Pink Zebra Overview

Est. Independent Consultants
25% - 35%
Downline Commission
7% - 10%
Startup Cost
$99 - $199
Products Sold
Candle & Home Fragrance

Pink Zebra, one of the newest candle companies in the direct sales industry, invites women everywhere to be part of their wonderful business opportunity. Earn up to 35% commissions on personal sales and be rewarded with great incentives for building a team and for meeting monthly sales goals.

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Pink Zebra - Our Thoughts

If any company has ever managed to bottle the sweet smell of success, it’s Pink Zebra. Built on an alluring range of fragrance and candle products, the company has an enthusiastic following after only two years of operation. Owners Tom and Kelly Gaines used their previous candle industry experience to introduce a wonderful range of fragrances through direct sales, offering entrepreneurs the chance to back an exciting product line with lots of options for discerning customers, including Pink Zebra soy wax sprinkles, candles and candle accessories.

Pink Zebra ProductsPink Zebra Products for All

Arguably the most famous item in their flagship line, Pink Zebra sprinkles are whimsical jars and cartons packed with tiny beads of highly fragranced soy wax. Once poured into a simmer pot accessory, the sprinkles dissolve into a liquid and spread a delightful scent or scent blend throughout the room, all without the hassle of flame – a process very similar to using a candle warmer. Pink Zebra also offers specialty products that echo their sprinkle scents, such as reed diffuser sets; these are another excellent alternative for users who aren’t able to use open flames for safety concerns, such as residents of high-rise apartments, office workers or those with young children. Alternately, when candles are desired, users can opt for soy wax candle kits called “Glimmer Lights” that allow them to create a custom-scented candle from Pink Zebra sprinkles. Fun products like hand soaps and lotions round out the company’s catalog, giving every aspect of daily life its own refreshing scent.

What’s it Like to Work With Pink Zebra?

Benefits of Joining Pink ZebraAbove all, this company of beautifully fragranced products helps busy would-be business owners put the “independent” back in “independent consultant.” Using Pink Zebra marketing tips and materials for party planning enables consultants to schedule successful parties when it’s best for them, whether it be once a week for part-time work or more frequently for a full time career. This flexibility lets each consultant balance their work and home lives, ultimately enjoying enough energy and time to do both.

This kind of opportunity will be a secret you’ll want to share, of course, and with that in mind you can build your own team of consultants. In addition to receiving downstream revenue from their efforts, meeting and surpassing special sales goals with your team will enable you to climb to success, rewards and recognition within the Pink Zebra family.

How Do I Start with Pink Zebra?

Host a Pink Zebra PartyTwo fantastic options will get you started, and all you need to do pick the one that works best for you and start introducing the product through parties. The $99 basic starter kit has the supplies you need to get the word out and encourage curious buyers to attend your parties and start building your business. If upgrading is more your style, $199 deluxe kit has more supplies for the new business owner that really wants to hit the ground running, containing over $375 of product from the company. New consultants get plenty of assistance via online training and a personalized sales website, and stand to earn up to and over $1200 of FREE products in the first three months alone. Say goodbye to the 9-to-5 forever and start reclaiming your financial success with a fun, fresh product you’ll love to sell with these comprehensive starter kits.

How Much Will I Earn with Pink Zebra?

Earning Potential for Pink ZebraEven if they are only just starting out, Pink Zebra consultants earn big! With personal sales commissions that range from 25 to 35%, there’s a lot of earning potential for enthusiasts that love to spread the word and entertain at Pink Zebra parties. Meeting the monthly sales requirements will ensure your earning potential is bumped up to the 35% level for maximum income. Newcomers will also be able to take advantage of the company’s unprecedented “Quick Start” program, in which $1000 of sales will earn them $225 in bonuses, with the potential to double that for sponsoring new consultants for their team.

Once you begin building your team of consultants, the rewards get even bigger – your sponsorship of team members will snag you a 7% bonus, and 2-3% downline commissions from their efforts. As you climb to executive manager and beyond, there’s another 2% bonus waiting for you to claim it.

Why Should I Host a Pink Zebra Party?

Pink Zebra Hostess BenefitsA direct sales home party like Pink Zebra gives you the chance to relax and have fun with friends and family while “shopping” in the comfort of your own home. If your party makes at least $150 in sales for your Pink Zebra consultant, you will be eligible for the hostess reward program and earn $25 in host credits. The earnings continue from there, with more rewards at each tier:

  • $250 in sales = $50 in Host Rewards AND 1 product purchase at 50% off.
  • $400 in sales = $100 in Host Rewards AND 2 product purchases at 50% off.
  • $600 in sales = $150 in Host Rewards AND 3 product purchases at 50% off.
  • $1000 in sales = $250 in Host Rewards AND 4 product purchases at 50% off.

The company also offers generous hostess specials and exclusives to sweeten the proverbial pot, making the decision to host a party a snap! Be sure to check with your Pink Zebra consultant to discover the latest hot deals and offers available to you as a hostess, and start making your guest list now – you’ll have an amazing time and earn great savings on Pink Zebra merchandise.

Pink Zebra: The Best Choice for Home Party Sales

Home Parties with Pink Zebra are EASYPink Zebra is a company with a cause beyond fantastic fragrances; their HEROS program gives back to the community through charity, providing a free day of daycare for single mothers in need for every party that reaches $500 or more in sales. With a goal of providing a million days of free daycare in the next 10 years, they’re helping to support families in need with the tools they require to better their lives – and that’s sweeter than a simmer pot filled with Orange Dreamsicle sprinkles!

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wrote 8 years ago

Becoming a Pink Zebra consultant has changed my life! Pink Zebra is an AMAZING home fragrance company that allows you to customize your home fragrance. LOVE the Soft Soy Based Sprinkles and Simmering Lights! Contact me today! #PinkZebra #OklahomaSprinkles

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wrote 8 years ago

Pink Zebra has given me freedom to do what I want,when I want! I can work as little or as much as I want around everything else in my life! I have an Awesome Team of consultants all around the U.S, and have met so many people within the Pink Zebra Family! So much Love it's crazy! Our Founders Tom & Kelly Gaines are the most caring people I know! They truly care about our success! They give consultants incentives for iPads,laptops and trips. They give days of daycare to single Moms through the Heroes Charity Fund, they established. I couldn't imagine my life without this company!

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