Maskcara Beauty Overview

Est. Artists
20% - 40%
Downline Commission
4% - 8%
Startup Cost
$199 - $399
Products Sold
Eye Shadow, Makeup, Face Care
Cosmetics & Skin Care
Home Office
1495 South Black Ridge Drive St. George, UT 84770 US

Hey, beautiful! Yes, I’m definitely talking to you! Maskcara Beauty is changing the way we see and treat cosmetics, making them fun, fresh and easy to use instead of feeling like a chore. If you’d like to spend time with other fabulous women and discover a whole new way to highlight your natural beauty, apply to be a Maskcara Beauty Artist today!

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Maskcara Beauty - Our Thoughts

At the heart of Maskcara Beauty is half of its namesake: a bright, energetic woman named Cara on a mission to simplify makeup and make women feel beautiful from the inside out. Interested in hassle-free makeup from the young age of 11, her journey began with a pre-made “makeup mask” project presented at her 5th grade science fair. While this unique invention made some waves in the classroom, Cara’s real claim to fame came years later, through the rich, gorgeous hues found in her modern, no-fuss direct sales makeup collection. Products like customizable skin shade-matched palettes and user-friendly, efficient HAC (highlight and contouring) tools make Maskcara Beauty a fan favorite cosmetic brand.

From the representative side, Maskcara Beauty is a phenomenal brand too! With the same fun, easy attitude championed by their product line, talking up the catalog and selling products is a natural, low-stress experience. Reps can walk their clients through an entire breezy beauty routine with Maskcara Beauty products, from cleaning and toning to elegant looks for an evening out. Innovative two-in-one cheek and lip color, double-sided brushes and swappable fill-your-own style palettes help every makeup lover find the perfect product, just for them. Filling your makeup bag with glam products while owning your own rewarding business is no longer a dream - it’s a beautiful reality with Maskcara Beauty.

If you’ve got a passion for beauty and want to build your success alongside a fantastic woman-owned venture, Cara’s products offer the perfect solution. Brush, dab, swatch and smile your way to a fabulous future as a Maskcara Beauty Artist today!

Compensation Plan

Maskcara Beauty offers four categories of representative pay - Artist “HAC-er” (short for Highlighting and Contouring), Artist Ambassador, Artist Influencer and Artist Executive. HAC-ers start out at a 20% retail sales commission, with the ability to move up to 40% as they progress, in addition to 5 levels of enroller bonuses and 3 generations of personal lead bonuses.

Join Opportunity

Getting started as a Maskcara Beauty Artist is as simple as picking a fabulous, product-filled kit! You’ll have your choice of a Basic kit, priced at $199 and overflowing with $450 worth of Maskcara Beauty products, or a $399 Pro kit, which ups the ante to $850 worth of gorgeous glam to demo and sample. Each kit will also come with an Essentials kit, which is packed with all the materials you need to take orders and market your business to fellow makeup enthusiasts. These kits feature a sampling of the company’s best-selling products, so you can sell and recommend with confidence.


  • Simple product lines, entirely skin and cosmetic-focused.
  • Dual-use products like brushes and lip/cheek items add value.
  • Woman-owned company.
  • Reasonable price points to drive volume.


  • Concept itself isn’t innovative or “disruptive” among competitors.
  • Cosmetic products like eyeshadows last a long time, minimal reorder opportunity.
  • Lower price points require volume for consistent profit.
  • Shade ranges are suited to fairer complexions.

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wrote 6 years ago

Maskara Beauty has been amazing for my wife financially. She has been a stay at home mother for the last year and wanted something to do that could generate passive income. Maskara Beauty offers great rates and the products are inexpensive. She fell in love with the products also and uses them more than her clients. It's fairly simple to become an artist also.

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wrote 6 years ago

Best beauty line out there, and anyone can afford it. I will never go back to any other makeup or brushes ever!

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Maskcara Beauty FAQ

Maskcara Beauty is a direct sales beauty company specializing in skincare, lip and cheek products, customizable eyeshadow and skin palettes as well as versatile beauty tools.
Products from Maskcara Beauty are priced as low as $12 for eyeshadow and lip/cheek singles, up to $203 for a deluxe all-shades-available eyeshadow and brush collection.
Maskcara Beauty products are available for purchase through Maskcara Beauty Artists, special company representatives that sell through direct sales parties, one-on-one, online and through special sales events.

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