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7% - 50%
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Cosmetics, Personal Care, Nutrition, Home Cleaning
Health & Eco Friendly
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4609 West 65th South Idaho Falls, ID 83402 US

Melaleuca operates as an online shopping club dedicated to wellness, with a catalog that includes more than 400 products. Its range encompasses Nutrition, Personal Care, Home Cleaning, and Cosmetic products, all formulated and produced to adhere to the high standards of quality Melaleuca is known for. Additionally, Melaleuca provides a "Preferred Members" program for its customers.

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  • Company Overview

    Melaleuca is a dynamic player in the realm of online wellness, providing a robust platform that specializes in health and environmentally conscious products. Founded on the principle of enhancing the lives of its customers through natural and effective products, Melaleuca has carved out a significant niche in the wellness industry. With an expansive catalog that includes over 400 products, the company offers a diverse range of items across nutrition, personal care, home cleaning, and cosmetics. These products stand out for their commitment to high-quality, sustainable ingredients and manufacturing practices, reflecting Melaleuca's dedication to both wellness and environmental stewardship.

    Beyond its product offerings, Melaleuca distinguishes itself with a unique business model focused on direct sales and a membership-based system. Its "Preferred Members" program is a testament to its customer-first approach, providing significant savings, exclusive offers, and rewards to its loyal customer base. This program not only incentivizes purchases but also fosters a strong community of health-conscious individuals and families looking for products that align with their values.

    Melaleuca’s impact extends beyond individual wellness to include a broader commitment to the environment. The company’s eco-friendly initiatives and products contribute to a healthier planet, resonating with consumers who are increasingly seeking sustainable options. With a blend of high-quality, natural products and a strong ethical foundation, Melaleuca has established itself as a trusted name for consumers prioritizing health, wellness, and sustainability in their purchasing decisions, embodying a comprehensive approach to modern wellness.

  • Compensation Plan

    Melaleuca's compensation plan is designed with a focus on rewarding its members and affiliates through a structured system that emphasizes both sales and team building. At the heart of this plan is the concept of leveraging personal sales and the sales of those recruited into the network, encouraging not just individual success but also collaboration and team growth. This multi-tiered approach allows participants to earn commissions from their direct sales of Melaleuca products to customers, as well as bonuses from the sales made by their recruited members, known as downline members.

    Key to Melaleuca's compensation structure is the emphasis on recurring income, achieved through monthly product purchases by members. This creates a stable and predictable earnings stream for active participants who maintain and grow their customer base and network. The plan is designed to be accessible to individuals at various levels of commitment, from those looking to earn supplementary income to those aiming for full-time earnings.

    Melaleuca's approach also includes leadership bonuses and incentives that reward members for reaching specific milestones and for helping their team members achieve success. These bonuses are tiered, reflecting the level of achievement and the size of the individual's network. The company promotes a culture of support and achievement, where success is shared and celebrated across the network. Through this comprehensive compensation plan, Melaleuca aims to foster a motivated community of entrepreneurs focused on wellness and financial wellbeing.

  • Pros & Cons

    Melaleuca Compensation Plan Analysis


    • Recurring Income: Stable and predictable income through monthly purchases.
    • Team Building Rewards: Incentives for building and mentoring a team.
    • Flexibility: Suitable for varying levels of commitment.
    • Leadership Bonuses: Bonuses for achieving milestones and team support.
    • Ethical Products: Selling products that align with sustainability and health.


    • Market Saturation: Potential difficulty standing out in saturated markets.
    • Learning Curve: Understanding the compensation structure and sales strategies.

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wrote 2 years ago

Best products, best prices, best payment Bill….being a client for six years and a promotor for two has been the greatest experience of my life, Melaleuca is a fair company with great values and looks for the wellness of every body, clients, the planet, and the promotors, the truth is enough, nothing of this company will ever cause a damage to your health or your economy… i invite friends to always just try, and they all love the whole concept, on line shopping, great discounts, beautiful and friendly on line site, easy to buy and easy to get at home, and great earn bonus every month, love it

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