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If you've always been interested in the science of anti-aging and skincare and you want to make some extra money while exploring a new miracle product in the skincare industry, then you might be interested in Nerium International's business opportunity. Become a brand partner today and experience the true science behind anti-aging.

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Nerium International - Our Thoughts

Nerium International is a Dallas-based direct sales company that specializes in anti aging products. Unlike most direct sales companies, Nerium’s flagship product was born out of an accidental discovery or what the scientists at Nerium Biotech calls a “eureka moment”. Nerium Oleander is a plant, a type of small tree, which little was known about. Scientists at what is now known as Nerium Biotech were in the process of finding out any possible benefits that this plant has when they discovered that extracts from the plant had amazing anti-aging properties. Upon discovering the anti-aging properties of Nerium Oleander, they then set out to develop a line of skincare products using this plant as the main ingredient. With no definite marketing or sales strategy in mind, the team at Nerium Biotech decided that network marketing might just be the best option for their products. This was when network marketing executive Jeff Olson came into the picture. Having had much experience working in MLM and direct sales, he had no difficulty building the brand and the company that is now known as Nerium International. Olson became the CEO of the company, with Nerium Biotech holding more than 30% of company shares. What Nerium International has to offer is an effective line of all natural anti-aging products along with an exciting new business opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and independent sales consultants. The company is quickly gaining recognition all across the country for its new contribution to the science of anti-aging.

Nerium’s Science of Anti-Aging and Skin Care

Nerium International’s age defying skincare treatment line is their flagship product. Their Nerium AD Skincare Line is composed of products that are all made from extracts of the Nerium Oleander plant, which has been noted in the past decades for its remarkable anti aging properties. The great thing about this unique product line is that it is in the process of ongoing development and research, giving consumers a line of skincare products that is constantly being improved. Nerium’s current line of anti-aging products have already been proven to work based on lab tests and third-party clinical trials. Those who have had the chance to try it out are pleased with how effective these products are. The scientists at Nerium Biotech use a process called NBio-PL2 to effectively extract the primary components of the Nerium plant responsible for anti-aging in its purest form. What you get is a product that is 100% natural and is proven to be safe and effective for all skin types.

Nerium’s Business Opportunity

Since Nerium products are exclusively distributed through a team of independent consultants, there is a business opportunity in store for those who are interested in representing the company and carrying their line of products. When you become a brand partner of Nerium, you get the exclusive opportunity of selling their products to your personal network and earning retail commissions along the way. If you’ve always wanted to manage your own schedule and be your own boss, then direct sales might be a good venture for you and there is perhaps no better way to enter the industry than with a ground floor opportunity. As a Nerium brand partner, you also get the chance to hone your leadership potential and build your own business. Earn a decent income every month, receive support from leaders and fellow brand partners, and get a chance to be given recognition and awards for your personal efforts as a brand partner. You can also choose the best method by which you would like to sell your products. Whether through person-to-person selling, online, or even through events, it’s all up to you.

Nerium Brand Partner Starter Kit

Nerium offers two types of starter kits for brand partners, both starter kits include the following items: your own marketing website, a success planner, Nerium AD disc brochures, 25 product brochures, your own copy of Success from Home magazine, a presentation flipbook, training CD set, a party presentation DVD, a copy of Jeff Olson’s “The Slight Edge”, and marketing tools to help you launch your new venture.

As a new brand partner you can choose from three starter kits: the Success Pack for $499.95, which comes with 5 bottles of Nerium AD, the Premier Success Pack for $999.95, which comes with 12 bottles of Nerium AD, or the Brand Partner Launch Kit for $99.95 that includes all marketing materials to launch your new direct sales business.

Brand Partner Compensation Plan

Nerium brand partners can earn from personal retail sales, coaching commissions, and performance bonuses. As a brand partner, you are given an earning potential of 10% up to 25% on your personal sales. The minimum monthly personal volume for brand partners is only $200, which is worth about two bottles of Nerium AD. You can also receive a weekly customer acquisition bonus for every new auto-delivery order you receive. Receive bonuses of $16 for one bottle up to $60 for two bottles, depending on your current leadership level.

In addition, you can also earn a coaching commission of 5% when you personally sponsor new brand partners into your team. As a brand partner, you can easily set financial goals for yourself and determine your monthly earnings. You can also climb up the leadership ladder and receive extra promotion bonuses and recognition for your accomplishments.

Nerium Real Results Parties

As a Nerium brand partner, you can market and sell your products through home parties or events. Anyone can schedule a party with a brand partner and host the party in their homes. A typical real results party only lasts for about 45 minutes, as it only involves a short presentation about Nerium AD. You can host a Nerium party anywhere; be it at home, at a nearby coffee shop, or at a conference room, there are no limits as to where you can hold these events. Nerium parties give customers the chance to get to know the company, the brand, and its products so they can decide for themselves if the product is right for them.

Nerium International has certainly gone a long way over the last year. While the company is barely over a year old, it has already become one of the most successful brands of anti-aging products in the industry today. Becoming a brand partner has certainly proven to be a very profitable venture for many people and those who are looking for a new direct sales opportunity are welcome to join the company as well.

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I always start with Products, which you can't here... You can't compare Apples

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I love Nerium products and how they can change the way someone feels. I love being able to share with new people and even offer them an opportunity to share this with others.

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