Plunder Design Overview

Est. Stylists
20% - 30%
Downline Commission
2% - 8%
Startup Cost
$99 - $198
Products Sold
Jewelry, Bracelets, Necklaces
Home Office
858 South 500 East Payson, UT 84651 US

Who knew that making great profits from your very own business was as easy as sharing gorgeous vintage-inspired jewelry? Plunder Designs is a direct sales jewelry company with a fabulous catalog and affordable price points that are even more alluring to style-conscious customers. Plunder bracelets, earrings, necklaces - and you: a fashionable combination that’s perfect together. Get started on your Plunder rep application right here.

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Company Overview

In 2014, Hillary Adams turned a passion for vintage jewelry, a desire to improve her life, and a goal to bring financial security and delight to women everywhere into Plunder Design. This once-modest Utah-based direct sales jewelry company has expanded to 5,000 representatives across the United States, with a fanbase of loyal customers that are always seeking more. A virtual “treasure trove” of unique designs in necklaces, earrings and bracelets inspired the company’s pirate-like name, and a wealth of both products and opportunity continues to grow, two years later.

The vintage aesthetic of each Plunder Design piece ensures it’s absolutely timeless, making them an easy sell to jewelry fans regardless of personal style. Shimmering gems, glowing goldtones and shining silvertones fill a catalog beside charming pieces of inspirational jewelry, ensuring that every curious customer will find a fantastic piece that’s the perfect fit. Special prayer and God-themed pieces also make Plunder an ideal company for a woman of faith to share with friends and family through sales events or church bazaars.

For driven entrepreneurs that love jewelry, but also want to sell an affordable product, Plunder offers an amazing opportunity. With items as low as $10, specials and sets and even accessories to keep Plunder products looking beautiful year after year, it’s easy to introduce customers to this lovely vintage-inspired direct sales jewelry company. If you’ve been looking for an earning opportunity as timeless and enduring as a perfect vintage pendant, climb on board with Plunder and follow in Hillary’s footsteps as you build your own business, earn great profits and shape your own financial destiny.

The Plunder Design Compensation Plan

Plunder representatives begin with a 25% commission on their very first sale, and have the opportunity to earn up to 30% as they move through sales ranks, in addition to cash bonuses at each rank and additional team bonuses for recruitment, which extend up to 6 levels downline.

Work from Home with Plunder Design

Getting started with Plunder is as easy and affordable as buying their products! Two tiers of starter kits mean that you’ll be able to start as a Plunder Design consultant for as little as $99, with an option to bump up to an upgrade kit with even more jewelry. Both kit sizes include beautiful Plunder jewelry to show during your sales events, access to your digital sales portal and “back office” functions, party invitations, order forms, catalogs, opportunity brochures and even thank you cards so that you can stay in touch with your customers. Top sellers and team leaders get access to cash bonuses, trips and more, and a special 90-day head start program sets new representatives up for success as soon as they open their item-packed Plunder starter kit!

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wrote 6 years ago

Hello all! I've been a stylist for over 2 years almost as long as Plunder Design has been a party plan company! We have unique and vintage inspired jewelry as well as beautiful photo jewelry and a line of Christian inspired pieces. I've done my research and feel this is the best jewelry company available! Why? Our look is truly unique with something to fit everyone's taste and the price is affordable! The opportunity and sisterhood is exciting as well! I can be found on Facebook at Sparkle and Shine Jewelry by Jacqueline. I'd be happy to get a catalog to you or answer questions. Blessings!

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wrote 7 years ago

I have been a stylist with Plunder Design going on a year now and I can not say enough good about this company. The quality of the pieces is outstanding and CS is the best. My most favorite thing about this company is the Sisterhood and the return policy for those who just didn't like what they ordered. I can't compare them to many other companies though because I've never been employed by another DS company and I haven't tried many products from other companies. I do however have some LulaRoe and love everything I've got.

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Plunder Design FAQ

Plunder Design products are available for sale through independent representatives, who may sell them one-on-one, during sales events such as parties or fairs, or even online through digital parties and a special branded sales portal.
Vintage-look necklaces from Plunder Design range between $18 and $36, bracelets are priced from $14 through $26, and earrings fall between $10 and $14.
Plunder Design is a direct sales jewelry company with necklaces, bracelets and earrings that incorporate a beautiful vintage theme and appeal to a wide audience of jewelry lovers.