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Gold Canyon is a fragrance direct sales company that offers unlimited business opportunities to interested consultants across the country. Be it as a part-time or full-time venture, consultants can expect to earn 25% commissions on personal sales, receive sponsorship commissions, and build a lasting career in direct sales.

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Gold Canyon - Our Thoughts

Gold Canyon is a party-plan direct sales company that offers all sorts of candles, bath and body products, and as well as natural cleaning products. Established in 1997 by Curt and Karen Waisath, the company started out as a simple small-scale operation; with Karen creating homemade scented candles right at their own kitchen. From a small-scale business, the Waisaths’ dream of running their own direct sales company began to materialize when people started ordering more and more candles from the couple. With a keen eye for detail, superior craftsmanship, and a disciplined work ethic, Karen Waisath was able to come up with the perfect line of scented candles and was able to earn a decent income while being able to stay at home with her family. Soon after their candles’ success, they began recruiting people to sell the candles in a direct selling format and Gold Canyon was born as a full-scale direct sales company.

Now, Gold Canyon Candles offers a wide-selection of scented candles in varying shapes, scents, and sizes. The company has also expanded to other product offerings and currently has a team of over 26,000 independent fragrance consultants.

Gold Canyon Candle Products

Staying true to the company’s original product base, Gold Canyon Candles focuses primarily in providing different types of candles. They offer container candles, wickless candles, boutique candles, tealights and votives. A large number of the scented candles that Gold Canyon offers are container candles. They offer dozens of different scents from floral favorites and food-inspired scents to essential oils and fruity delights, you can choose from over a hundred different scents from the company’s collection. Gold Canyon also offers special holiday candles and seasonal products for various occasions. Due to the success that the company has achieved over the last decade, its founders have developed a line of candles for charity. All candles sold under this collection are given to the Prayer Child Foundation, a charitable institution for children in need of emotional, physical, and financial support and assistance.

Aside from their premium candle products, Gold Canyon also offers other types of scented products including sprays, oils, and as well as wickless scented pods. You can also find a wide selection of home décor and candle accessories that can enhance any space in your home. From candleholders and warmers to pendant diffusers, Gold Canyon’s home décor products are all designed to work alongside the scented products they offer. In addition, Gold Canyon offers a complete line of bath and body products including bath soaps, lotions, and moisturizers. You can also find a complete line of all-natural cleaning products for your home.

The Gold Canyon Business Opportunity

Sell Scented Candles

Gold Canyon has provided business opportunities for thousands of people all over the country. The company is open to new independent fragrance consultants who are looking for a way to earn money while still having control over their schedules. Joining Gold Canyon as an independent fragrance consultant can prove to be a profitable decision for anyone. You can sell your merchandise through home parties, person-to-person selling, or even online through your own consultant website. To join, you simply have to sign up with an existing consultant or sign up through the company’s website. After the sign up process has been complete, you can choose the starter kit option you are most comfortable with.

Gold Canyon Starter Kits

Gold Canyon offers two types of starter kits:

Business Basic Kit

The business basic kit is available to new consultants for only $99. It comes inclusive of over $155 worth of Gold Canyon products, including basic samples from each of their collection and as well as business tools to help you get started with your business. To make it even easier for new consultants, the kit is offered in flexible payment options. You can pay the sum all at once or choose to pay it in three payments for $33 per payment. You can also earn this kit for free if you manage to sell $350 worth of products within you first thirty days.

Full Business Builder Kit

The full business builder kit comes with more merchandise than the basic kit. It is available to new consultants for only $150 and comes inclusive of over $300 worth of products. The kit comes with multiple samples from each collection and as well as business supplies. You can acquire this kit by paying an initial amount of $20 and pay the rest in two payment installments of $65 per payment. Like the basic kit, you can also get kit rebates for this option; you just have to sell $700 worth of Gold Canyon products within your first 30 days and get a kit rebate.

Gold Canyon Compensation Plan

Sell Scented Candles for a Living!

Gold Canyon offers a base commission of 25% per product sold. In addition, consultants can also earn up to 7% commission overrides for sponsoring new consultants. New fragrance consultants can also be eligible for the quick start program if they meet the required sales goals within their first 90 days. Under the quick start program, you can earn as much as 27% on your personal sales commissions if you sell at least $1000 within your first 90 days.

In addition to personal sales and sponsorship commissions, Gold Canyon fragrance consultants can also earn monetary rewards, jewelry incentives and vacation incentives for going beyond their level’s monthly sales requirements.

Gold Canyon Home Parties and Host Rewards

Since Gold Canyon is a party-plan company, they welcome consumers or anyone interested to host parties. Those who host qualified parties are eligible for host rewards and credits. Qualified party hosts can earn host credits ranging from 10% to 20% of their party sales, which they can use to purchase Gold canyon products. In addition, they can also purchase up to 10 items for half the price off. The minimum party sales requirement to qualify for the host incentive program is $150.

From its humble beginnings as a small home-based business operation, Gold Canyon has certainly gone far since its inception in 1997. Interested fragrance consultants can expect more than just a business opportunity but they also get a chance to give back and help children in need through the company’s charitable advocacies.

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wrote 8 years ago

Joining Gold Canyon was one of the BEST decisions of my life! I used to spend hundreds on home fragrances. Now I buy from myself at wholesale prices plus earn Candle Cash for free products! I now have the scentiest scents in my home that seem to last forever even when they aren't warming, burning or plugged in. I also love the social responsibility of the company in giving to charities and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I'm so glad I found Gold Canyon! Not only am I saving money but I'm earning from a socially responsible company while I save and the fringe benefits smell delicious!

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wrote 8 years ago

Love Gold Canyon! The scents are strong and burn just right! I am truly obsessed and burn candles daily. If you want a warmer instead, we have those too. Lots of choices to liven up your home!

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