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Wine has long been a staple of fine dinners and memorable parties, and now it marks an amazing earning opportunity too. The Boisset Collection brings together polished entrepreneurs and eager wine enthusiasts to deliver sensational vino and great income potential via unique tasting parties. Interested in trying success by the glass? Get your starter kit today.

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Boisset Collection Company Overview

Long a favorite drink of sales parties, the Boisset Collection finally gives wine its richly-deserved place in the direct sales spotlight. Drawn directly from the Boisset Family Estate collection of vineyards, this unique opportunity gives entrepreneurs the chance to sample and sell fine wine to their party guests. Rather than paying to attend a tasting, guests turn to a Boisset Ambassador for tasting notes, wine origin stories and - of course - a delightful “flight” of wines to try and buy from the comfort of the host’s home.

A History of Wine Excellence

As one of the top 25 producers of wine in the United States, Boisset Family Estates gives their Ambassadors a lot to work with: Rosé, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sherry and so much more. With wines for every palate, tasting parties hold nearly limitless possibilities for profit, all centered around a fun, exciting concept that ensures a great time is had by all. Whether presented as a standalone tasting or partnered with a dinner party, Boisset Collection events are always an evening to remember.

Raise a Glass to Success

Easy to enjoy and even easier to sell, working with the Boisset Collection means talking about and sampling products that are already both familiar and well-liked. Rather than trying to “reinvent the wheel,” parties are about narrowing down favorites, not starting from scratch. With the availability to sell at intimate parties, online through a personalized sales site or even one-on-one, Boisset Ambassadors are set up for success from the very first bottle they uncork.

Compensation Plan

Each sale you make as a Boisset Ambassador can earn you up to a 35% commission, and as you build your team, you’ll become eligible to earn up to 10% of their sales as well!

Join Opportunity

The Boisset Collection starter kit delivers everything an Ambassador needs to set up not just their business, but their first tasting as well! In addition to business materials such as order forms, catalogs and invitation postcards, each kit is full of thoughtful, useful accessories to make your tasting a success, such as glassware, wine stain remover, a corkscrew and measured pouring tops to ensure even tasting distribution. New Ambassadors have their pick of two options: a kit with a 5 bottle “Classic Flight” of Boisset wines for $295, or a “Premium Flight” kit with 6 bottles for $335. Important materials like a tasting guide are also included, so you can speak about and recommend wines as a true expert.

Boisset Collection Home Office

849 Zinfandel Lane Saint Helena, CA 94574 US

Company Specs

Est. Ambassadors
25% - 30%
Downline Commission
2% - 8%
Startup Cost
$295 - $315
Products Sold

Boisset Collection FAQ

The Boisset Collection is a direct sales branch of the Boisset Family Estate wineries, enabling brand Ambassadors to sell bottles of their popular wine through parties and special events.
Products from the Boisset Collection begin at affordable $20 bottles of red blend, and continue upwards to a $500 “Grand Cru” sized bottle of Bâtard Montrachet Chardonnay.
Bottles of premium wine from the Boisset Collection are available through a nationwide network of brand Ambassadors. Contact your local Ambassador today to inquire about attending or hosting a tasting!
Users Say
1 year ago

Boisset Wine Living and the Boisset Collection is the most exciting company to work for, not the least because of who is at the helm — Jean-Charles Boisset (google him!) — a visionary, and industry legend-in-the-making, the next Robert Mondavi he has been called (and is married to Gina Gallo). Anyone who loves wine is a potential customer, and every wine in our extensive portfolio is great — something for every palate and budget. We are also unique in that we can market to businesses and large events, unlike other direct selling companies, so the sky is the limit to earning! I LOVE my job!!