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Helpful Tips for Finding the Perfect Direct Sales Rep

For Business Prospects

Several Things to Consider When Choosing a Direct Sales Leader

Choosing the right leader can make or break many reps. You want to really benefit from a strong leader that will be there for you. Here are some things to look for when choosing your next leader.
Are they who they say they are? Do some research on your potential leader. Do they have a good reputation? Speak to some of their current reps and get a feel for their leadership qualities. Go to their website and look around. Do they post helpful tips and knowledgeable articles about the business? When you talk to this potential new leader is she friendly and helpful? Do you get along or do you feel something not quite right? Follow your gut instinct for best results!

Questions to ask a Direct Sales Leader Before Joining Their Team

How long have they been with the company? How long have they been in direct sales as a whole? If they are new to the business, you may want to look at other options. How much time are they willing to give you? How accessible are they going to be? If they tell you that they only answer emails at certain time or take phone calls 1 hour a day, you may be crunched for time. How many reps do they have now and what levels are they at? This will tell you a lot about their leadership ability.

For Sales Prospects

Several Things to Consider When Choosing a Direct Sales Rep

Choosing a direct sales rep is important to your overall satisfaction with the company as well as with your purchase experience. Here are some things to look at when choosing a rep to buy from.
How long has she been in the business? How well does she know the product line? If you have specific questions or needs about products, you may be disappointed. How many other businesses has this rep marketed to you? If she jumps from direct sales business to business, you may find yourself with great products but no rep when you want to reorder. How often are you planning on ordering from her?

Questions to ask a Direct Sales Rep

Looking for the perfect rep can be difficult, but ask some of these questions to get to know your new rep.
How long have you been in direct sales? How many businesses do you own? Is this your favorite business? This will tell you how committed she is to the line. Is this your full time job or do you do other things too? How often do you place orders? What are your favorite products that you carry and why? This will let you know if she is using her own products. Reps that tend to stay with companies a long time are in love with the products and have a growing business.