my Avon business. I hated sales but for some reason, this comes very naturally for me. As a natural leader, I've been able to coach many other young ladies on the marketing aspect of direct sales. Thanks for having a site with all of them in one space!

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Avon is a 125-year old direct sales company that offers skin care, body products, cosmetics and, more recently, other items such as clothing and jewelry. The company uses a direct sales approach to marketing, using catalogs and online site portals in tandem with in-person representatives. Avon has over 5 million independent representatives in more than 140 countries worldwide.
Avon products are specially designed to have many different options for every budget. If you're conscious of cost, their outlet selections run as low as 50 cents for certain perfume samples, while their premium ANEW Platinum anti-aging set costs $100. On average, however, most products fall in the $10-$15 cost range.
Avon products are primarily purchased through individual sales representatives, who will be able to assist you with your purchase online or in-person through a specialized brochure. Your local representative will be able to make suggestions, answer product questions, alert you to discounts and sales and order product on your behalf.