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Est. Presenters
20% - 30%
Downline Commission
3% - 5%
Startup Cost
Products Sold
3D Fiber Lashes, Cosmetics, Eye Shadow, Lipstick, Blush, Mascara
Cosmetics & Skin Care
Home Office
2889 Ashton Boulevard #150 Lehi, UT 84043 US

What makes YOU unique? Find your personal sense of style with Younique, an innovative direct sales company that's set the world of beauty buzz ablaze with color. Shimmery, jeweltone mineral shadows offer a one-of-a-kind look, while luxe moisturizers and skin care creams keep your facial "palette" smooth and hydrated. Specially-priced product collections allow you to try different hues to find the best ones for you, and new consultant-driven additions to the Younique brand are constantly being introduced for those that love to try new cosmetics. Unlock your inner beauty - or your inner salesperson - by checking out this incredibly popular direct sales cosmetic company today!

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  • Company Overview

    Younique is one of the dynamic direct sales companies in the industry. Launched with enthusiasm in September 2012 for new presenter signups, Younique presents a fresh array of beauty products to the direct sales market and an exceptional business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. Founded by siblings Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft, Younique provides interested presenters with an opportunity to join a thriving venture from the ground up. With over a decade of experience, Younique’s founders possess the essential expertise to foster success. Derek Maxfield, a Computer Science graduate, brings entrepreneurial acumen honed from founding NetSteps, a software company that ranked 11th among the fastest-growing software companies in 2009. Additionally, he boasts over a decade of direct sales experience. Melanie, co-founder of Younique and currently serving as its vice president for sales and marketing, holds degrees in Business Education, Marketing, and Art. The synergy of Derek's business acumen and Melanie's marketing prowess and passion for crafting exceptional beauty products underpins Younique's rapid ascent to success. Today, the company boasts a presence with over a hundred presenters across 20 states nationwide.

    All Younique products are accessible through their network of presenters, ensuring widespread availability for women nationwide.

    An Inclusive Younique Direct Sales Opportunity

    Becoming a Younique Presenter (Consultant)

    Do you aspire to be part of this innovative direct sales opportunity? Embarking on a journey as a Younique Consultant is as simple as logging into your Facebook account and enrolling through Younique’s Facebook application. What sets Younique’s business model apart is its focus on social media. The company simplifies the process, elevating direct selling to new heights. Joining Younique to start selling Younique Products is effortless; connect with a Younique Presenter to enroll by visiting their website and logging in using your Facebook credentials.

    Empowerment Through Selling Younique Products from Home

    What could be more convenient than managing your own business online? Host virtual parties and maintain a constant connection with your clientele 24/7. With an online presence, you need not fear losing clients. Moreover, if you prefer traditional home parties, they remain an option! Conduct face-to-face product demonstrations or leverage social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to promote your business and products. You retain full autonomy over your business operations while accessing the company's suite of business tools and resources.

    July August September 2017 Younique Presenter Starter Kit

  • ​ Younique Business Starter Kit

    The Younique starter kit includes all the essentials to kickstart your new venture. Your Younique Business Presenter Starter Kit* comprises an assortment of Younique products.

    For just $99, you'll receive an array of Younique products and business tools.

    The Younique Starter Kit serves as your gateway to a realm of beauty and confidence, akin to a fairy godmother of makeup! It's more than just a kit; it's your pass to the glamorous life, complete with everything needed to transition from makeup novice to beauty expert.

    Let's begin with the remarkable foundation included in the kit. It works like magic, providing your skin with a flawless, airbrushed finish. Whether aiming for a natural look or full glam, this foundation has you covered – quite literally! Plus, it feels weightless on your skin, allowing you to forget you're even wearing it while others admire your radiant complexion.

    Next, let's discuss the mascara – oh, the mascara! It's the little black dress for your lashes, elevating them from ordinary to extraordinary with just a few strokes. Need volume? It's there. Length? Doubled. Your lashes will steal the spotlight, captivating everyone around you.

    But hold on, there's more! The eyeshadows in the kit strike the perfect balance between bold and sophisticated. With shades ranging from subtle to striking, you can mix and match to your heart's content, creating versatile looks suitable for any occasion. Each hue represents a new adventure, waiting for you to explore.

    And let's not overlook the luxurious lip products. They're like a delightful treat for your lips, enveloping them in rich color and comfort. Whether opting for a classic red or a playful pink, your lips will exude irresistible charm.

    The Younique Starter Kit transcends mere makeup; it's a confidence booster, a style enhancer, and a key to unveiling the fabulous you. So, seize your kit and embark on your beauty journey today!

    *Starter Kit contents may vary.

  • Compensation Plan

    As a Younique presenter, you have the opportunity to earn personal sales commissions of up to 25% and sponsorship bonuses of up to 6% for each new presenter you personally bring into the company. With your own Younique debit card, accessing your earnings from your account is convenient and immediate.

    Younique, established in 2014 and continuously explores innovative product ideas to offer its presenters and customers. Throughout the year, you'll encounter a fresh array of products. Additionally, you can earn extra income by submitting product ideas. If your idea is selected, you'll receive royalties for the product as long as you remain a presenter with the company.

  • Parties & Hostess Rewards

    Hosting Younique parties is not only fun but also convenient and rewarding. Aspiring hostesses can easily sign up to host a virtual party. Virtual party hostesses receive training on Younique’s products, enabling them to demonstrate them to party guests independently. To kick off a virtual party, simply initiate it on the company’s website. Following the party, you’ll receive an email detailing the rewards you’ve earned, which are based on the party’s total retail sales.

    For those interested in launching their own business, Younique presents an exciting opportunity. As a relatively new venture, it offers a prime opportunity to get in on the ground floor, allowing your business to grow alongside the company. With ongoing development of numerous product lines, Younique promises to unveil exciting surprises in the months ahead. More information.

  • Shop


    Discover the magic of stunning Eyes with Younique's fabulous collection. From dazzling Eyeliner to captivating Eye Shadow, create mesmerizing looks that turn heads. Don't forget the essential Eye Primer for a long-lasting effect and the perfect Palettes to mix and match your favorite shades. Complete your look with Eye Brushes for precision and flair.


    Glow from within with Younique's rejuvenating Skincare range. Start with the refreshing Cleansers and pamper yourself with luxurious Masks. Hydrate and nourish your skin with rich Moisturizers, and refine your routine with soothing Toners and potent Serums. Enjoy a personalized skincare journey with the Youology line.


    Pucker up with Younique's enchanting Lips products. Choose from luscious Lipstick shades or shiny Lip Gloss for a perfect pout. Keep your lips healthy with Lip Care essentials, and define them with precision Lip Liner. For a bold, long-lasting look, opt for the vibrant Lip Stain.


    Achieve a flawless complexion with Younique's Face collection. Start with a smoothing Face Primer and build your base with their exquisite Foundation or BB Cream. Add depth and dimension with Highlight & Contour and finish with a pop of color using Bronzer & Blusher. Set your look with Setting products for all-day wear.


    Indulge in luxurious Body care with Younique. Their Signature Scents range will leave you smelling divine, while the Roller Ball perfumes offer convenience on the go. Explore the Fragrance Set for a complete sensory experience. For a touch of sun-kissed glow, the Beachfront collection is perfect.


    Perfect your application with Younique's Tools. From precise Brush Sets to innovative Application tools, achieve professional results every time. For more specialized needs, explore the More Tools section. Elevate your beauty routine with these essential accessories.

    Collections & Sets

    Get the best value with Younique's curated Collections & Sets. These bundles offer a harmonious mix of products designed to work together seamlessly. Whether you're looking for a comprehensive Lash Set, a versatile Eye Set, or a complete Face Set, there's a perfect set for every beauty lover.

Younique User Reviews Add a Review

wrote 7 years ago

The number one ingredient in youniques liquid foundation is DIMETHICONE followed by several unhealthy things for your skin such as talc and perfume!! Number one ingredient in youniques concealer? Petrolatum AKA petroleum jelly!! Im so sick of this company deceiving consumers with their "naturally based bull" its not they throw in a minimal amount of something natural so they can claim its naturally based. Their womens foundation/charity (Younique Foundation) is just another sales gimmick their foundation DOES NOT meet the standards for the BBB or the National Charity Reports

Helpful (9)
wrote 1 year ago

Excellent products that are 100% guaranteed for any reason, hypoallergenic, and so very nourishing for your skin. This company cares. The sky is the limit. Great training. Free website. Payday is 3 hours after every single sale!

Helpful (6)

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Younique FAQ

Younique is a direct sales cosmetic company that offers mineral-based cosmetic pigments and proprietary skin care. From moisturizers to intensely-colored eyeshadows, this brand offers consultants - called "presenters" - plenty of fuel to keep their entrepreneurial efforts going. Generous commissions, an affordable starter kit, and a spectacular online party program make Younique an attractive choice for would-be business owners and cosmetic fans alike.
Younique products are very accessible! If you want to purchase your own set of eye makeup or nail polish, you simply have to get in touch with a Younique presenter. You can easily buy it online through a presenter or through social networking sites. Simply get in touch with a presenter and she’ll guide you through the shopping process! Your purchases will be delivered right at your doorstep for extra convenience.
The wide range of high end cosmetics offered by Younique means that there's a product for every beauty fan's budget. Their richly-hued mineral eyeshadows start at only $10, 3d lashes for $29, while their brilliant daily moisturizing gel is available for $39. Specialty sets, which offer a collection of compatible items, range anywhere from $35 to $119 for the Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss ten pack.