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Jamberry Nails offers a revolutionary product that every woman will surely love and enjoy. With Jamberry Nails, independent consultants can expect to earn 30% commissions on retail sales in a party plan format. Earn an attractive income while partying with Jamberry hostesses with this new ground floor opportunity in direct sales.

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Jamberry Nails - Our Thoughts

Jamberry Nails was a new direct sales company founded by three sisters with a passion for nail art. Christy, Keri, and Lyndsey thought of the concept behind Jamberry nails while spending a typical day at the salon getting their nails done. They wanted to create a product that would allow women to get the latest designs in nail art without having to go to a salon each time and spending so much for every mani-pedi session. Being young mothers themselves, the sisters decided to introduce their revolutionary product in a direct sales format to give other women a chance to be fashionable while earning a decent income without the demanding work hours of running a full-scale business. While still at its pre-launch stages, Jamberry Nails is now accepting interested sales consultants who want to get into direct sales with a company that is young, fun, and fashionable. The company is set for its national launch on January 2012 and encourages interested consultants to join now so they can get a head start before the company gains national coverage and recognition.

Jamberry Nail Shields

Jamberry Nails signature product are called Jamberry Nail Shields, which are essentially stick-on nail art that women can just apply over their nails to get the color and design they want without having to spend so much time and money at a salon. Jamberry Nails are very easy to apply and can be done right at the comfort of one’s own home. Since the designs are on the product itself, you don’t have to spend hours trying to apply different types of nail polish just to achieve the design you are aiming for. You can have your nails ready in the color and design you want in just 15 minutes, a far cry from the 2-hour manicure and pedicure session at the salon. Offering over 60 stylish designs and colors, you never have to worry about running out of options to choose from. Regardless of the event, the occasion, or the time of the year, Jamberry Nails has something for you.

  • Jamberry Polka Dot Nail Shield
  • Jamberry Navy Red Nail Shield
  • Jamberry Color Polka Dot Nail Shield
  • Jamberry Leopard Nail Shield

Each design comes in sheets, which feature 20 shields that come in different sizes to fit both fingernails and toenails. You can simply choose a shield from the sheet that would fit a specific finger the best. If your nail is too small, you can always trim the edges of the shield to turn it into a perfect fit. If your nail is too big for any of the designs, you can stretch out the shield by applying some heat to it with a hair dryer to make it pliable and easy to apply. You can also cut the sheets in half if your nails are too short for the entire shied, you can then use the other half again for a different occasion. Nail shields can last on your fingernails for about 1 to 2 weeks and 4 to 6 weeks on your toenails.

Applying Jamberry Nail shields is very simple; just prep up your nails for the application by cleaning them, cut the shield into your desired length, heat with a hair dryer, and apply on your nail with pressure. You can heat the shield as you apply pressure to make the adhesive stick better. You can also opt to add nail glue if you want the shield to last longer on your nails. The best thing about Jamberry nails is that they are resistant to chipping and if applied properly, they can last longer than regular nail polish.

The Jamberry Nails Business Opportunity

Jamberry Nails offers such an attractive ground floor opportunity to interested consultants. While some people may have doubts about joining a company that hasn't even been officially launched, the pre-launch stage is actually one of the best times to join a company because you get the advantage of getting first-hand experience and training from the founders themselves. You also get to be one of the first to introduce this revolutionary new product in your area.

With such a fun and fashionable product base, starting a Jamberry Nails business is sure to give you the supplemental income you need every month. Make a living while partying and share the fun and bright colors and designs that Jamberry nail shields have to offer to other women. To join this exciting new direct sales opportunity, just find a Jamberry nails consultant in your area.

The Jamberry Nails Starter Kit

Interested in joining this new direct sales company? All you need is $99 for the starter kit and you are ready to launch your Jamberry Nails business. The starter kit comes equipped with the following items to help you jumpstart your success:

  • 50 catalogs
  • 100 order forms
  • rubber cuticle pusher
  • 100 orange sticks
  • hair dryer
  • 5 crystal files
  • 50 brochures
  • a consultant guide
  • 3 buffers
  • 3 pairs of scissors
  • 1 sheet of nail kit
  • 50 business cards
  • 3 months subscription to your very own consultant website
  • plus free credit to order 3 different nail shield sheets of your choice.

Jamberry Nails Compensation Plan

By joining Jamberry Nails as an independent consultant, you get all the benefits that the company offers. Have the freedom to set your own work hours and earn 30% personal sales commissions. Once you start recruiting new consultants to the company, you can build your own team and have access to a host of leadership bonuses and rewards. Jamberry consultants can earn downline commissions ranging from 1% to 19%, depending on the level of downlines.

Jamberry nails require a very minimal sales quota; for 300 PCV for every 3 months you can retain your position as an active consultant for the company. However, it is necessary to meet the required personal monthly retail volume to be eligible for monthly bonuses and leadership promotions. You also get better chances of being promoted if you maintain a certain number of downline representatives in your team and meet group retail volume requirements for group bonuses. With such a great product base like Jamberry Nail shields, it shouldn’t be so difficult to set and meet financial goals for you and your team.

Hosting a Jamberry Nails Party

As a party-plan company, Jamberry Nails offer their great products up for sale through home parties; where consultants can present their inventory to groups of people and guests can shop for great nail designs in a comfortable and hassle-free environment. Jamberry Nails hostesses can earn products for free by simply hosting a party and meeting the minimum required for the hostess rewards program. To host a party, you simply have to get in touch with a consultant so you can work together in organizing your event. For minimum party sales of $75, you can earn one free sheet of Jamberry Nail shields of your choice; party sales of $150 to $249 will earn you 10% of sales towards your own Jamberry products and a chance to purchase 1 sheet at half the price off; party sales of $250 to $399 will earn you 10% of your sales in free products plus two items at half the price off; and finally, party sales of $400 to $999 will earn you 15% of party sales in free products plus three items at 50% off. Hosting a Jamberry party is fun and simple. Best of all, you get to earn free products just by inviting your family and friends over for a few hours of nail art fun with your Jamberry consultant.

With attractive products, a competitive compensation plan, and a great party-plan system, Jamberry Nails will certainly have no trouble fitting right in the direct sales industry. With such a bright future to look forward to and a big national launching event on January 2012, independent sales consultants for Jamberry Nails have more reasons to love this new direct sales company.

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wrote 8 years ago

I have been with Jamberry for over a year and I absolutely love their care for others and passion for generosity. The product and business side are phenomenal. Who could ask for more?

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wrote 6 years ago

I absolutely LOVE Jamberry!! Their products are 8-free, vegan and pet friendly and gluten free. 100% healthy for your nails and 200% awesome!! I have never had any problems whatsoever and it's affordable!

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