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Whether you are looking for a new line of fashionable and functional bags or you want a lucrative business opportunity in fashion, Initials Inc. has something for you. Enjoy their chic handbags and earn 25% commissions on retail sales by becoming a creative partner for this direct sales company.

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Initials Inc. - Our Thoughts

Founded in 2005 by two sisters who dreamed of financial independence while having the time to take care of their kids, Initials Inc. has gone a long way over the course of 6 years. From a simple idea of embroidering initials on bags, the venture turned out to be much more than the two sisters were aiming for. Despite being apart, Britney and Ivy found a way to make their new business work. What started, as a small-scale home-based business without any employees quickly became a multi-million dollar direct sales company offering thousands of women business opportunities all over the country. Headquartered in Georgia, Initials Inc. is now ran by a highly-qualified team of executives with founders Britney Vickery and Ivy Hall leading the team. Now, Initials Inc continues to produce top-of-the line custom handbags with thousands of independent consultants representing the company all across the United States.

Initials Inc. Bags

Initials Inc. offers a line of bags for women of all ages. Their signature product, the Sassy 180, offers a classic, functional design that transcends seasonal fashion trends. From solid neutrals to wild, bright and fun printed designs, the Sassy 180 has certainly become a consumer favorite overtime. Women can dress these bags up with fun ribbons and scarves or wear it plain for a more classic and elegant look. Aside from their signature Sassy 180 bag, Initials Inc. also offers small purses, bag organizers, and carry-all travel bags, which are great for an out-of-town getaway. Whether you are running a short errand around town, going to the office, taking the kids to school, or traveling across the country and the world, you can find a bag from Initials Inc. that would best suit your needs and personality.

Initials Inc. also offers other fun bag designs. The flapper is great for a casual day out with friends; its long strap can be worn on the side or across the body for a more casual look. The company also carries a line of backpacks for kids, which come in fun and colorful designs. Need a bag to carry food for a picnic? Initials Inc. has great lunchboxes and food containers to keep food fresh throughout the whole trip.

After choosing your bag of choice, you can go on ahead and have it personalized. Whether you want your initials, your kids’ names, or even fun messages and labels, you can have anything you want embroidered on your bag’s exterior. Choose from a wide-selection of fonts in any color you want and have your bag personalized for free.

Initials Inc. Business Opportunity

There are a lot of reasons why Initials Inc consultants love representing the company. For one, their products are highly superior both in quality and aesthetics, making them easy to market and sell. Initials Inc also offers top-of-the-line business training and support to new consultants to help ensure their success in the industry. If you have always wanted to start your own business but lacked the time or the financial requirements to be able to put up one, then Initials Inc. might just be the key to your success as an entrepreneur.

Initials Inc. is a multi-level party-plan company, which means that you can sell your inventory primarily through home parties. However, since different consultants have different areas of specialty and schedules, you can also employ person-to-person marketing or sell your products through your own e-commerce website. You can employ all these modes of selling together to reach out to a much wider audience and increase your monthly profits.

Joining is easy, you just have to sign up under an existing consultant and she will guide you through the rest of the sign up process. However, if you don’t know an existing consultant, you can find one near your area.

Initials, Inc Starter Kit

Initials Inc. starter kits are priced at $100 for new consultants. It comes equipped with over $400 worth of merchandise, including: 11 products, catalogs, party invitations, order forms, recruitment brochures, and a fabric ring. You also get your own e-commerce website, which is a replicated site of the original Initials, Inc. site. This will make it easier for you to sell your merchandise online and increase the visibility of your business. You can become a consultant and pave your way to financial success all for $100.

Initials, Inc. Compensation Plan

As an independent consultant for Initials Inc., you can earn a base commission of 25% on your personal retail sales. Aside from your base commission, you can also earn bonuses for achieving certain monthly sales goals and as well as recruitment bonuses for each time you sponsor a new consultant. Every milestone you achieve as a consultant will pave your way to leadership promotions plus hefty promotion bonuses for each time you climb up the leadership hierarchy.

The company’s goal is your success and most independent consultants working for Initials Inc earn a sizable income every month, which is pretty attractive considering you don’t have to work as much as you do with a full-time office job.

Initials, Inc. Parties and Hostess Rewards

Since Intials, Inc. employs the party-plan method of marketing, independent consultants can earn an attractive monthly income simply for attending home parties and having fun. Interested party hostesses are also given the opportunity to earn free products and discounts by hosting an Initials, Inc. party.

Whether you want to host the party at your home or on the go, it’s up to you for as long as you coordinate with your party consultant about the details of your event. As a party hostess, you can earn attractive rewards if your party qualifies for the hostess rewards program.

Minimum party sales of $250 qualifies a party for the rewards program, which will earn the hostess $25 in free products with free shipping privileges. Party sales of $350 will give you $35 in free products and a chance to purchase 1 product for 50% off. Hostesses who make $550 to $850 in sales can earn $75 to $150 in free products and as well as 50% discount on 2 to 3 products. Party sales of $1000 and above will earn the hostess $200 worth of free products and 50% discount on 4 products. Hostess exclusive-items also await those who manage to get their guests to book a party or two at the event.

Initials, Inc. home parties give consultants the chance to sell their products to large groups of people in one go and it gives consumers the opportunity to shop in a stress-free environment. Most importantly, these parties give hostesses the chance to earn free rewards simply for welcoming Initials, Inc into their homes and inviting guests over for a few hours of shopping in the company of friends.

Initials, Inc. may have started out as a small-time venture but the company has rapidly expanded over the years. Having achieved such immense success in less than a decade only means that their products are truly one-of-a-kind. The company has remained true to its founders’ vision of providing personalized bags that are stylish, functional, and of superior quality. Whether you want to shop for your own personalized handbag or you want to join as a creative partner, Initials Inc. offers great opportunities for women everywhere.

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wrote 8 years ago

I love Initials, Inc.! It's not a j.o.b. - it's fun! The training is ongoing every day and available when you want it and is always helpful and inspiring. The incentives are plentiful for making goals and achieving your dreams. This is a great company!

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wrote 7 years ago

great products and I love they don't charge for lettering. great designs. prices are good. love all my bags from there.

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