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As one of the most successful businesses today, Tastefully Simple continues to inspire and help people all over the country achieve their dreams. By producing quality food products that are very easy to prepare, Tastefully Simple has certainly made a difference in the lives of millions of homemakers in the country.

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How Tastefully Simple Started

Tastefully Simple was established in 1995 in Alexandria, Minnesota. Its founder, Jill Strahan, was a graduate of Alexandria Technical College. Heavily influenced by her father’s interest in business, Jill started her very own restaurant business shortly after graduation.

While managing her restaurant, Jill also actively participated in country fairs where she sold hand-made baskets and food samples.  It was her active participation in the Holiday Crafter tour that allowed her to see the potential for selling packaged food mixes. She then sold her restaurant in 1994 and started Tastefully Simple a year after with the help of Joani Nielson. From its modest beginnings in a small shed in Minnesota, Tastefully Simple has now grown into a multi-million dollar franchise and is listed as one of the most successful direct selling companies in the United States. Its founder, Jill Strahan, is now known as one of the most successful businesswomen in the industry and her story continues to be a source of inspiration for women everywhere.

It was Jill’s dedication and passion to succeed that allowed her to turn Tastefully Simple to the successful direct selling company that it is known today. Tastefully Simple has thousands of consultants all across the US and over 300 members working for the company.  

Tastefully Simple Products

When Jill Strahan started Tastefully Simple over a decade ago, her goal was simple—she wanted to share her talent for cooking to those who loved good food but did not have the time to prepare it themselves. Having achieved as much as she has, it is admirable that Jill has managed to stay true to her original goals and maintain the same enthusiasm when it comes to ensuring that all Tastefully Simple products are superior when it comes to taste and quality.

From easy-to-prepare beverage and dessert mixes to bread, side dishes, sauces, and spices, Tastefully Simple offers some of the best pre-packaged food choices to make cooking simple for homemakers everywhere. Unlike other pre-packaged products out in the market, Tastefully Simple products do not taste like they are pre-mixed, making them an ideal choice for those who are looking for a quick fix without having to sacrifice the taste of their meals.

Aside from individual items, Tastefully Simple also offers food collections that include basic products combined with customer favorites. There are also special Tastefully Simple gift baskets for special occasions.

Tastefully Simple specialty sauces are a crowd favorite, as these sauces allow anyone to prepare delightful meat and pasta dishes even without much cooking experience. Tastefully simple also offers a variety of dessert mixes that include cakes, pretzels, brownie, and ball mixes, making it very easy for anyone to prepare gourmet desserts.  Consumers can also purchase recipe books that feature some of the best Tastefully Simple recipes to give them an idea of how they can use the products to create delectable dishes.

With a wide-range of quality food products to offer consumers, Tastefully Simple has certainly gone a long way. The company caters to millions of people all across the United States and has become one of the most popular options for easy-to-prepare food packages.

Tastefully Simple Business Opportunity

Aside from helping homemakers prepare a variety of delicious dishes for their families, Tastefully Simple also offers a great business opportunity for anyone who wants to start their own business. Tastefully Simple is dedicated in helping entrepreneurs succeed in the business industry without having to start from scratch.

Becoming a Tastefully Simple consultant has a lot of perks, including being given the freedom to take control of one’s life and future. By joining Tastefully Simple, you can start your own independent venture while having access to support and training from fellow members. The company aims to make financially independent and successful entrepreneurs out of ordinary people. Unlike full-scale business operations, you get to choose how much time and effort you would like to commit to the company. Tastefully Simple allows their consultants complete freedom over how much they want to earn. This is a great opportunity for those who have other commitments but are looking for a profitable venture to earn more money in their spare time.

Whether you want to run your business full-scale or you just want to commit a few hours a week on selling these Tastefully Simple products, it is completely up to you to decide. You also have a choice of how much you want to invest initially and how you want to market your new business.

Becoming a Tastefully Simple consultant is as easy as filling up an online form. You can also opt to contact a fellow consultant if you want first-hand information about the business.

Tastefully Simple Starter Kit

Just like most direct selling ventures, joining Tastefully Simple all starts with a starter kit. Tastefully Simple offers two options for new consultants, you can choose to purchase either the Tastefully Simple “Business Blast Off Kit” for $170 or the Tastefully Simple “Just a Taste of Business Kit” for $89. The former contains all the supplies you need to launch your business as well as products that are good for up to four parties whereas the latter contains enough products that are good for two parties and is great for those who want to test out the opportunity first before completely taking a dip in the business pool.

Tastefully Simple Compensation Plan

As a Tastefully Simple consultant, you can be assured that your investment, hard work, and dedication will all be fairly compensated. Consultants can earn as much as 30% in retail sales and earn commissions for recruiting new members to their teams. By building your own team, you are entitled to Tastefully Simple’s leadership income aside from the income you make on retail sales. This is a great opportunity for those who exhibit not only impressive entrepreneurial skills but as well as superior leadership qualities.

Tastefully Simple consultants are also offered vacation bonuses to some of the best destinations in the world.  Depending on how much you sell and how well you perform, you can be eligible for a membership with the company’s Gold Lead Executive Club, which offers a trip for two to some of the most luxurious destinations in and out of the country. There are also various incentives for top-performers including free products, apparel, luggage and big discounts on other great merchandise. The opportunity to earn big and avail of great rewards makes Tastefully Simple an attractive business option for a lot of people.

Host a Tastefully Simple Party and Earn Great Rewards

While there are a lot of hosting opportunities out there, a lot of people choose to host a Tastefully Simple party because they do not only get the chance to enjoy the company of family and friends but they get to do this while having a taste of what Tastefully Simple is all about.

With Tastefully Simple taste-testing parties, your guests are sure to have the time of their lives with the company of great people while eating great food. Your Tastefully Simple consultant will provide most of what you need for your party and all you need to do is prepare the venue and the food to serve. Your consultant will provide you with a Tastefully Simple food kit together with invitations so you can start your party right away. As a host, you get a chance to showcase your culinary prowess and improve your dishes with Tastefully Simple’s irresistible food choices.

Tastefully Simple is unique because the company does not only help consultants achieve financial stability but they also help their clients improve their quality of life by giving them the chance to prepare great food with very minimal effort.

As one of the top direct selling companies in the United States, anyone who is looking for an opportunity to help improve their financial situation will not be disappointed with the business opportunities that Tastefully Simple has to offer.

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Tastefully Simple meal kits are amazing! They make dinners so much easier and everything is delicious!

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