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Est. Members
10% - 50%
Downline Commission
5% - 9%
Startup Cost
$49 - $1500
Products Sold
Health & Eco Friendly
Home Office
785 Shotgun Road Sunrise, FL 33326 US

Velovita is a direct sales company known as an innovator in the nootropic and biohacking industry. Consultants, called Members, help their friends feel and look more youthful. Their products include nutrient rich nootropic serums to increase mental acuity, sleep quality, and youthful appearance. Serums come in individual servings called snaps.

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Velovita - Our Thoughts

  • Company Overview

    The Mission

    Velovita believes that we all look for value and benefits in our lives. So, they have created products and a platform where you can earn rewards and recognition. It is Velovita’s desire to be a positive force in the daily life of their customers and distributors. They welcome customers and distributors that want to work with a company that has their back and is cheering them on.

    Nootropics and Biohacking

    Velovita self identifies as an innovator in the nootropic and biohacking industry. So, what are nootropics? Nootropics are supplements that claim to improve cognitive function, particularly memory, creativity, or motivation. They utilize naturally-occurring amino acids, herbs, and nutrient-dense plants, which boost brainpower and activate the happy hormones that are already found in your brain. So, what is biohacking? Biohacking is the latest buzzword to describe what people have been doing for ages: to advance or repair their bodies through experimentation and technology. Velovita promotes nutrient rich nootropic serums to biohack the body and increase mental acuity, sleep quality, and youthful appearance.

    The World

    Velovita knows that the value and benefits of their products and business opportunity will benefit the world. So, they have expanded to an impressive number of countries. They currently ship products to North America, Europe, and Asia. They plan to expand to additional markets in the future.

    Share Because You Care

    Consultants with Velovita are called Members. They have the opportunity not to only benefit from their nootropic serums, but they can also take advantage of discounts on their own purchases. In addition, they can earn by sharing the products with others. Sharing the products with others fulfills the company's desire for everyone to share their products because they care. Ultimately, they can build a team of Members, duplicate sharing, and generate an income.

  • Velovita Starter Kit

    Consultants with Velovita are called Members. To become a Member and to be eligible for commission, a starter kit has to be purchased. Velovita starter kits have two requirements. The first requirement is the registration fee of $49.95 which is for a virtual business office called the V-Cloud, and an E-Commerce website for social selling. This is an annual fee. The second requirement is an Activation Package that needs to be purchased. There are four levels of Activation Packages with varying amounts of products. Each product has a value published by the company called Business Volume (BV). The kits range in value from 100 BV to 800 BV. Rank and commission are tied to the Activation Package purchased.

    With an Activation Package, the Member can start building their business while helping people increase their mental acuity, sleep quality, and youthful appearance with the Velovita products. They will get everything needed to promote Velovita products and to start their online business.

  • Velovita Compensation Plan

    Velovita consultants, called Members, earn Affiliate Rewards. Affiliate Rewards are commission for referring products at the suggested retail price. Affiliate Rewards are 10-30% of the retail price depending on the Activation Package the Member purchased at enrollment.

    Team-building is also available to qualified Velovita Members, which allows them to form a downline for residual income on their recruits’ sales. Members are paid Team Commissions weekly per cycle. A cycle is generated when the Member has a specific amount of sales volume (600) that is distributed across the two legs (400/200) of the Member’s downline.

    There are other commission and bonuses available to Members as they increase in leadership rank. The most unique benefit is that Velovita provides a 5-year retirement plan. This allows Members to retire and to continue getting paid. After the Member has consistently promoted the company and products for at least 5 years, the Member can stop fulfilling qualification requirements and still get paid.

  • Pros/Cons


    • 5-year retirement plan
    • Hot, new nootropics market
    • Available in many countries: North America, Europe, and Asia


    • Various requirements are required for the Member to be qualified for Team Commissions.
    • Return or refusal of any shipped product is considered "voluntary resignation" according Velovita's Member Terms (Page 9) "Unauthorized Returns. Should a Member refuse delivery of any Velovita shipment orrequest to return any previously purchased product for a refund, such request will be deemed as a voluntary resignation."
    • Large Activation Packages required for highest commission percentages
    • Limited number of products
    • Complex compensation plan

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wrote 2 years ago

These products are the truly AMAZING! As someone who has never been a good sleeper, Zlēm has been a game-changer! Now I fall asleep quickly, stay asleep and even if I wake up in the middle of the night, I fall back asleep without issue. Brān & Uüth help me excel in the gym, with incredible energy and endurance, and my workouts have gone to new heights! Add in what Uüth is doing for my hair, skin & nails and there's no doubt I'm living my best life thanks to these incredible products! Not only are they super clean, but they are instant impact and do everything they say they do and more...

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Velovita FAQ

Velovita is a direct sales company whose mission is to be a positive force in the daily life of their customers and distributors through their products and business opportunity. Velovita is known as an innovator in the nootropic and biohacking industry. They promote nutrient-rich serums to increase mental acuity, sleep quality, and youthful appearance.
Products from Velovita, which are nootropics, are sold in packages of 25 snaps. A snap is an individual serving. The package of 25 snaps cost from $79.95 to $99.95. Products can be returned for a refund within 60 days from the date of purchase. The customer is responsible for the cost of returning the product plus a 10% restocking fee.
The Velovita products are very accessible. If you want to purchase your own nootropic products, you simply have to get in touch with a Velovita consultant called a Member. They will help you select the best products for you and guide you through the shopping process. You can purchase online through their website.