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Premium meat, great beer, and the best grilling tools in the market--- these are just some of the products you can expect from Man Cave. Become a Man Cave advisor and attend weekly Meatings, where great food, beer, fun, and games are served in heaps.

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Most people associate home parties and direct selling with female direct sales consultants. While most direct sales companies don’t really limit their consultants to women alone, few men have dared join such companies and those who do join typically limit their selling online or through person-to-person. This is because few direct sales home party-plan companies cater to men. It was this gap in the industry that the founders of Man Cave wanted to fill when they started the company. The idea behind Man Cave was to provide a venue for men to start their own home-based direct sales business offering products that would appeal to the male population of the market. The company also wanted to provide a home party-plan system that would give their consultants a venue to sell their products, hang out with their friends, and meet new people. They wanted to break the notion that home parties were strictly a woman’s realm by introducing “Meatings”. Since 2009 Man Cave has gained a steady consumer-base and now has over a thousand consultants across the country.

Man Cave Products

Man Cave offers a wide range of barbecue and entertaining products. They offer ready-to-cook meat including bratwurst sausages, burger patties, steaks, sirloin, beef briskets, nuts, bacon, meat snack sticks, barbecue sauces, and spices, among others. The company also carries a line of drinking tools: from beer mugs and shot glasses to bottle openers and coasters, you can find quite an interesting selection of products from the company.

Also among their products offerings is a line of barbecue and grilling tools including meat thermometers, flavor injectors, spatula, barbecue tool sets, grill brushes, kebab skewers, rib racks, chicken roasters, and knife sets. Everything you need for your weekly home barbecues with friends are provided for by Man Cave. The company also offers novelty items like exclusive Man Cave shirts, magnets, banners, posters, and caps.

The Man Cave Business Opportunity

Whether you’ve always wanted to venture into direct selling or you want to earn some supplemental income, Man Cave offers quite the opportunity for interested consultants. Perhaps one of the primary reasons why Man Cave has appealed to a lot of people is because the products they offer are easier to sell than those offered by other companies that cater to male consultants. Since they feature food among their product offerings, the chances of getting repeat customers are much higher as opposed to selling a security system for instance or a set of power tools where most people would only likely need to buy once. Most lucrative opportunities in direct sales have to do with consumable products and Man Cave offers exactly that. By becoming a Man Cave consultant, you get to start your own business and choose your own hours. So even if you have a full-time job, you can still successfully run your Man Cave business by attending Meatings during the weekends or by selling online. You can also choose to make your Man Cave business your full-time source of income. As a Man Cave consultant, how much you earn will be relative to your efforts so you have complete control over your monthly earnings.  To join Man Cave you can either get in touch with an existing consultant to sponsor you or join directly through the company where a consultant will be assigned to you.

Starter Kit

To get started with your Man Cave business, you will need your starter Kit. Man Cave offers their starter kits for free if you manage to make at least $999 in sales from two Meatings within your first 28 days. The Man Cave starter kit is offered to new consultants for $342 but it can be earned for free under the 28-day program. For as long as you have a credit card, you can receive your kit and start your business. Whatever cost of the kit will be charged to you later on if you don’t make the minimum required in sales to avail of the kit for free.

Man Cave’s starter kit comes with the following: 1 sirloin steak, 1 sampler pack of brats, a stainless steel barbecue set, a grilling guide, chicken roaster, roast marinade, bottle opener, steak knife, 1 beer mug, 1 exclusive Man Cave shirt, and 1 man laws poster. It also comes with the following business supplies: 25 catalogs, 40 order forms, and 30 promotional flyers. You also get your own Man Cave website free for 1 month.

Man Cave Compensation Plan

As a Man Cave consultant, you can earn 25% commissions on your personal sales. You can also sponsor new consultants and earn up to 7% of your team’s commissionable sales. On average, Man Cave consultants sell about $750 worth of products during Meatings; this will give them earnings of $187.50 just for 3 hours of their time. The more Meatings you attend in a week, the higher your earnings will be at the end of the month. Man Cave consultants are compensated on a monthly basis. There are no minimum sales requirements for new consultants.

Man Cave Meatings and Host Rewards

Meatings are Man Cave’s version of home parties. Anyone can host a Meating; you simply have to contact a Man Cave consultant to schedule a date. Your consultant will bring in the food, products, and Leinenkugel's beer; all you have to do is invite your friends over for beer and barbecue. Meating hosts can earn 10% of their party sales in free products for minimum party sales of $199.  Hosts can also get a chance to purchase up to 4 items at half the price off for getting at least 2 new party bookings from guests.

In an industry comprised mainly of companies that cater to women, Man Cave offers a breath of fresh air for men. Man Cave does not only offer a lucrative business opportunity for the male population of the direct sales industry but the company has also given a new light to home parties by making them more “manly”.

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wrote 7 years ago

Man Cave Craft Eats NO LONGER USES DIRECT Sales. In the early years of the company direct sales were part of our model. As we've grown, we NO LONGER USE DIRECT SALES, and sell exclusively through retail. Please do not contact us for sales opportunities. Thank you.

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