New U Life Overview

Est. Reps
16% - 27%
Downline Commission
10% - 15%
Startup Cost
$199 - $899
Products Sold
Health Supplements, Anti-Aging, HGH
Cosmetics & Skin Care, Health & Eco Friendly
Home Office
2623 Pleasant Hill Road Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 US

NewULife offers a revolutionary product to the health and beauty market with an FDA-registered homeopathic HGH gel. Used transdermally, this product is both easy to use and offers a host of benefits from head to toe - ideal for users concerned about looking, performing, and feeling their best, regardless of age.

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New U Life - Our Thoughts

  • Company Overview

    NewULife is a direct sales company that believes in its core product - a homeopathic transdermal homeopathic human growth hormone (HGH) gel - so deeply, it doesn’t muddy the waters with competing items. Instead this innovative company, founded by certified homeopath and herbalist Alex Goldstein in 2018, allows its customers and distributors alike to familiarize themselves with a top-quality product that’s incredibly easy to use, has no side effects, and offers a wide range of benefits to be discovered from regular application.

    Using is Believing

    With no complicated instructions or regimens to worry about, new users of Somaderm homeopathic HGH Gel - the only FDA-registered version of its kind found anywhere - can start using their product right away. This makes it simple for new distributors and their clients to see results faster, and virtually eliminates any chance of misusing the product and losing important potential benefits like enhanced focus and energy, more restorative sleep, and even better skin elasticity and improved wound healing. That’s because HGH, or human growth hormone, is one of the body’s core “building blocks” for growth and optimal health - the problem is that, until now, HGH wasn’t available without a prescription!

    NewULife and a New Option

    By using the principles of homeopathy - diluting a vital substance in a medium, in this case a transdermal gel, in order to boost potency - NewULife has made HGH available to virtually anyone. The molecular breakdown of HGH in the gel, called a synthetic USP human growth hormone, or somatropin. Without the harsh, high levels of HGH found in products like steroids, users and distributors don’t have to worry about adverse effects. The company’s HGH transdermal gel is also FDA-registered for oversight and accountability, building in an additional level of safety for their valued clientele. Distributors, the individuals that build sales networks and commissions through selling NewULife, don’t have to worry about answering questions about risks or interactions: the homeopathic approach takes these negative potentials out of the equation.

    Focused, Driven Growth

    While some direct sales companies are known for their expansive catalogs, selling so many products at once isn’t the right approach for certain entrepreneurs. Instead, NewULife gives these sellers a different option - the ability to familiarize themselves with a single, standout product - in order to achieve their business goals. Ultimately, this leads to a great fit for these distributors, who don’t feel pressured to learn about dozens of products in order to supercharge their sales and sales approach. Much like the HGH transdermal gel that’s made the company famous, their single-product focus taps into natural innovation to harness growth and a healthy outlook.

  • Starter Kit

    In order to get started as a distributor with NewULife, you’ll need to become an affiliate. Becoming one starts with obtaining a starter pack for $199, which includes a bottle of Somaderm to try in order to test its effects. Ultimately, this helps distributors better explain the benefits to their potential customers - and affiliate network for team-building - and help support their sales growth. For distributors that want to “hit the ground running,” the company also offers two additional starter kits with more product - a Pro Pack for $499 and an Executive Pack for $899.

  • Compensation Plan

    There are several ways to earn as a distributor with NewULife, which makes it an excellent opportunity for driven direct sales entrepreneurs to flex their sales muscles. There is the traditional sales process, in which the distributor earns by selling one-on-one to potential customers, either as a one-time purchase or by signing them up for an autoship membership - that approach offers $45 a sale and $25 a sale, respectively. There are also opportunities to sign up retail commercial accounts - stores, gyms, and other establishments that sell products to the public - for a payout of $520 in commissions for each new commercial account.

    There are also team-building opportunities with the company that allow distributors to move up through seven levels of earning commissions, a binary compensation plan structure, and the ability to earn $20, $60, or $120 residuals with every new personal affiliate signup. Additional bonuses include a car bonus, available to ambassador rank or above, of $700 or $1500, depending on rank and sales level. This structure allows distributors to shine in the sales areas that suit them best, and even rewards them with percentage, residual, and matching bonuses for how successful they are in their team-building pursuits, and how well their team performs.

  • Pros / Cons


    • Single product approach allows distributors to gain expertise quickly
    • Standalone product has no direct competitors for what it offers
    • FDA registration builds trust in the product
    • New company offers considerable room to grow (“ground floor opportunity”)
    • Product is easy to apply and use, effectively removing “new product” barriers


    • With only one product, sales parties aren’t really an option
    • Product cannot be demonstrated in person, needs time to prove itself
    • High cost of product may be a deterrent for some customers
    • HGH is often conflated with harmful illegal steroids and will need to be explained
    • No real mail/postcard style sampling opportunities, full pitch is necessary with each new customer

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wrote 5 years ago

I am so glad that I trusted Lisa and not only started using the gel, but also joined the company! I feel so much better since I started using it! More energy, better sleep, less aches and pains- just to name a few benefits! We are currently in the pre-launch phase and we are about to take off! The business potential is unbelievable and I am beyond excited about this amazing opportunity! Don’t miss out!!!

Helpful (5)
wrote 5 years ago

I wish that I had listened to my friend and joined New U Life the minute she told me about our pre-launch opportunity! In my first 3 months with New U Life, my downline has grown to 83 distributors. I WILL be a Diamond Ambassador by December! My very-skeptical husband is loving that he is finally sleeping deeply ... and complaining about how fast his hair is growing! I love how much smoother my skin is! And those are just a few examples our Gel’s benefits. We are ramping up production for a formal launch in August. Join NOW for only $59! Don’t wait like I did!

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New U Life FAQ

NewULife is a direct sales company founded in 2018 by certified homeopath and herbalist Alex Goldstein. The company is focused on selling a single product - a transdermal HGH gel - that offers an impressive list of benefits ranging from better skin elasticity and wound healing to stronger, healthier hair and nails. The gel, which is absorbed through the skin, is the only one of its kind to be registered with the FDA for sale to the public.
A 3.5 ounce pump bottle of the company’s sole flagship product, Somaderm homeopathic HGH transdermal gel, varies in price depending on membership status. For a one-time purchase, the cost of a bottle is $169.99 with an additional charge for shipping and handling. If an individual has a membership status, which works with an auto-ship program to ensure they never run out of the gel unexpectedly, the price lowers to $149.99 a bottle and they will also receive free shipping.
NewULife’s Somaderm homeopathic HGH transdermal gel is available through its network of distributor affiliates, who offer the product for one-time sales, autoship memberships, and can also assist store owners with obtaining commercial sales levels of products to service their clientele. Interested potential distributors can also contact these individuals to start their own NewULife business and make commissions of their own. Sales can be made either in person, at special sales events or demonstrations, or online through a distributor’s sales portal of choice.