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Est. Reps
Downline Commission
Startup Cost
$10 - $99
Products Sold
Hand Bags, Leggings, Necklaces, Lockets
Clothing & Fashion, Jewelry
Home Office
Giofre Avenue Maryville, IL 62062 US

Where can you find everything you need to look stylish, from sunglasses to yoga pants to sensational jewelry? Sure, you could waste hours in the mall, but why not enjoy the convenience and wide variety of Endless Xpressions instead? This direct sales company prides itself on offering virtually anything you could need to look fabulous, including their spin on the latest style tips and trends. Whether you'd like to build your own custom jewelry pieces or slide on a pair of flip-flops that literally have your name on them, you're come to the right place when you shop Endless Xpressions!

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Company Overview

Express Yourself with Endless Xpressions

With over 20 years of successful experience in the direct sales industry, Endless Xpressions founder Kristine discovered that while her customers loved finding beautifully unique products, they didn't love going through several companies to buy them. With that in mind, fashion, accessories, gifts and even personalized items were incorporated into Endless Xpressions - a revolutionary direct sales company that brings a virtual store to every sales party. With the hottest trends gathered under one company, excited customers of the brand enjoy a huge array of fun choices at their fingertips. In addition to their core products, the company also takes pride in an ever-expanding catalog, ready to delight customers with ongoing additions all year long.

Unique Products for Everyone

While some companies cater to a hot new item or trend, never veering far from their core product, Endless Xpressions isn't afraid to dabble in exciting new possibilities, ensuring that there's always something to entice new customers. The company literally covers fashion from head to toe, from arrays of sparkling earrings to sexy "barefoot anklets" to rock out when the temperature rises. For gifts, personalized monogram and name gear like capes for children and chic beach-ready sandals dazzle, and there are even tiny personalized onesies that are sure to steal the show at your next baby shower.

With the products in this company's catalog at your fingertips, every gift, from hostess gifts to birthday presents, becomes truly thoughtful. Is your friend or family member a free spirit? They're sure to love the adult coloring books. Need something a little more practical for that hard-to-shop-for loved one? Car caddies and handmade soap will remind them of you as they use both daily. Modular jewelry, such as the company's wildly popular floating lockets and "It's a Snap" jewelry line, give you the ability to buy accessories each year, giving your loved one a gorgeous ever-growing collection that they'll treasure.

The Entrepreneurs Choice

Endless Xpressions has become a particularly popular choice for driven entrepreneurs, mostly due to the diversity of its product line. Depending on the demographics of a given area, a sales representative can choose to focus on one line or several within the collection, only showing products that are likely to capture attention. This unprecedented flexibility "stacks the deck" in favor of better sales and even repeat customers; if a customer doesn't feel confined or steered to one set of static products, they're more likely to come back for more later on. Without the pressure of a "reorder" looming, some representatives report that their customers seem are likely to browse and buy from the rest of the catalog - and that's a win all around.

With products that touch every aspect of your fashionable life, this company is one that's easy to love and even easier to sell. If you want something a little different than the "single product family" style direct sales opportunities out there, you'll find that the possibilities with Endless Xpressions are...well...endless! Don't limit yourself when you don't have to: get started building your own versatile business with these products today.

Work From Home with Endless Xpressions

Endless Xpressions is an excellent company to work with, whether you're a direct sales beginner or a more seasoned professional. Why? Because their product lines give you the freedom you need to sell to nearly any demographic, offering beautiful, unique products that people want, all without the high price tags of name brands. As a new concept model - multiple product lines under one brand - you have the opportunity to harness an exciting opportunity while cutting through the "clutter" of single-item-type direct sales catalogs.Open to entrepreneurs in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, a small $10 starter kit fee is all it takes to start. There are no dollar value sales required to become a rep - just a positive attitude, a love for the products and a single sale or purchase - of any amount - every 3 months.

Once you start selling through your custom URL or face-to-face at parties or events, you'll get to cash in your 30% commissions on the 1st and 15th of every month through checks or Paypal. You can also opt to be paid in Endless Xpressions store credit: combined with your 30% purchase discount as a representative, that translates to a lot of beautiful, affordable clothes and accessories!

The Endless Xpressions Compensation Plan

Endless Xpressions Compensation Plan

From day 1, representatives earn 30% commission on their Endless Xpression sales - a generous rate when compared to the direct sales industry as a whole. In addition to this base compensation, reps that build teams are eligible to earn additional money on the work of their teammates, to the tune of 5% at your first level downline and 3% at your second level downline.

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wrote 7 years ago

As a rep and a customer, Endless Xpressions has been great to me. I love getting the variety of products for my customers. The competitive prices are great. Products have been very high quality. EX has helped me grow personally by opening up and even trying things I wouldn't (cosmetics)! I enjoy the company and the wonderful supportive ladies on my team! Also, before I signed up I was a LLR junkie.

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wrote 7 years ago

Awesome Company and All in One Shop! Ive been with them 3yrs and Love It

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Endless Xpressions FAQ

Endless Xpressions is a direct sales company that offers a wide variety of items, ranging from clothing to jewelry and accessories. Their product stock is changed frequently, allowing their customers to constantly browse fresh, new items and enjoy an ever-rotating catalog throughout the year. Personalized items like flip-flops and fun capes for kids are offered alongside modular jewelry, accessories like purses and sunglasses and even yoga pants.
Products from Endless Xpressions are extremely affordable, with most categories falling shy of $30 per item. Some products, such as their artisan soaps, are as low as $5.95 each! For modular jewelry, such as the brand's floating lockets and It's a Snap line, accessories such as charms are generally priced at $3 to $5 each to make collecting fun and easy.
Endless Xpressions products can be purchased through a representative, either online through a digital party or in person at a sales part or a booth-style event. Your representative can also let you know about exciting news, such as new additions to the company's product lines, to enhance your buying experience.

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