Company Specs

Est. Distributors
15% - 50%
Downline Commission
4% - 10%
Startup Cost
$69 - $109
Products Sold
Nail Polish, LED Lamps, Nail Serums
Users Say
11 months ago

I have been with GelMoment from the first day they launched. My nails have never been so healthy & strong as they are now using GelMoment. Love the commissions, very attainable :D.

9 months ago

I tried Jamberry for about six months before I discovered GelMoment and the ease and longevity of GelMoment exceeded Jamberry by FAR!

8 months ago

Healthier, non damaging removal, lasts for 2 weeks, no chipping, no peeling - Does what it says!

4 months ago

Easy to use. Lasted 3 weeks no chips. Easy to remove. No damage to nails.

1 month ago

Gelmoment has strengthened my nails. Given me perfect nails for a fraction of the cost without the harsh chemicals. I love Gelmoment!! All nails are different so it took getting to know my own nails to get more than 3 plus weeks and no chipping ever!!! Amazing product. Affordable.

1 week ago

I JOINED when the company launched in 2015, because I was so picky about my manicures! I was so tired of going to salons and walking out unhappy! Everytime I left the salon, out to the car and out comes my file from the wallet that was $50 lighter! To my SURPRISE, I found THE PRODUCT for ME! An eternal "picky nail girl," finding polish that not only stayed on for WEEKS, it actually made my nails more healthy over time! Deciding to share these products with the world was the BEST DECISION I made, aside from wearing it day after day after day after DAY!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

1 week ago

Beautiful, safe, and cost effective. The creative possibilities are endless! I have been with other direct sales companies, but since I've joined GelMoment (4 weeks ago), I'm HOOKED!