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25% - 32%
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2% - 7%
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Candles, Home Decor
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Whether as an independent consultant or as a customer, people love PartyLite because of its incredible products. The company offers a wide selection of products that can instantly give your home a relaxing and more welcoming ambience. From scented candles to special gourmet food, PartyLite certainly has everything your home needs.

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PartyLite - Our Thoughts

While PartyLite Gifts Inc wasn’t established until 1973, its mother company has actually been in operation since the year 1909. Starting out from what seemed like a simple idea back then, Mabel Baker, the founder of the company, quickly turned her talent for candle-making into the multimillion-dollar franchise that is known as PartyLite Gifts today.

Mabel Baker’s commitment and passion for craft making allowed her to successfully expand her business. PartyLite Gifts Inc. was established in 1973 as a subsidiary to Baker’s original enterprise. Starting out with just three people managing the business, PartyLite quickly became one of the top candle companies in the world. With over 100 products and over 60,000 consultants around the world, PartyLite has certainly achieved much success while helping aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women, establish a career in the industry. Today, Blythe Inc owns PartyLite but they have retained the same passion and commitment to success that its founders have established.

PartyLite Scents, Decorative Pieces and Other Products

From decorative candles and accessories to gourmet food products and recipes, PartyLite offers a wide-range of choices for consumers, allowing them to improve their quality of life by creating a soothing atmosphere within their homes for their families to enjoy.

PartyLite candles and accessories come in various shapes, designs, and sizes to cater to different tastes and preferences. There are also specialized PartyLite products that are designed for particular occasions and seasons, making it easy for anyone to incorporate any theme they want when decorating their homes.

PartyLite candles are made from different scents and different materials. They are also designed to fit perfectly in different candleholders and accessories. A quick change in PartyLite candle accessories can turn a Halloween-themed table into a festive spread just in time for the Christmas holidays.

Those who are not very fond of scented candles can easily turn to the PartyLite unscented collection for their candle lighting needs. PartyLite products are reminiscent of the same quality and eye for detail that Mabel Baker put into her own candles. Offering some of the best options out in the market, PartyLite products are not only of high quality but are relatively affordable as well. PartyLite uses a unique combination of scents derived from a variety of fruits and wild flowers setting them apart from other brands in the market.

The PartyLite Two Sister’s Gourmet line features a delightful collection of easy-to-use seasonings, sauces, and desert mixes that are suited for just about any occasion. Whether you are hosting an intimate gathering or a large gathering of family and friends, PartyLite’s decorative accents and gourmet food collection can significantly improve the ambience of your venue and as well as the taste and quality of the food you serve. PartyLite offers products not only for you and your family to enjoy but as well as for friends and guests to appreciate.

PartyLite Business Opportunity

PartyLite offers a lucrative business opportunity for those who are interested in becoming consultants for the company. Since PartyLite focuses primarily on decorative pieces for various spaces, it becomes less challenging and more enjoyable for distributors to sell.

There are three ways to get you started with the PartyLite system: first, you can choose to start by planning what they call a starter show where you will be given the PartyLite starter kit, allowing you to build your name as a consultant and as well as meet prospective clients; the second option is to get $350 worth of PartyLite product orders so that you can get the PartyLite starter kit for free; and the third option is make a small investment by purchasing the PartyLite starter kit so that you can start earning money right away.

While the process of selling products may seem intimidating to any novice entrepreneur, the very nature of PartyLite products makes them very easy to promote and sell. As a consultant, you are given the freedom to come up with unique and innovative ways to sell PartyLite products. You can choose to host parties on your own, collaborate with volunteer hostesses, promote them online or go to a consumer’s location to present and Sell PartyLite products. There are so many ways by which you can promote your products and with easy access to the Internet, it becomes even easier for consultants to build their clientele.

The PartyLite Starter Kit

Before you can start earning money as a PartyLite consultant, you need to first acquire a PartyLite starter kit. The contents of the kitvary depending on the season you join PartyLite but essentially the kit contains all the basic products that a consultant will need to promote. A typical PartyLite starter kit will contain candles of varying designs and scents, different designs of candleholders and accessories, fragrance oils, and pinecone warmers, among others. The purpose of the PartyLite starter kit is to give prospective customers an idea of what PartyLite has to offer in terms of products. The PartyLite starter kit costs $175 and can be purchased outright or can be acquired through the starter show program or by initially getting $350 worth of orders.

The PartyLite starter kit is an invaluable tool for new consultants. When presented properly, the products contained in the PartyLite starter kit make it easier for consultants to promote and sell them to consumers.

PartyLite Compensation Plan

As a consultant for PartyLite, you get a chance to earn up to 32% in profits depending on how much you sell. On your first month as a PartyLite consultant, you can immediately earn 25% profit for selling over $1400 worth of products.

Unlike other direct selling companies, PartyLite offers a very realistic compensation plan for those who are looking for a supplement to their existing income. As your venture and your downlines grow, so does the possibility of you becoming a full-time PartyLite consultant with higher compensation. PartyLite also offers recruitment and loyalty bonuses to consultants so you can be assured that all your hard work will be fairly compensated. Your profit as a consultant becomes higher the longer your stay with the company and as a bonus, you get higher compensation for each new recruit. PartyLite Team leaders also get a $250 bonus and consultants are given a chance to receive up to $1000 in bonuses on their third month.

PartyLite consultants are not only presented with an attractive compensation plan but they also get a chance to meet a lot of new and interesting people while selling products of great consumer value.

PartyLite Parties and PartyLite Hostess Rewards

The great thing about the PartyLite compensation plan is that they don’t just reward consultants but they also reward customers. Anyone can get a chance to Host a PartyLite catalog party and get free products and large discounts on exclusive merchandise in exchange.

To become a PartyLite hostess, you only need to contact a PartyLite consultant to set a date and a venue. Once the details of the event are set, your consultant will help you with the preparations for your party. By becoming a PartyLite hostess, you don’t only get to enjoy your time with good company but you also get to enjoy exclusive PartyLite products. Your friends will also be greatly compensated, as they can avail of various discounts on premium PartyLite products just by attending your party. PartyLite hostesses and guests can avail of as much as 60% discount on selected products.

With all aspects of the PartyLite direct selling company laid out, it is safe to say that the company presents a great business opportunity for anyone wishing to earn some extra income. Since PartyLite provides everything you need to get started, all you need to do if you want to be a successful consultant is to brush up on your communication skills and come up with a strategic marketing scheme that will allow you to increase your clientele and as well as your downlines. Given enough time, you should be able to get the ins and outs of direct selling and earn a sufficient amount of income from PartyLite.

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wrote 8 years ago

I had no idea when I started this business 17 years ago I would still be here today. Partylite completely supports me as a consultant with innovative products and programs. This company has given me the opportunity to be the mom, wife, and independent business owner I want to be.

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