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If you are looking for an opportunity to work with a great company while still having the time to do things that you love doing, then you may want to consider becoming an independent consultant for Stampin Up and get the chance to earn as much as 40% in personal sales.

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The Stampin Up Story

LaVonne Crosby and Shelli Gardner founded Stampin Up in 1988 in the city of Kanab, Utah. Like most direct sales companies, Stampin Up started out with a dream—a dream to achieve financial growth and success within the comforts of their own homes. LaVonne Crosby found inspiration in rubber stamps and quickly turned to her sister Shelli to start their own business venture. Shelli Gardner made a leap of faith and invested her savings to startup their business and while it had been tough at first, Stampin Up managed to do very well and so the sisters were able to expand their small venture. In 1997, the first Stampin Up catalog was released and it featured unique stamps and artworks created by Shelli and LaVonne themselves. The sisters moved their base to Salt Lake and opened up another office in Calgary. The company’s main distribution center is now located in Riverton, Utah, as the sisters wanted to keep the company’s base close to their hometown.

Now, Stampin Up has operations all over North America, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.  Today, the company has thousands of demonstrators all over these countries and has helped a lot of people achieve their dreams by selling unique stamps and artwork that cannot be found anywhere else.

Stampin Up Products

Stampin Up offers a wide-range of products to take care of all your artwork needs. With their large collection of stamps, punches, cards, special papers, and other decorative pieces to embellish works of art with, even the most uncreative of people will be inspired. With the use of Stampin Up stamp sets and cards, there is no need to purchase a ready-made card again, as people can easily create personalized greeting cards and gift-wrappings right at the comforts of their own home.

Stampin Up has employed truly creative minds in their workforce, allowing them to constantly come up with unique stamp designs with special messages that all come from the heart. Everyone knows that there is nothing that compares to a card that is made from scratch by a person close to their hearts to make them feel special regardless of the occasion.

Stampin Up signature rubber stamps are made from quality materials to ensure that they will last for a long time.  Stampin Up has also released their special clear-mount rubber stamps to make it easier for the user to position the images and messages on paper. You can embellish your stamps with special designs later on to make it more unique and to truly reflect your personality.

Stampin Up Business Opportunity

When Stampin Up was first established, Shelli and LaVonne did not only want success for themselves, as they also wanted to be able to share the opportunity to start a successful venture with other people. This is why they chose to operate their business within a direct sales framework so that they can help interested consultants become independent entrepreneurs.

Remaining true to their original plans, Stampin Up has its doors open to those who are interested in joining the company to become demonstrators. With the help of Stampin Up, you can start building your dream of becoming financially successful without having to spend all of your time into making your dream come true. Stampin Up demonstrators are given the opportunity of being able to work within their own schedule to earn some extra money for their families. Through Stampin Up workshop parties, you can share unique Stampin up ideas with family, friends, and other potential clients. You can also use other means of marketing to promote Stampin Up products depending on what you find is most convenient for you.

Whether you need time for your family or you want to be able to run your own venture while still working a day job, Stampin Up grants you complete freedom over your schedule. This means that, as long as you reach your quota, you are free to sell as much as you want and to book as many parties as you want. Stampin Up Demonstrators take pride in being independent entrepreneurs with the added advantage of being carefully guided by a team of dedicated leaders.

Stampin Up Starter Kit

Stampin Up offers new demonstrators a choice between two starter kits: the standard kit and a Digital+ kit. The standard kit comes equipped with four sets of stamps, a stamp wheel, a special collection of Stampin Up cards and papers, stamping pads, and other great products that would come in handy during demonstrations. The Digital+ kit comes equipped with an assortment of Stampin Up products along with a special design software and as well as a DVD collection. Both kits also come with a set of idea books, Stampin Up catalogs, a business manual and as well as business tools to help you get started with your venture. 

Demonstrators can avail of over $340 worth of Stampin Up products for purchasing a starter kit, which is made available for only $175. This is a great opportunity for those who want to start their own business but do not have the means to raise a large amount of money for capital and startup costs.

Stampin Up Compensation Plan

Stampin Up offers a competitive compensation plan for their consultants, which is why the company has managed to achieve exponential growth over the last two decades. Stampin Up offers higher commissions for those who are able to sell more within the month, which is a great incentive to want to sell more.

At the onset, new demonstrators are offered with 20% commission on retail sales and an added 10% if they are able to sell a minimum of $150 worth of Stampin up products within their first 45 days with the company. As a demonstrator, you also get a chance to earn income rebates if you are able to sell a minimum of $400 worth of Stampin Up products.  Stampin Up demonstrators can earn as much as 40% on personal sales with an income rebate of 20% on personal sales of $5000 and above.

If you can keep your personal sales within a minimum of $300 and you recruit other members to join the company, you will be eligible for team commissions, which can only get higher as your team size grows. Aside from the attractive compensation plan, consultants can also get free Stampin Up products, vacation bonuses, and other great incentives for performing well.

Stampin Up Parties and Hostess Rewards

Stampin Up demonstrators sell the bulk of their products through Stampin Up workshop parties. Anyone can host a Stampin Up party by contacting a demonstrator near them. By hosting a Stampin Up party for your family and friends, you will be given great rewards in the form of large discounts and free Stampin Up stamps. Once you book a party with a demonstrator, you can begin setting up your home and your demonstrator will arrive with an assortment of Stampin Up products. Your consultant will demonstrate the use of these products and how you can create beautiful artworks out of them.

For minimum party sales of $150, you get a chance to avail of a free Stampin Up product worth $15. Hostesses are given free products worth 10% of their total party sales. You can choose any product that you want and you can work with your demonstrator so that you can avail of the free product of your choice at the end of the party. Lots of fun and creativity awaits everyone at a Stampin Up party.

Stampin Up has been around for over two decades and the company has seen much growth over the past few years. Anyone who is looking for a reputable direct sales company to become part of would do well by joining Stampin Up. With thousands of demonstrators all around the world, you can expect to get enough support from your Stampin Up family to help you achieve as much of the success that they have as demonstrators.

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