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We all deserve to eat better and live healthy lives. As the processed food industry has grown, so have food-related illnesses like obesity and diabetes that now face our next generation in alarming numbers. That’s not OK.

Sylvie Rochette founded Epicure in 1997 with a passion to share the healthy eating solutions she had created for her family. Today, Sylvie and her daughter, CEO Amelia Warren, are uniting time-starved families that want to reconnect across the table to share good food, eat healthier, and live better.

Epicure not only provides Fast, Easy, Healthy & Affordable meal options that are gluten and peanut free, they also offer high quality, time-saving cookware to make cooking a breeze! You will love what Epicure has to offer whether you love to cook or hate to cook.

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  • Company Overview

    Direct Sales Aid · Epicure - Intro

    Epicure is a foodie’s delight with health in mind. In 1997, Epicure was founded by Sylvia Rochette and her daughter, Amelia Warren, to provide healthy, thoughtfully-sourced ingredients, with food sensitivities and allergies in mind. This mother-daughter power duo knows that the dinner table is where families reconnect with each other.

    Epicure crafts a sumptuous variety of mealtime products called Epicure Meal Solutions. These amazing creations feature Butter Chicken, Beef Stroganoff, Gluten Free Pizza Crust and other mouth-watering meal creations. All of Epicure’s food is made in a nut-free facility and is gluten-free. Giving people the ability to cook food that fills you with comfort, while nourishing the body, has been Epicure’s life-long passion.

    To take your cooking and baking to a new level, Epicure’s cookware line features quality cooking utensils and high-end pots-and-pans. Epicure’s multipurpose pots have convenient pour spouts with stay-cool handles that are ideal for induction stoves and their bakeware can be used for microwaving, steaming veggies, and baking. After sampling Epicure’s kitchen products, you’ll wish you could buy the entire catalog.

    You can stock your pantry easily for under $100 and create delicious meals, dressings for salads, dips, soups, protein shakes, or your favorite stir fry. Epicure strives to make healthy cooking accessible to everyone while keeping the entire family happy with bellies full of quality ingredients.

    You can get started with Epicure by hosting an Epicure party. As a host/hostess, you’ll invite your friends and family and your Epicure Consultant will teach everyone how to cook yummy, healthy new recipes. You'll earn a product credit plus you’ll earn Epicure hostess gifts. And if you decide to become an Epicure consultant,you’ll earn commissions from sales at your first Epicure party. It’s that easy. And it’s a bunch of fun. Ask your Epicure consultant about hosting a no-obligation Epicure party.

    If you love Epicure like we do, becoming an Epicure Consultant is a great option for those who love to cook and entertain guests. Epicure Independent Consultants have fun selling meal solutions and kitchen products while providing wholesome food solutions for friends and family.

    As an Epicure Independent Consultant, you can hold virtual cooking classes and feature one of Epicure’s popular recipes like gluten-free Chocolate Temptation Cupcakes. Maybe you’ll want to show off the Epicure Muffin Maker or Epicure Cool-Touch Hot Pad at your show. You’re going to have some fun at your cooking show and that’s what it’s all about.

    Epicure’s trend-setting, lip-smacking recipes will up your kitchen ‘cred with your loved ones. They have an easy-to-follow 15-week guide of delicious dinners along with tips on left-overs, grocery lists, and meal prepping. Epicure’s meal plans include easy meals, heart-healthy meals, and super-healthy meals like Green Monster Mac & Cheese which contains yummy edamame and nutrient-rich spinach. Epicure has family meal-planning handled and it’s no wonder their motto is “eat well, be well.”

    If you are looking to shave a few pounds and focus on health, Epicure offers their Epicure Life Challenge and Good Food Real Results meal plans. This 90-day wellness meal-plan includes a private Facebook group, personalized coaching, and expert nutrition advice.

  • Starter Kit

    Direct Sales Aid · Epicure - Starter Kit

    Are you interested in becoming an Epicure Independent Consultant? Are you craving the social tradecraft of sharing recipes, giving cooking tips, working with party hostesses? Maybe you enjoy making new friends and holding cooking classes? Do you want to receive discounts on your Epicure food? Maybe Epicure is for you!

  • Compensation Plan

    Direct Sales Aid · Epicure - Compensation Plan

    How much will you make selling Epicure? That’s a great question. First, you’ll start out making 20% commission on all of your sales. Once you sell over $1000 in products in a given month, you’ll get a 5% bonus, and if you sell $2000 in products in month, you can an extra 3% giving you 33% commission for that month. There are 10 levels that you can qualify for depending on your personal sales and the sales of your team members.

    When you start out at Epicure as a brand new consultant, you start at the Epicure Consultant Level and then move up to Epicure Senior Consultant when after you have your first team member. One of the fastest ways to grow your Epicure business is to turn clients into consultants at hostess parties.

    As you move up in rank and grow your team member base, you’ll get paid even more commission on team volume as well as your personal volume. You’ll get New Leader Promotion bonuses and personal gifts given to you by Epicure’s CEO. Your new success also comes with extra training, national conference registration, incentive trips, even more gifts, and donations to charities of your choosing.

    In your first 3 months, your first month is a free month.

    Sell & Be Rewarded:

    Sell $250 = Epicure Apparel

    Sell $1000 = Access Pass Reimbursed

    Sell $2000 = $100 Free Product Credit

    Sell $3000 = $150 Free Product Credit and Free Global Conference Registration

    Share with New Ambassadors - Unlimited Bonus

    Earn $50 - Each new Ambassador who joins you and they qualify in their first month

    Grow Your Community:

    Earn $40 - Rank to Senior Ambassador with 1 team member

    Earn $100 - Rank to VIP Ambassador with 2 team members

    Earn $250 - Rank to Executive Ambassador with 3 team members

    Earn $200 - Executive Ambassador Comp Plan Bonus

    Grow Bonus: Promote to Leader in your first 6 months and you can receive $1,125 in bonuses

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros: Specialty ingredients that are gluten-free and made in a nut-free facility. Easy meal kits, seasonings, and toppers that make meal planning easy. Bake yummy food for your family with health in mind. Commissions start at 20% so if you have a large family and friends with celiac or nut allergies, this is an easy sell. Food products need to be replenished, repeat customers will be a given. All online orders are directed to consultants. They can’t buy directly without a consultant.

    Cons: None

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First, you’ll start out making 20% commission on all of your sales. Once you sell over $2000 in products in a given month, you’ll get a 3% bonus, giving you 28% commission for that month. There are 10 levels that you can qualify for depending on your personal sales and the sales of your team members.
You can “Epicure” several different ways. You can let Epicure help you make fast healthy meals that are on average $3 to $4 a serving. If you like to shop with host rewards you can host a party in person, have a catalog party or a virtual party to get free products, discounts and host exclusives. If you are a savvy shopper, join as an Epicure Ambassador. It’s $49 to unlock your Ambassador Access Pass.