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Experience high quality pampering right at the comforts of your own home. Pink Papaya offers some of the best botanical home spa products in the market. Share the Pink Papaya experience with your friends and get a chance to start your own business with generous retail commissions and leadership bonuses!

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Pink Papaya - Our Thoughts

Pink Papaya is a direct sales company specializing in cosmetics and home spa products for women. Karen Woller and Susan Huneke started to create their line of products in 2004. Karen had a full-time job at that time and like many women, she was always stressed out and overworked. She approached her sister Susan about potential business ideas; they then started conceptualizing product lines for their future company. It took a few years before they were able to develop their line of home spa products and cosmetics and in 2006, they officially launched Pink Papaya as a direct sales company and invited other women who shared the same vision and experiences to join them. They started out with less than a hundred consultants representing their first batch of products. When the company grew, they also expanded their product base to cater to the varying needs of women everywhere. Now, Pink Papaya has over a thousand consultants representing their special line of products across the country.

Pink Papaya Products

Beauty, wellness, and relaxation, are three words that best describe what Pink Papaya’s products are all about. From the very beginning, the company has been dedicated in providing products of the highest quality that would cater to the different lifestyles of women today, which is why Pink Papaya’s product line took almost three years to develop.

Pink Papaya’s products are made of 100% all-natural ingredients. They use botanical products like acacia extracts, aloe Vera, chamomile, hibiscus, milk thistle, violet, papaya enzymes, and seaweed, which are all noted for their healing and soothing properties. You can find a wide-range of personal care products and cosmetics from Pink Papaya. From facial care products like cleansers, toners, and day and night moisturizers to anti-aging facial masks, eye cream, and facial creams, they offer a complete line of products that cater to different skin types. Pink Papaya also offers hand lotions, foot spa products, and even aromatherapy candles, and massage oils to enhance your home spa experience.

You can also find a complete line of makeup products including eye shadow palettes, makeup primers, blush, concealer, blemish removers, foundation, and makeup brushes.

With Pink Papaya’s complete line of beauty products, you can pamper yourself right in the comforts of your own home or even on the go!

Pink Papaya’s Business Opportunity

Pink Papaya distributes their products through a team of independent consultants. Everyone is invited to join the team! If you’ve always wanted to start your own business, have freedom over your own schedule, and determine your monthly earnings, Pink Papaya is the perfect company to join. With over a hundred different products, you’ll surely find a steady network of customers within your first few months as a consultant. You can sell your products through home parties, person-to-person, or even online. You also get large discounts on your personal purchases. If you want to join Pink Papaya as an independent consultant, you can sign up with an existing consultant so she can guide you through the signup process. Since Pink Papaya employs a multi-level marketing network of distribution and compensation, you will need a sponsor to join.

Consultant Starter Kit Options

Pink Papaya offers two types of starter kits for new consultants: the “Try it” starter kit for $99 and the “Go For it” starter kit for $199. Both kits come with Pink Papaya product samples and business supplies such as catalogs, flyers, party invitations, and new consultant sign up forms, and business cards to help you with your new venture. Starter kit fees are not inclusive of shipping and tax. You can, however, purchase your starter kit for a discounted price if you host a party. If your party earns $400 to $750 in sales, you can use your hostess rewards to pay for a large part of your starter kit. You can purchase your kit for as low as $19 or $49, depending on how much your party earns and which starter kit you choose.

Pink Papaya Consultant Compensation Plan

All Pink Papaya independent consultants can earn personal sales commissions of 35%. There are no inventory requirements, as you can simply post your orders from your consultant back office. You can also sponsor new consultants and earn a portion of their commissionable sales. In addition, Pink Papaya consultants who go beyond their level’s monthly sales requirements can earn large bonuses, rewards, and special recognitions. With Pink Papaya’s generous compensation plan, you can easily reach your financial goals with hard work and dedication.

Pink Papaya Home Parties and Host Rewards

Pink Papaya employs the party-plan system so anyone can host a party for the company and earn host rewards. You just have to contact a consultant and schedule a date for your party. Pink Papaya hosts can earn 10% to 25% of their party sales in host dollars, which can be used to purchase Pink Papaya products or even starter kits for those who are interested in joining the company as a consultant. You can also purchase up to 4 items at half the price off and receive up to 2 hostess exclusive products, depending on your party sales.

Pink Papaya certainly offers a wonderful business opportunity for women everywhere. Whether you need a source of extra income to pay the bills or you want to earn money for extra expenses like luxury items, you can easily achieve your goals with Pink Papaya’s flexible business opportunity.

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wrote 8 years ago

The 3 price kit option was awesome ! The investment was so minimal that the fear of joining was removed. Upon joining I received an email from my sponsor welcoming me to the family and she has been with me ever since, mentoring me and assisting me when I needed. Great growth and great company.

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wrote 7 years ago

With no warning, Pink Papaya shut its doors on all its direct sales reps and is not returning phone calls as to why this is going on. Do not attempt to work for this company. They are not worth it.

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