Red Aspen Overview

Est. Brand Ambassadors
25% - 35%
Downline Commission
3% - 10%
Startup Cost
$49 - $199
Products Sold
Cosmetics, Nail Polish, Nail Art, Gifts, Nails, Eye Shadow
Cosmetics & Skin Care
Home Office
989 South Industry Way Meridian, ID 83642 US

If you have ever wished you could own a beauty salon, Red Aspen is worth considering. They are a direct sales company focused on providing beauty products and cosmetics. Consultants, called Brand Ambassadors, share their love for beauty with their friends and family. Just like in a salon there is something very special about friends getting together, trying new make-up tips, and socializing.

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  • Company Overview

    What’s In a Name

    Red Aspen is a female-owned beauty and cosmetics company founded in 2017. Red Aspen is based in Boise, Idaho. It is a company that creates beauty products for fun and imaginative people. The products are mostly innovative lash and nail products. Their flagship product is luxury false eyelashes made of silk and faux mink. Products are guaranteed cruelty-free and the company is dedicated to full ingredient transparency. Why the name Red Aspen? Aspen bark is an ingredient that smooths and softens the skin used in many of the products.


    Red Aspen’s mission is to inspire women to stand up, stand out, and stand together by uniting passion with purpose. Red Aspen associates, called Brand Ambassadors, unite as a team that they uniquely call a Treehouse.


    Red Aspen Brand Ambassadors have the opportunity to enjoy innovative beauty products and take advantage of discounts on their own purchases. They can earn by sharing beauty products they love with others. In addition, they can build a team of Brand Ambassadors, duplicate sharing, and generate an income.


    Red Aspen provides independence for their Brand Ambassadors. Independence to define their work/life balance and determine when and how they choose to work. Red Aspen provides playful, fun, and imaginative beauty products so Brand Ambassadors can use eCommerce, social networks, and social selling to build a business. Red Aspen vows that all Brand Ambassadors need is a smartphone and a passion for trying new beauty products to start their own independent business.

    Pop Ups

    Brand Ambassadors can facilitate Pop Ups for their customers. Pop Ups are sales parties that can be held online or in-person. Pop Ups provide attendees access to exclusive deals and product information. The Pop Up’s host promotes the Pop Up to their friends and earns 10-16% of their total pop-up sales to use for free products and product discounts.

  • Red Aspen Starter Kit

    Red Aspen’s starter kits contain everything needed to start a successful career as a Brand Ambassador (a consultant) with the company. A membership fee is required and costs $49 annually. The starter kits are called Business Kits. There are three levels of Business Kits: Curious, Playful, and Courageous. The Business Kits cost $49, $99, and $199, respectively. Business Kits are discounted and include beauty products, Red Aspen swag, three-months of website subscription, digital marketing tools, free shipping, and digital trainings. The number of products and Red Aspen swag increase with the price of the Business Kits. A current website subscription is required to be an active Brand Ambassador. Loyalty Boxes are an optional monthly subscription service and are available to Brand Ambassadors.

    With a Business Kit, Brand Ambassadors can start building their business while helping people enjoy innovative beauty products. Brand Ambassadors can get started quickly in minutes. Most importantly, they will be on their way to being an independent business owner.

  • Red Aspen Compensation Plan

    There are two different ways someone can earn by sharing with Red Aspen. Affiliates and Brand Ambassadors can both earn commission by sharing. Brand Ambassadors can also earn downline commission and various bonuses.

    Affiliates are paid compensation, which is 10% to 15% of retail price. The commission percentage available for Affiliates is dependent on their total sales volume. Brand Ambassadors are paid compensation, which is 25% to 35% of the retail price. The commission percentage available is dependent on the Brand Ambassador’s rank. Rank is determined by the total minimum number of customers and monthly sales volume. To maintain commission earning privileges, the Brand Ambassador must have 0 to 120 in Personal Volume (PV) monthly depending on the Brand Ambassador’s rank. PV is from the Brand Ambassador’s personal orders.

    Team building is also available to Red Aspen Brand Ambassadors, which allows them to form a downline for passive income on their recruits’ sales. Downline commission goes three generations deep. Downline commission percentages range from 3% to 10%. The percentage and number of levels available is dependent on the Brand Ambassador’s rank. This plan allows consultants to build a network of Brand Ambassadors for additional income.

  • Pros / Cons


    ·Innovative beauty products


    ·20-day return policy

    ·Website subscription fee is required to be an active Brand Ambassador

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Red Aspen FAQ

Red Aspen is a direct sales company that believes everyone should feel beautiful. Red Aspen wants everyone to have access to quality beauty products, specifically their innovative lash and nail products. Red Aspen’s mission is to empower their consultants, called Brand Ambassadors, to build a strong community of customers, Affiliates, and Brand Ambassadors.
Products from Red Aspen, which are mostly beauty products, are sold individually and as collections. The individual products cost from $4 to $89. Red Aspen offers a Satisfaction Promise. If the customer is not completely satisfied with their purchase for any reason within 20 days of receiving your order, they can receive a refund or replacement.
If you want to purchase your own beauty products, you simply have to get in touch with a Red Aspen consultant, called a Brand Ambassador. They will help you select the best products for you and guide you through the shopping process. You can also purchase online through their Red Aspen website.