Monat Overview

Est. Market Partners
15% - 40%
Downline Commission
7% - 12%
Startup Cost
$99 - $399
Products Sold
Makeup, Skin Care
Cosmetics & Skin Care
Home Office
3470 Northwest 82nd Avenue Doral, FL 33122 US

There’s a reason a good hair day is worth celebrating: you look good and feel amazing. Monat Global wants to help you make every day feel that sensational, which is why they make their wildly popular salon-quality hair care products with natural ingredients, oils and perfectly-balanced formulas to bring out the very best in every strand of hair. Body, volume, shine, scalp health – it’s all yours to enjoy when you use their premium direct sales hair care products. Are you ready to make your next shower or hair styling session a transformative experience? Get in touch with a Monat Global Market Partner today to attend a sales party or buy direct online!

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  • Overview

    In 2014, the Urdaneta family had a vision. They opened their business, Monat Global, with plenty of positive “MONATtidue” and a drive to make the world better through quality hair care products. They’ve branched into direct sales in a variety of unique ways, including an extremely generous customer loyalty plan that makes selling that much easier on their skilled sales representatives, called “Market Partners” in company parlance. The result is an excellent salon-quality product line that’s easy to love and easy to highlight in parties and presentations – everyone already uses hair care items, so there’s an automatic level of interest built right in!

    The Monat Difference

    While using botanical oils in premium hair care products like shampoo, conditioner and styling aids isn’t a new concept, the way Monat uses them certainly is. Each item in their handful of high-end lines incorporates a proprietary blend of ingredients for maximum impact and results. Natural minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other inclusions form compounds that mirror the body’s natural scalp oils to nourish hair from root to tip. Once the blend teams up with naturally occurring body oils, hair issues such as thinning, stress and lack of volume start to fade in favor of lush, healthy hair, with repeated use. The company’s small and targeted pairs and collections of products also make it easy to focus on a particular desired result for your tresses.

    Smart, Body-Friendly Formulas

    Monat doesn’t just concentrate on putting great ingredients in, they’re committed to leaving bad ones out. Their pledge includes offering only products with no parabens, sulfates, DEA, phthalates, PEG, phenoxyethanol, petrochemicals in the mix. Additionally, you won’t find glutens, sodium chloride, harsh salts, harmful colorants or irritating fragrances in their product lines. This ensures that even users with sensitive skin can benefit from using the brand – an excellent talking point for Market Partners in pursuit of a new customer. There are lots of other brand features to tout, as well – Monat is one of the few direct sales companies that has a line just for men!

    Beautiful, Youthful Hair

    Monat Global Products

    Anti-aging properties are often touted in cosmetics and skincare, but having a flawless face doesn’t mean much if the damaged, dry hair framing it makes you look tired and worn. Monat’s haircare products take a holistic approach to hair, adding luster, volume and shine through products such as their REJUVENIQE™ oil, which helps stimulate the shaft of the hair and give it a healthier appearance. This unusual approach – hair-centric, as opposed to a small part of an overall cosmetic line – gives the company a focus that fans appreciate each time they run a brush through their stronger, healthier locks.

    The high-quality hair care products offered by Monat give eager entrepreneurs something that’s both familiar to the customer and unique in the direct sales market to work with. Sold through parties or through the company’s proprietary, customizable online sales portal, these nature-infused, scientifically balanced shampoos, conditioners, styling aids and scalp health products help capture attention, compliments and commissions at every turn. Get started selling Monat as a Market Partner today!

  • Opportunity

    Work from Home with Monat

    Monat Business Opportunity

    Becoming a Monat Global Market Partner begins with buying an affordable $99 sales kit, which is packed with everything you need to build your new hair care product direct sales business. Generous samples of some hot brand performers, such as REJUVENIQE™ Oil, allow you to demonstrate and win over buyers by showing them the actual product. Training materials give you a jump start on success, packed with facts and information about how Monat products and systems work so you can discuss them with authority.

    Your starter kit includes pamphlets on the popular Monat VIP program as well – an excellent autoship “upsell” to interested clients that are likely to be big fans, or have tried and loved the brand’s lines already. This program delivers them their favorite products at a 15% discount on a regular schedule, virtually ensuring repeat sales every month. This feature gives Market Partners “cruise control” for added commissions on top of their regular party sales, boosting their earnings power automatically. You’ll also get 30 days of free access to your own sales portal website, which can be customized with a personal URL to truly make your business you own.

    Your very own hair care direct sales business for less than $100? You’re not dreaming! Get started as a Monat Global Market Partner today.

  • Compensation Plan

    The Monat Compensation Plan

    Monat Global gives Market Partners multiple ways to earn with the company, starting with a generous 30% base commission for “retail price” sales, or 15% on discounted, customer-membership-required VIP products. That percentage can increase up to 40% with increasing tiers of personal sales volume, with additional opportunities for commission and bonuses on recruiting other Market Partners that meet certain startup and sales goals.

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wrote 7 years ago

Monat didn't just change the life of my hair, it's changed my entire life. I can work from anywhere anytime as long as I have wifi :) The products are amazing, the paychecks are beyond my wildest dreams, but the best part for me is helping others find their true value, their inner warrior if you will. I love helping them dream big again and then help them crush every dream so they have to come up with new ones! We are modern nature.

Helpful (9)
wrote 7 years ago

My hair is very fine and I have never been able to hold a style. Aging and medications have made it worse. After 6 months of consistently using MONAT, I have shoulder length hair and can wear it straight or with a beach wave and it's good bye to hairspray forever. I'm loving this amazing product! Say goodbye to toxic chemicals And say hello to beautiful, easy-to-manage hair. MONAT!

Helpful (5)

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Monat FAQ

Monat Global is a direct sales hair care business that began in 2014, specializing in shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products and scalp health formulas for several hair health concerns. Available in both the United States and Canada, they also offer a special “VIP” autoship program, with products offered at a 15% discount.
Products from Monat Global cost between $26 and $99, with three product “systems” priced at $99.Each item in these systems can be purchased separately, and all Monat shampoos, conditioners and other products can be purchased at a 15% discount through their VIP autoship program. Unique items, such as their Monat Black for Men and S3 Supplement Support System Pills, are also available at $26-$38 and $59, respectively.
Monat Global products can be purchased via several methods from an authorized Market Partner / Direct Sales Representative. In addition to the familiar venue of a direct sales in-home party, “MPs” offer online sales through their personalized portals, and can sign up interested customers in the Monat VIP autoship program for periodic, automatic deliveries of their favorite products.