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Est. Consultants
20% - 40%
Downline Commission
2% - 6%
Startup Cost
$59 - $299
Products Sold

If you've always wanted to make a living out of designing personalized jewelry, then South Hill Designs might just be the company for you! Offering a complete line of customizable charm necklaces and up to 40% commissions, you’ll certainly have loads of fun while earning a decent income every month.

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South Hill Designs - Our Thoughts

South Hill designs was founded by Tamara Ochoa, a stay-at-home mother and wife who, after taking a shot at the direct sales party plan industry, decided to take control of her own financial future by starting her own company. The idea behind South Hill designs was borne out of Tamara’s love for personalized jewelry. She wanted to provide quality pieces that women can assemble on their own so that they can create one-of-a-kind necklaces that not only reflects their style but also their personality. Using her experience in direct sales and home parties, Tamara set out to start South Hill Designs not only so that she can realize her dream of owning her own business but also so that she can share the opportunity with other women. With Tamara’s unique vision, business experience, dedication, and of course, through the support of her family and friends she was able to launch South Hill Designs.

South Hill Designs Products

South Hill Designs employs the create-your-own-necklace concept by providing a wide-range of chains, lockets, charms, and other add-ons.

Their base lockets are available in gold, rose gold, and silver, and in small, medium, and large sizes. They also offer “coins”, which are essentially metal plates engraved with various words including: dream, faith, family, love, mom, and sisters. These coins also come in three colors to match their available selection of lockets.

Perhaps the highlight of South Hill Designs’ product offerings is their charm collection. They offer various themed charms that can be placed inside the locket together to allow the wearer to express herself. From animal charms, birthstones, special causes, and celebrations to hobbies and occupations, love, music, letters, and numerals, they offer charms in just about every size and design. So whether you want to spell out your initials, add a charm of your favorite animal or a cause that you strongly support, you have complete creative control over how your locket will look. If adding a few charms of your passions and interests isn’t enough, you can add a droplet or two to add more character and style to your necklace.

South Hill Designs takes pride in offering pieces that are superior in quality and craftsmanship. What really sets South Hill Designs apart from other jewelry companies out there is the fact that they put their customers above everything else and they show this by giving their customers the freedom to put together their own special necklace. Compare Origami Owl vs South Hill Designs.

South Hill Designs Business Opportunity

Perhaps the best thing about starting a business with jewelry as your product base is that these pieces practically sell themselves! You don’t even need to be skilled at marketing to get your products out there, as you can feature South Hill Designs products at home parties. For as long as you have a steady clientele, you can earn a decent income every month. Of course, a little bit of marketing here and there won’t hurt and with social networking sites and blogs, advertising need not cost you a dime. Whether you want to work part-time and earn money just to supplement your family’s existing income or you want to work full-time, it’s completely up to you. You can manage your own work hours and decide how you would like to sell your products. Joining South Hill Designs as an independent consultant is easy, you just have to look for a sponsor to join. Just simply sign up and join an existing consultant’s team and you’re good to go. If you don’t currently have a sponsor and don’t know where to find one, you can contact South Hill designs directly through their website and they’ll locate a consultant to sponsor you near your area.

South Hill Designs Consultant Starter Kits

After you have joined the company through an existing consultant, you’ll need to choose and purchase a starter kit to help you get started. South Hill Designs offers three types of starter kits to suit different budgets.

Quick Start Kit

The Quick Start kit is the most basic of all kits and is ideal for those who want to start small. You can purchase this kit for only $59 and it comes with all the business tools you need to get you started including order forms, party brochures, and business cards. It also comes with 1-month use of your own back office. It also comes with 1 Locket, 1 Chain and 1 Screen.

Small Party Kit

The Small party kit is available to new consultants for $199. It comes with just enough jewelry to host one small party. It also comes with business tools including: your own tote bag, a charm case, gift bags, order forms, business cards, and other display tools to help you with your product spread on your first party. It also comes with 1-month access to your own back office.

Medium Party Kit

The medium party kit comes with enough jewelry to host 1 medium sized party or two small parties. It also comes with all the business tools you need to run your business. It is available to new consultants for $399.

South Hills Designs Compensation Plan

As a South Hills Designs independent consultant, you can earn a portion of your sales in commissions. You can earn up to 40% personal sales commissions, depending on your current leadership level. When you start sponsoring new consultants into your team, you can also earn a portion of your downline’s commissionable sales plus team sales.

Aside from your basic commission and team commissions, you can also earn management bonuses and executive bonuses when your team goes beyond your monthly sales goals and when you get promoted to a higher leadership level. Lifestyle bonuses also await you once you reach the Director level.

When you become an independent consultant for South Hills Designs, you can expect more than just a decent monthly income, as you can also be assured that all your efforts will be duly recognized.

Home Parties and Hostess Rewards

Since South Hills Designs is a party-plan direct sales company, interested hostesses can host home parties and earn free jewelry in return. To host a party you simply need to book a date with a consultant and invite your friends and family over for a good time. You can earn as much as 25% of your party’s sales in free jewelry and get a chance to purchase up to four items at half the price off!

South Hills Designs offers one of the most competitive business opportunities in direct sales today. With high commissions, a great product base, and a great support system, starting your own South Hills Designs jewelry business might just be the best decision you’ll make this year.

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