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Clever Container is your go-to source for creative and highly effective home and office organization products. Not content to simply reprise the typical sorters and storage units available at local discount and office supply stores, Clever Container takes decluttering to another level, partnering innovative design with skilled and enthusiastic organizational experts who come to you with hands on demonstrations of these premium solutions. Join the team of committed and determined Clever Container Consultants with a minimal investment and a maximal potential for personal and financial growth and success. Be a part of the decluttering revolution when you embrace the technology and philosophy of Clever Container.

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Overwhelmed or Organized? Make Clever Choices

Bringing order out of chaos is the Clever Container goal, and founder Karen Eschebach and her friend and business partner Jennifer Weaver intend to sort the clutter while offering outstanding direct sale business opportunities to aspiring home and business organizers. Realizing that effective organizing products and systems were not being marketed using the popular home party format that drives many successful work from home opportunities, the friends paired Karen’s experience as a professional home and office organizer with Jennifer’s desire for the equilibrium necessary raise her young children and also contribute in a meaningful way to the family finances. The result? Clever Containers.

Do What You Love: All Play and No Work Makes a Happy Entrepreneur

Karen’s zeal for finding the tools to manage the sea of possessions that threatens to drown the smooth operation of many a household or business has roots in her childhood attempts to create a safe and orderly haven for her toys and books as the oldest of four siblings. She boxed and labeled as a youngster, keeping her prized possessions safe from sibling sabotage, and then parlayed her organizational inclinations into an informal Clutter Cutters Club for her her neighbors and friends. A consulting business followed, growing naturally from her desire for order and her previous career in data management.

Find the Need Then Meet It

Sourcing products and developing methodologies that untangled the snarled households and business spaces of her clients placed her in a unique position when she and Jennifer had an epiphany at a Pampered Chef direct sale home party both attended. Identifying a niche that was not yet filled, the friends seriously considered the notion of taking the fun and functional products Karen used in her consulting business into the mainstream, introducing the organizers and clutter cutters using both high energy vendor shows and the relaxed and festive home party model.

Keep It Simple and They Will Come

Jennifer and Karen began serious planning and launched Clever Container in 2006. Without the significant amount of start up capital many other companies enjoy, the clutter cutters utilized trade shows, school fairs and church jumble sales to share their products and organizational theories. Storing inventory in their basements and funding their purchases with credit cards, the methodical mavens added home sales parties in early 2007. Once they got the word out about their truly clever containers through their gatherings and some supportive and enthusiastic local press, over 100 like-minded consultants had joined them, and the organizational revolution had begun.

Intelligent Ideas Attract Investors With Big Hearts -- And Significant Capital

Clever Containers turned the corner five years into it business plan when angel investors offered a warehouse, staff, and a quarter of a million dollars to take the company to the next level. Now boasting hundreds of consultants and thousands of units sold every week, the two organizational wizards reap the rewards of their hard work and foresight. Eager to share their love of the well-ordered home and office, Jennifer and Karen welcome new consultants and are hard at work designing their own line of custom organizational products while topping $2,000,000 in annual sales. Join the ladies who are conquering clutter one junk drawer at a time and spread the joy a calm and organized environment offers everyone.

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Clever Container FAQ

Clever Container is a direct sales organizational product line also offering commonsense clutter eliminating tips and hands on demonstrations to help streamline living and business spaces. Sensible solutions to life’s daily debris guide consultants and customers to simplify and coordinate in every space as life happens so much better without the clutter.
Users Say
9 months ago

Customer Service 20 Stars! Products 20 Stars! Prices 20 Stars! Longevity and dual function of products.... shocker...20 Stars! This company is by FAR amazing. Ground Floor opportunity still. Based out of Chicago. ALL SORTS of Home, Auto, Business and Travel Products for organizing every aspect of your life. Good for guys and gals. NOT A BAG COMPANY so there is seriously NO COMPARISON to 31... at all.

6 months ago

Clever Container has helped me and many of my friends get their lives organized. With their products I am able to tame the clutter and chaos in my home and therefore leaving me more time to enjoy the activities I love.

1 month ago

Wonderful durable products. Very fun party! Learned so many tips to organize the house.