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Getting truly healthy isn't about crash diets or fad workouts - it's about a sane, whole-life approach. That's where the science, research and proven results of IDLife products come in. This direct sales company has made huge waves in the nutrition industry by offering not only weight loss, energy and sleep products, but customized supplement regimens as well. Through a rigorous assessment tool, users are quizzed about their nutritional needs and presented with a unique list of supplement solutions, which are delivered to their doorstep in only a few clicks. Give complicated vitamin stores the boot with IDLife - healthy simplicity you’ll love!

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Nutritional needs are as vast and varied as the people looking to fill them. Undaunted by the vast array of these requirements,  IDLife is a unique direct sales company that’s making waves when it comes to individualizing nutrition and health. Free of hype, fads and unrealistic promises, the company’s line of pre-packaged consumable products can be mixed and matched to assemble the perfect custom “plan” for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Four vital concepts of whole-body balance are successfully addressed through IDLife’s product lines - weight management, sleep, energy and nutrition.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

While one supplement might work efficiently for someone, another user might not see the same benefits from their use of the same type, suggesting an assortment of supplements, extracts and vitamins based on their specific needs. This process allows even difficult “cases” to get the boost they need to feel more alert, strong and capable as they go through their day, all without needing medication or the risks of overstimulation, calories and short-term effects found in sugary caffeinated drinks. The customized blend is offered in special strip packs that are delivered automatically to subscribers. Thanks to this unique solution, users no longer need to head to a vitamin and supplement store to scrutinize bottle after bottle.

Solutions for Success

As a direct sales company, IDLife offers opportunities for financial and career success alongside their suite of products. With an industry-leading online presence, IDLife is in tune with the modern need-it-now demand of nutritional supplement consumers and provides their representatives with tools to hit the ground running. In only a few short minutes, new consultants are able to start setting up their own websites and funnelling sales through, ensuring that eager, motivated entrepreneurs don’t need to wait to carve out their slice of the proverbial pie.

Primed For Cross-Selling

With product approaches for several demanding facets of a healthy lifestyle, IDLife’s products work very well in harmony with one another. From daily maintenance through customized supplements to a restful night’s sleep with proven extract blends, the brand positions itself as a true lifestyle resource. Once customers have a chance to try one type of product and experience its benefits, it typically isn’t long before they’re asking about another. While each “branch” of IDLife works well on its own, it’s this type of built-in cross selling capabilities that make the company a huge hit with its consultants when it comes to earning potential.

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wrote 7 years ago

Finally a product that is designed for me by scientists and takes the guesswork out which supplements and vitamins I need to take

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wrote 8 years ago

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I specialize in digestive health and see many people who have spend so much money trying to regain better health. I am so happy to report that myself, my family and my clients have reported noticeable health benefits within weeks and even days! I will say having evidence based nutrition customized to the individual not only makes sense, it works! When doctors seldom cross reference medications to symptoms and other meds as well as nutrients this technology offers the safest and most effective supplement plan available! Today is the get your health back!

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IDLife is a direct sales company that manufacturers and distributes nutritional products, which in turn serve as components in customized plans designed to benefit a user's health. Shakes, drinks, supplements and more are all offered through the company's impressive catalog in various flavors and formulations, sold by a dedicated network of home party-based sales representatives.