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Est. Coaches
25% - 36%
Downline Commission
5% - 12%
Startup Cost
Products Sold
Health Supplements, protein shakes
Health & Eco Friendly

Be part of one of the biggest fitness companies in the direct sales industry and have access to personal discounts, fitness training and support, and a very lucrative business opportunity. Sign up as either a Team beachbody club member or start your own business venture by becoming a beachbody coach.

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Team Beachbody is a direct sales Weight Loss Company based in Southern California. Having had a decade of experience in the weight loss and direct sales industries, Team Beach Body carries some of the most revolutionary in-home fitness programs and tools that have been proven to be safe and effective and have successfully changed the lives of many. It is because of the success of the programs they offer that the company has become one of the most reputable and well-known fitness companies in the country.

Team Beachbody Fitness Products

Team Beachbody offers a comprehensive lineup of weight loss and fitness products aimed at helping people stay fit and achieve their desired weight. They carry over twenty of the most popular in-home fitness programs including the renowned P90x workout program and Hip Hop Abs. Other fitness programs in their lineup include Shaun T’s Insanity fitness program, Turbo Fire, Tony Horton’s 10-minute trainer, and Debbie Siebers’ Slim in 6. From extreme workouts like the Insanity Series and the P90 Series to fun workout programs like Hip Hop Abs and Body Gospel, they have something for everyone.

Since losing weight and staying fit also has a lot to do with what you eat, Team Beachbody also offers a line of nutritional supplements and Shakeology products that you can use for various recipes. They also offer meal planners, fitness tools, and nutritional tools. Those who are interested in these products can apply for either a Basic Membership or Club Membership to have access to personal beachbody coaches and discounts on products. You can also get access to your own customizable meal planner to help you reach your fitness goals in no time.

Team Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity

The weight loss industry is perhaps one of the most lucrative industries today, especially since so many people are trying to lose weight and are starting to become conscious about their eating habits and fitness regimens. While some may say weight loss is a very saturated market, it is a known fact that few fitness programs and nutritional supplements actually deliver what they promise. What sets Team Beachbody apart from the hundreds of weight loss and fitness companies out there is that they carry only the best. They only offer fitness programs and diets that have actually been proven to be safe and effective in helping people reach their optimum weight. Fortunately, you too, can make money out of Team Beachbody’s product offerings by becoming a Teambody coach. By signing up as a coach, you simply have to market and sell these best-selling products to your personal network to earn money.

The best thing is, you don’t even have to be a fitness expert to join. You only need to sign up and pay for your coach business kit and you’re good to go.

Team Beachbody Coach Business Kit

Team Beachbody offers four types of enrollment options. For only $39.95, you can sign up as a Team beachbody coach. The basic kit comes with all the tools you need to start your own venture. It also comes with a month’s free use of your own personalized coach website, which comes with e-commerce tools and other coaching support tools to help you lead a successful venture. 

The second option is the Shakeology + Fitness Starter Pack, which comes with the $39.95 business kit, Shakeology products, and one fitness program of your choice. You can avail of this option for only $229.59. You can also choose to just receive the coach business kit and the Shakeology pack for only $169.66.

If you really want to make the most out of Team Beachbody’s coach business opportunity, you can purchase the Diamond Business Pack for  $699. The kit has a retail value of over $1000 and comes equipped with a business starter kit, free shipping, and a complete set of BeachBody’s most successful nutritional products and fitness programs plus access to club membership, and business support and tools.

Team Beachbody Compensation Plan

As a beachbody coach, you get access to all the earning opportunities that the company offers. You can earn a basic commission of 25% on your retail sales, as you are eligible for 25% discount on all your personal purchases. You can also earn 15% commissions on products that you sell to all your personally enrolled team beachbody club members.

In addition, you also get 50% commissions if any of your personally sponsored Team beachbody club members renew their memberships.

Aside from your personal sales commissions and club referral commissions, you can also earn from sponsoring new coaches. You can earn a $20 bonus each time anyone joins and purchases a Shakeology starter pack. You also earn bonuses whenever any of your downlines personally sponsors a new coach. The only requirement for earning your commissions and bonuses is to remain an active coach. You can also earn large bonuses and promotions for exceeding your level’s monthly personal volume.

These commissions are paid out on a weekly basis, as long as your earnings don’t go below $10.

Modes of Selling

As Team Beachbody is not a party-plan company, they don’t have an official framework for home parties or rewards for hosts. This is at the discretion of the coach if they want to offer rewards to those who host parties in their behalf. Coaches can sell their products in any manner of direct selling, as long as they deal directly with their customers and the process abides by company rules and regulations. Selling online is also recommended, as the company provides coaches with their personalized e-commerce site and online back office. Selling through trade shows and fairs is also allowed provided that the coach secures all the necessary permits from the company beforehand. Be it through home parties, online parties, e-commerce, or person-to-person selling, there are lots of ways to promote and sell your products.

Team Beachbody offers one of the best opportunities in the direct sales industry today. With such a competitive product base, there is certainly a large income potential for beachbody coaches. Plus, you also get large discounts on your personal purchases so if you want to try out any of their products to keep you in shape; you can get everything with a 25% discount.

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wrote 7 years ago

I love the products, it's helping me so much. I fought against my weight for more than 20 years with ups and downs and a lot of fails. But I finally find something that will not take too much time to work, only 30 minutes a day in the confort of my home. I also have a ulcerative colitis that was active when I started Shakeology and now I am in remission and never felt better. I finally decided to become a coach to help other like me who struggle with obesity. We can get out of it with an easy to understand meal plan and training program, support and motivation.

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